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With BaseKit you can create your own website, e-commerce shop, blog and/or gastronomy menu with just a few clicks. You can add information to your website by using a number of features. The BaseKit is a tool for creating websites for small businesses. This is the most detailed review of the Basekit Website Builder, covering software features, templates, pricing plans, and support.


The Basekit is a web designer kit for web developers that allows others to add their own designs in a number of ways. With 43 different template options to work with according to your schedule, there are many ways to customize your work.

User interfaces are intuitively designed and provide a fast and simple way to get a website up and running. What's more, the user experience is simple and straightforward. Begin with a free registration that gives you free entry to the 43 available template files as part of the Developers Plan. If you select one of these options, you will be taken to a simple on-line editable pull and drag editing tool.

Admittedly, their website is a little flawed in terms of usability. The first time you go there, it's much simpler to find your host partner than to find the registration. When you' re logged in, you can start creating your first website in a few moments with a Accelerator, but then it becomes hard to figure out where to edit your site profile and modify the settings for your new website.

Creating and posting a website is child's play. In addition to offering 43 different styles, you can also create your own customized styles, which you can then edit in their editors. Again, it' s not the structure that fails, but rather the difficulty of navigating to the editors and managing your work.

It' s not simple to master the site, and I can't help feeling that one of their clients would be able to build one that is more intuitively using their own tools. It is free if you have certain schedules and not with others, although there are many detailed about it.

Basically, if you have the free Developers Plan, you can have as many websites as you want to post at the URL[websitename] With the more costly Basics Map, you can create 10 websites and save 250 mb of information in the same system. An even more costly business plans allows you to have again endless pages, as well as an individual domainname for website webhosting.

Basekit wants you to work with the over 120 hosters with whom they have contracts, making it simple to incorporate pages posted on your site with hosting-plan purchases made through those affiliates. Basekit does not have any special promotional bonus associated with it. Some may come with their hosters, but the business itself does not do much to help you advertise your site or otherwise attract interest, even by waiving HTML so you can customize meta-tags and page headers.

The Basekit is a great place to be for your customers. They not only offer comprehensive information about the use of their services and a high-performance searching function to make it easier to find the answers to your problems, but also operate an interactive forums with persons who can quickly and easily respond to your queries. This free of charge solution gives you limitless page and file retention, 43 template downloads, available Widgets and free of charge betas onto new functionality.

Costing 70 quid a year, this pack gives you 10 pages and 250 megabytes of memory. In addition, you will receive a free floor picture and 15 template files. This is Business Package: At £120 a year, this pack offers you again unrestricted pages and file retention, plus three free stick image files, a customized web page, a PayPal button, an e-mail account, and the 43 genuine masters.

As well as the free bundle is better by any standard as you get more pages, space and artwork and basically pay 70 quid for an image that is an order of magnitude less costly to buy on your own, but even the business proposition is far too costly for what you win.

Basekit really wants you to work with your partner who has so much more to give you. In addition, PayPal is not only free on PayPal sites, but can also be added to the Basekit for free in the Basekitditor.

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