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It' popular background music for your video! High-tech background theme - FREE instrumental background music from background music for videos It is FREE of charge to download and use in any type of movie or multimedia work. All you have to do is give me the recognition I deserve ("Music from Twisterium" or "Author - TwisteriumMusic"). Best of luck and have fun while you listen! Listen to more of the great Royalty Free traces here:

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Choosing the right background music for your TV productions, commercials or your on-line videos is critical. Thoroughly selected background tracks have the strength to make your contents shine: a heartbreaking setting doesn't grab half the emotion of pitch without a touch of small, just as a fabulous item doesn't look quite as good when presented through inferior music.

As with all great things, background music is made with great enthusiasm and dexterity. As soon as you have decided on this ideal path, we have streamlined the license application procedure to prepare you for global, cross-platform use.

Instrumental music: Brief topics for introductions, outlets, credits and very brief video.

Those brief music pieces (between 10 and 60 seconds long) can be used for all non-commercial productions you are working on (e.g. videos, animations, presentation, etc.). Simply make a loan available (the tracks 1 to 14 should be given 'music by longzijun'). However, if you use song 15, it should be added to Jessica Yip).

Fifteen tracks of this Short Instrumental Themes range can also be used for free if you monetize the video on YouTube or are part of the YouTube Red partner program as long as the assignment is given (music by longzijun). In order to be kept up to date when adding new tracks, you can sign in to my YouTube channel.

It' a good tune for intra. There' a two-second audio effect intro, so the length of the track will depend on how much of it you want to keep). In order to get an imp3-release ( harbored on Boxnet ) just click on the links below the videos. Trouble loading (free background music series).

It is a kind of mix of the central part of the piece presented in the film. A 60-second view can be listened to at 2:54 a.m. of the time. You can also download a drum-free copy of it. Holly's Theme (full and abbreviated version). There' s a two-second audio effect intro, so the length of the track will depend on how much of it you want to keep).

MP3 Part 2 Download: This is a six-second cycle that can be used in Vine movies or that can be loops to make a longer trail (if you loops it, as shown in the example movie below), make sure you use the wave or av format. There' s an alternate release without drum if you find it too cheeky.

The majority of the above mentioned works were produced as sound tracks for videos, animations or computer game. The majority of the music was performed with a Korg MicroX or Korg M50.

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