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The Baidu Launcher is a product designed to make the beautification of your smartphone an enjoyable experience. The Baidu Launcher is a product designed to make the beautification of your smartphone an enjoyable experience. The Baidu Launcher is a product designed to make the beautification of your smartphone an enjoyable experience.

Launcher Baidu Free Download

The Baidu Launcher is a free utility from the Others subsection, part of the Home & Leisure section. At the moment the apple is available in English and was last update on 05.02.2013. You can install the programme on Android 2.2 and higher. The Baidu Launcher (version 2.2.2) has a filesize of 3.88 mb and can be downloaded from our website.

Simply click on the verdant ''Download'' icon above to get started. So far the programme has been loaded 952x. We' ve already verified that the downloading links are secure, but for your own safety we suggest that you use your anti-virus to check the downloading process. PublisherBaidu Inc. You can find the Baidu Launcher changeslog here, as it was published on our website on 22.08.2013.

Below are the changes in each version:

Launcher Baidu for Android - APK Download

The Baidu Launcher is a device developed to make the embellishment of your smart phone an unforgettable pleasure.

Notice that this may not be available in some jurisdictions.

Launcher Baidu Android App APK (

Get the Baidu Launcher application for Android phones - one of the best Android applications for free! Upload free Android applications to your Android OS cell phones, tablets or computer. In order to see the top 10 best applications for Android, simply rank them by populair. - Select the "Settings" option of your unit.

  • When using old version, first choose "Show". - Set "Wallpaper". - Select "Start Screen" or "Start and Lock Screens". - You can choose "Set up background image" and you're done! Now you have a real life background image on your &roid machine. Be careful when using your backgrounds on your devices - especially if you are using your devices without the ability to recharge them for a long while.
  • Hold down the whitespace, then touch "Widgets" This is a font or keypad for your handheld devices. - Go to your telephone "Settings" - Search and touch "Languages and Input". - From Keyboard & Input Methods, touch the currently selected keypad. - To set the new keypad (e.g. SwiftKey) as the standard, press it.
  • Always make sure that the button next to the keypad has turned from grey to red. - Touch the actual "Keyboard" again. - Then choose the new keypad (e.g. SwiftKey). - The keypad will work if you write a short note to someone. - Feast your eyes on using your new third-party keypad on your Android mobile device!

If, for any reasons, you want to return to the default keypad or try another keypad, it's exactly the same one. You will see a shortlist of possible starters. - Now select the new launcher and press "Always". Now the launcher takes over your start screens and your application partitions.

  • Naviag to the setting menue of the starter. For many launcher applications, such as Nova Launcher, a long press on the screen will take you to the User Defined Setup screen. For others, you can change the setting by clicking the Menus key while watching the screen. - Set the Launcher using the Setting screen.

Choices and meal plan differ depending on which launcher you are using. The Nova Launcher includes for example a submenu for the desktops, the application tray, the batch tray and user-defined actions, among others. Many launcher software lets you set the desktops and apps to spin along with the telephone, which most Android mobile handsets don't do by standard.

A few topics work with more than one launcher. - In the case you want to change the launcher, you can either deinstall the currently installed launcher or browse to the App preferences dialog, browse to the App preferences dialog, click the currently installed launcher and press Clear Defaults. At the next touch of home, Android asks you to pick a new launcher....

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