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See the best free band website creators from all over the web. Build your band website and share your music online. Divide tour dates, sell merchandise and build an online presence for your band. So what does it mean, "good music website builder"? What website builders are best for creating websites for musicians, music groups, and DJs?

Top 10: Webhosting for musicians & bands (templates, videos, files)

But being a gifted performer or charming front man is only part of the formula - you have to listen to his work. Web sites are a great way to show off your tunes, video and photo to a burgeoning fan community. One great web host lets you or your group take centre-stage with easy to use website builder and online advertising software - and you're out of luck! No!

The construction of a website is no longer restricted to technically experienced designer and developer. Using the host (s) below, you can create a contemporary, funny website in less writing hours than writing a track. Wix's Drag-and-Drop Site Builder is perfect for the musician, with about 50 themes for solos, groups, DJs as well as business professionals.

Just plug in the free Wix Music app, with your own promotion, distribution and sales tool, and you're set to go on the road and connect with your friends. Bandzoogle should be on your shortlist of future Website Builder features for groups, bloody groups and even fucking groups and supporters of any band, duet or artist.

So if the weird name you are not selling, there will be free registry of domainnames (for life!). And not to forget Bandzoogle makes it simple to resell your favorite tunes, merchandise, ticket and download, all at no additional cost. Our platform's events handling software ensures that the show behind the scene of your website runs just as smooth as your appearances on your own onstage.

Who could better place more confidence in your musical side than the firm founded by musician for musician? Bluehost is supported by the people behind the world's most widely used CMS and is the long-term WordPress standards for hosted work. Based on their strong and scaleable VPS platforms, the WordPress Bluehost hostings offer higher power and higher throughput.

Your prize is the cheapest we've found for a hosted sharing scheme that offers all kinds of free extras: website builder, website registry, web shop, safety features and free marketings. There will be only six pages on your website, but there is still a lot of room to tell your stories, listen to your songs, perform and buy it.

Your 24/7 supporting utilities are there to help your website growing. Your customized website creation platforms are a high-performance resource that will also help you with your online community needs for your online presence. There is web-hosting, and then there is still musical-hosted. They can both help to introduce your band to a new audience, but they go very different ways.

Website musical website hosting is easy web hosting for the website of your band. This gives you complete freedom of choice and freedom over your designs, functions and tunes. Musical hosting/sharing sites are service that save your sound or videofiles and allow your audience to use them. Dependent on the memory limitations and bandwith rates of your webhosting schedule, it can be advantageous to have your large media assets embedded on a media share like the SoundCloud and embedded into your primary and web-site.

This increases the pace and power of your website while enabling you to take full benefit of the branch connectivity you can create through websites for your tunes. With these five service you can easily post, advertise and distribute your work. All of them provide free platform, with some additional functionality and extended disk space as part of subscription fees.

With more than 175 million one-of-a-kind handsets per month, this is a place where you can listen to your work. Free of charge, please, let a band or band share their tracks in this free online shared area. So Bandcamp camp participants can choose if and for how much they want to resell their work.

Performers can provide free downloading when people join their e-mail lists, and performers can play for free or give away bought tracks as gifts to others. In NoiseTrade: It may seem illogical to give your free audio to anyone who provides an e-mail account and postal codes, but it worked for NoiseTrade founder Derek Webb: He invested 80,000 new e-mail customers in more shows and more visitors.

Look for schedules that take a slice from your purchase or allow you to incorporate your tunes into your website. Prices and functionality of file-swapping services may differ by brand and season ticket. Don't worry if web is not your strength (OK, I swear the musical words are ready) - our favourite web host makes creating lively, angular web pages a cakewalk.

To see more of our hosted choices, click on the buttons below to view our top drag-and-drop website creator review. In between the messaging and network functions found on file exchanges and the powerful selling and selling functions of our software, the web makes sure that your tunes are listened to by both hardcore supporters and new target groups.

Instead, look for the best web host for: For more than 12 years, Laura Bernheim has been creating appealing and award-winning items that embody a shared love of corporate product, human beings and innovation. Laura has worked as a freelance reporter for the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Sun Sentinel and the world's leading web hosters.

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