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Free (HD) wallpaper downloads

How does wallpaper look different? Background-photos are used very differently than normal photos for different reason. Special criterias have to be considered when choosing a background picture. Background photos do not match a solid border, as is the case with other photos. Background wallpapers - things are a little different.

In order to begin, background is probably not in a rigid framework and must be just as nice when seen on a large full-panel, wide or cell monitor. That' s why web designers often select an aspect of a design - so parts of it can be cropped by web browser and other contents that may differ in resize and form, without looking as if the aspect has been placed incorrectly.

When not using a design, make sure the picture is not too sharp. Pictures with a clear motif do not work as well as background pictures because parts of the motif can be masked. It is also possible to use background pictures to generate a scroll effect of parallaxes.

Parametric scanning has been tried and tested to provide better usability for web people. Here a web design or development engineer can insert contents against a background picture that will scroll more quickly than the background picture itself. The effect is used on web pages to give the page the impression of deepness and make the picture look more vibrant.

Pictures used for scanning parallaxes usually differ slightly from normal background pictures. It can also be pattern and texture - but as parts of the picture roll by at some point, the pictures can be more focussed - provided the focal point is in the middle of the picture.

Keep in mind that background pictures play a supportive part in the creation of websites, so it is best if they are easy, neat and patterns. Although the sample is not design-oriented, you should work with pictures without a clear motif. Photographically, pictures such as cityscapes, landscape or large pictures of lively places with many motifs look best.

Fortunately, when it comes to taking the right background picture - we have everything under control. Ideal for processing, our range of high definition images can be used as wide image background, full image background and wallpaper, and looks impressive on Windows and Mac desktops of all sizes (1600 x 1200, 1440, 1280, 1920).

Have a look at our free, high-resolution pictures for download - ideal for your next work.

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