Basic html page Template

Html page basic template

It' a free app landing page website template with a simple and appealing web design. The pages must be complete, with the tag, <head> tag, etc. This is the basic template:.

IE Conditional HTML Tag Embedding?

IE Conditional HTML Tag Embedding? Embed X-UA compliant meta tags? Embed Viewport Meta Tag? Embed common meta tags? Integrate favourite symbol? Embed Google Web Fonts? Embed CSS Stylesheet? Embed Google Analytics? Including jQuery? including AngularJS?. Dojo Toolkit? MooTools? integration Integrate prototype? Embed Modernizr? Autorun Javascript embedding? On the page, click Text color change to change the value.

Bug details:

Bug details: Fault code: Time out for reading in the backend or gateways. When you own the site, please check with your host organization to see if your servers are up and run and if our web page URLs are marked white. In case the issue still exists, please open a issue on our technical help page and we will help you troubleshoot it.


This is the basic template: Learn the section The Web Page Texture explaining all the parts. When you use CSS, the template is: Row 5 downloads an extern stylesheet. The same stylesheet can be used on many pages. Make changes in the stylesheet, and every page that uses the stylesheet changes.

Rows 7 through 9 are used to set on-page lifestyles. It only applies to the page that contains it. They can use both an extern stylesheet and on-page style on the same Web page. When you want to use JavaScript on your site, the template is: Row 6 load the jQuery lib. This will load the 1.3.2 release.

Row 7 downloads JavaScript from an externally stored data set. In this way, you can enable JavaScript across pages. Modify the remote files and all the pages they contain will modify. Rows 12 through 14 show how to apply JavaScript only to the currently active page.

This is the most favorite frontend template on the Web.

It took us a while to get a new release out of the house, but we were really occupied, so we are hoping it's rewarding for you to be there. Following many discussions, we now get jQuery from jQuery's CDN instead of Google. Following even more discussions, we have discontinued IE8 technical assistance We are now following the latest Normalize and jQuery.

We' ve upgraded Modernizr to i3 and added a Modernizr example config so you can make your own customized builds. We' ve added a walkthrough Web Application manifest that helps you correctly reformat your website or application to store it on the home page of a machine.

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