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For a design, click on Download and then on Open. Locate and save creative patterns, themes and backgrounds and the latest trends in wallpaper. Free booklet, gallery, calendar theme package with background are created in standard format.ZIP.

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One topic is a mix of wallpapers, windows and sound. For a design, click on Download and then on Open. The design is then saved on your computer and stored on your desktops. For more information, see Personalizing your Personal Computer. COMMUNITY-SHOWCASE: COMMUNITY-SHOWCASE: COMMUNITY-SHOWCASE: COMMUNITY-SHOWCASE: COMMUNITY-SHOWCASE: COMMUNITY-SHOWCASE: COMMUNITY-SHOWCASE: LANDSCAPES:

Thirty five wallpaper themes for your desktops

Wallpaper images have always been a great resource of inspirations and the best way to brighten up your boring desktops. Normally Microsoft Windows with every new Windows operating system update contains some really beautiful and really fun background images backed by the Windows operating system by default. Windows is the most popular Windows operating system. However, here we've put together 35 very classical and free Windows 7 background images that you can easily dowload and give your desk a beautiful look.

The Windows 7 themes has 10 high definition 1920 x 1200 pixel background and fits very well into all your notebook and desk top displays. The topic is devoted to the kind relationships between wildlife and other wildlife in their habitats. The Windows 7 topic fits very well into almost all computer monitors, as all background pictures in the topic are of very high definition.

The Seven Worlds of the Worlds Windows 7 themes are devoted to the Seven Worlds of the Worlds in different places in time. The California Landscapes Windows 7 themes is a topic devoted to the beauty of California's countryside. The Windows 7 themes include 12 high-resolution 1920 x 1200 background images that perfectly match all notebook and desk top display formats.

Microsofts has upgraded the Window 7 personalisation galleries with another great design named Natures. This design was taken from pictures of the Microsoft Bloggers Mike Swanson. Take a look at the natural world with this Window 7 topic. Microsofts has published a new motif for the Springtime of Window 7 to get the feel of the changing seasons right on your desktops.

This package includes two new Window 7 themes. First one is The Wild and has 11 high-resolution background images with Savanna sounds and standard window colors. There are also 11 wall papers and it has the soundscape "Raga". The backgrounds are all 1920×1080 (Full HD) in full size and quite suitable for all kinds of screens, widescreen or not.

How to get the Avatar Window 7 Topic Kit for your Windows Desktops. Valentine's Day topic for Vista 7 wallpaper download: Valentine's Day for those who are ready to give their desktops a look and feeling of Valentine's Day. Ferrari Wallpaper Kit for your PC with Window 7. Unless you're using Win 7 OS or Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you're lacking some high-resolution background images that are put together in OS that are quite astonishing.

This is the set of background images shipped with Windows 7 M3 Build 6801. Delivered with the latest Windows 7 themes packages, fresh Windows 7 wallpaper. Windows 7 RC also has some great stuff about the wallpaper, which you' ll want to have on your desk. Windows 7 3-D abstraction themes is a topic that is made up of high-resolution background images of 3-D abstraction textures.

We have 10 high quality background with a 1920 x 1200 pixel screen in this Windows 7 design and it fits very well in computer monitors of all screen sizes. Breathtaking wallpaper package with Windows 7 Russia for your wallpaper on your desk. There are some nice Windows 7 background pictures with the officially released Icon.

Wall coverings are available in various colours in a 1680×1050 wide screen refresh rate. It is a Modern Warfare 2 themed package, the package contains 6 background images, the background image will vary every day, or you can just right-click and choose Next background. Merging of Color's Windows 7 themes is a background topic with high quality background in which merging and blending different colours are presented.

All of the background images in this Window 7 themes use contrast colours to make great artbacks. Lightsning Window 7 themes is devoted to the fantastic phenomena of flash. The Saleen and Saleen Window 7 themes are devoted to the fantastic super sports car. The Christmas motif for Window 7 has some stunning background images, with some appropriate colours of the window surface as in the Christmas time.

Wonderful package with wallpaper in it. Featuring a galaxy of caleidoscopic colours burning on your screen in this Windows 7 topic, unveiled through the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope's infra-red imagery. The package contains 31 high grade wall papers. There are several background images from the themes package below. Background images are used in 1920×1200, 1920×1080, 1600×1200, 1680×1050, 1280×1024 resolution, but mostly 1920×1200.

Architettura Siena is a new formal Microsoft topic for Windows 7. Siena in Italy, which has been designated a Historic Heritage Site by UNESCO. This package contains some classy wallpaper that has been influenced by this case designed.... This is the latest extension to the Windows 7 Personalisation Warehouse.

The Windows 7 wallpaper package contains 10 gorgeous, high-resolution horseswall papers that every pet lover will like. Some of the most gruesome Halloween themed packages for Windows 7 to spice up your desk are here. The Windows 7 themes consist of 10 background images with a 1920 x 1200 pixel screen size.

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