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WordPress themes for musicians and bands. The Wayfarer is a WordPress theme developed specifically for musicians, bands and record companies. The Amplify is a beautiful WordPress theme for musicians. An unbelievably modern, versatile, feature-rich and easy-to-use premium music WordPress theme for musicians and bands, My Music Band Pro is the perfect choice for all your music needs.

19 best WordPress themes for bands, musicians and sound engineers in 2017

Since so many today discover and listen to digital musical works on-line, it is important for any serious performer to have an amazing website to present their work. In addition, your favorite tunes can be listened to, your tunes downloadable, and your concert ticket sales can make a huge difference thanks to uniquely designed features and functions.

A great website for great songs needs a great topic behind it, and WordPress has a lot to offer. For 2017, this paper will feature the 19 best WordPress themes for groups, players and turntables. First, a special website for your musical works has many advantages, not least the possibility to have full command over how you and your musical works are presented.

Altogether, a well-designed website can help you get new audiences, listen to your favorite tunes, and buy your ticket or merchandising. Of course, what you are looking for in a website depends on your specific needs. But a way for your audience to enjoy your tunes is essential - and a fully-fledged player is the best of all.

You' ll also need to look for a way to append and present your forthcoming performances, view your diskography, and incorporate favorite stream musical applications such as the SoundCloud. Naturally, you'll probably also profit from a topic with flexible designs - so let's take a look at the available options. All of the topics presented in this paper have an excellent reputation - be it through their numbers of purchases, consumer feedback and rating, or downloads - and also provide a number of functions that help create an incredible website for your favorite tunes.

The Harmony is our special musical subject that provides almost all the ingredients needed to build a breathtaking musical website. Delivered with a built-in audioplayer, it can also view your diskography and event. They can use the intuitional Topic Customizing tool to give them virtually unlimited creative options, and also use our large library of shortcuts to easily insert all kinds of items almost anywhere on the page.

When you want your goods to be sold, Harmony also provides full WooCommerce assistance. Supplied with an integrated sound cube. Provides WooCommerce connectivity. Contains a user-defined event mail item style. The Jam Session is an unusual but highly flexible and professionally designed topic to help you present your work. User-defined mail formats are available for diskography and photography gallery, and you can also view your event as a listing or brickwork-based.

They can also highlight your designs with a full-screen slide, attractive brickwork and various background finishes for each side. It also has a built-in audioplayer and support YouTube and SoundCloud encapsulation. Contains the Revolution plug-in. Contains an attractive arrangement of brickwork.

The SPECTRA is a musical and event topic specially developed for the DJ and producer. Featuring built-in audioplayer and SoundCloud capability, it provides continual replay during page view. You can import the demonstration with just one click, although you can use the integrated Visual Composer to create your own contents and layouts.

Contains the Visual Composer plug-in. Provides SoundCloud connectivity. The MusicPlay is a brave, vibrant and bustling musical subject. When you want to make an energy efficient website for your website, this topic could be a good one. They also have 14 customized Widget, over 300 font Awesome symbols and a variety of Google fonts available.

Contains the FlexSlider plug-in. Provides the option for the videoslider. The Obsidian is a neat and stylish piece of furniture that provides functions not found in many other designs. This topic also covers accessing the Cuebar Premier Plug-in. Contains the AudioTheme plug-in. Provides over 30 Google fonts. The Remix is a varied musical topic with a relaxing and funny look.

Impressive variety of demonstrations is an indication of the versatility you get with this topic, although you can make your own layouts with the Visual Composer plug-in provided. When it comes to your soundtrack, Remix's divisible audioplayer lets you transfer your favorite songs in the blink of an eye. There is also wireless assistance for SHOUTcast, Radionomy, Icecast and more.

Contains Visual Composer. Provides WooCommerce connectivity. Features an integrated sound cube. The Uncode is a cutting-edge multi-purpose topic that provides the customisation and versatility to fit a wide variety of niche markets, as well as a musical website. There' s no lack of opportunities to present your talent in Uncode, and the topic also provides SoundCloud tech for those using the beloved game.

Easily layout within the supplied Visual Composer plug-in and use features such as slider controls, roundabouts and scrollbars. Contains Visual Composer. Provides roundabout option. WooCommerce supporting. The Vice is an angular, almost cutting-edge topic that provides a lot to build an amazing musical website. The Vice also features a built-in audio device and five customized mail delivery modes designed specifically for your audio needs.

Featuring ten plug-ins, over 120 user-defined symbols, and a choice of Google fonts, you have no trouble building your own website. Contains a peculiar musical device. Provides wallpaper videos with pallax scroll. The Speaker is a musical subject that is perfectly suited for anyone looking for a one-page lay-out. You can import the demonstration site with one click, although you can adjust the topic by attaching picture or videobackgrounds and add para-lax scroll effect.

There is also a built-in sound file and user-defined mail type for the creation of tours, diskographies and gallery. Last ly, Speaker contains a choice of Google fonts, virtually limitless colour choices and user-defined background. Provides WooCommerce connectivity. Contains Google fonts. Contains an integrated sound playback device. SLAM! is a funny topic with contrast colour patterns and abstracted elements that are clearly aimed at making a big impression.

Some of the most important functions of your website such as a high-performance, site-wide audioplayer, a Mixcloud Podcast inserter and supporting stations are included. Take full benefit of user-defined mail delivery options such as publish, artists, podcasts, and automatically embedded mix cloud, sound cloud, and YouTube contents. Contains the Slider Revolution plug-in. Provides a built-in playlist playback sound system.

Contains a location-wide soundlayer. The Replay provides a distraction from the emphasis on heroic imagery to which many musical themes seem to have drawn. Its look is clear and textured, and while the demonstration site is a great example of quick commissioning, the available customisations allow you to adapt it to your own style of soundtrack.

There are also two fader styles in this package, seven built-in Widgets and nine page layouts that offer plenty of freedom of use. The playback feature also has a built-in sound play-back and six user-defined mail styles, among them the possibility to view your publications and upcoming outings. Contains an integrated sound playback device. Contains two slide bar type.

Provides six user-defined mail type. The IronBand has a fascinating look that attracts the interest of your audience and makes new audiences hear your work. It also has an on-board sound playback, soft scroll and the Slider Revolution plug-in. Contains the Slider Revolution plug-in.

Provides an integrated sound playback device. The Lush is a multi-faceted musical subject that can readily be tailored to your own needs. The palette of eight demo tracks cover everything from classic jazz to classic jazz, and can be brought in with just one click. The most important musical functions here comprise an audioplayer, a diskography and a counter-down clock for special occasions.

After all, you can create your own layout with the included Visual Composer plug-in and select from an almost limitless range of scripts and colours. Contains the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plug-ins. Provides WooCommerce connectivity. A fancy musical piece, a Flycase is made to look great no matter how you decorate it.

Topic contains ready-made template for photogalleries, diskography, tourdates and videos. They can also streaming your tunes with an enhanced audioplayer and selling your product via the integrated WooCommerce plug-in. Last ly, Flycase provides slider and parallel effect features as well as a wide range of designer features to help you create your website.

Contains the Slider Revolution plug-in. Contains the WooCommerce plug-in. Berlin is a better place to play some of the more drastic musical themes. It is a beautiful, contemporary design with a classical touch. User-defined Audioplayer allows your audience to listen to or listen to your songs within an integrated tracking system, and you can also use the supplied Events Manager to advertise your forthcoming performances.

Berlin also contains a number of user-defined mail styles, and you can further customise your look by customising your layout with the built-in customisation features and Widgets to make a truly original homepage. Offers a user-defined sound layer. Contains user-defined Widget. It is an easy-to-use topic with a distinctive look and a clear emphasis on the presentation of your work.

Comes with almost everything you need to build a one-of-a-kind website, and you can listen to your favorite songs from the built-in sound box - either a classic box style or a float at the bottom of the page. A particularly important characteristic of this topic is the Events Mail option, which provides various purchasing button display choices.

There is also an Albums Mailstype, which allows you to click under the covers to begin playback. Contains a swimming tuner. Contains the Slider Revolution plug-in. Provides wallpapers for parallaxes. Super Star is a neat and crunchy topic with some practical musical functions and many customisation possibilities. You will have no trouble getting your audience excited and persuading them to hear your own musical work on the subject.

Supererstar provides SoundClound play list assistance and location-wide replay for continuous hearing. Present your diskography and gallery with user-defined mail type and even event with an integrated ticketing system. Contains the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plug-ins. Provides WooCommerce connectivity. It is a nice topic that will attract the visitors' interest.

There is also a pedal line pedal that allows your guests to hear your tunes as they surf. You can also add a variety of user-defined mail items to your list, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop build tool helps you build your outline. Provides a full width full width backdrop. Contains Google fonts. Already you have a great topic for a band, musician or recordist!

Divi, our own, is a wonderful multi-purpose topic that contains almost all the utilities you need to design your website. Any number of moduls can be combined, either with our Divi Builders or our frontend viewer builders. Divi Audio allows you to place your audio almost anywhere on your website, and you can also use the Shop tool to resell your goods.

Contains the Divi Builders and the Viewer Builders. Provides over 40 built-in moduls. WooCommerce supporting. Everyone who is serious about the promotion of their own songs needs a great website as part of their overall branding as well. There are so many topics to pick from, it can be hard to find the right one for you.

Choosing the right subject could lead you to succeed, and in this paper we have put 19 of the best to you. In your opinion, which are the most important things for a website?

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