Basic website Design

Fundamental website design

A good web design always responds to the needs of the user. Like HTML, CSS is a tool for web design. Knowledge of the basics of web design is crucial nowadays, so we have put together a really basic set of necessary web principles for the beginner.

Fundamental concepts: part 1

I' m assuming you don't know anything about the inner workings of internets; maybe you're not even sure how actually get to websites, where the websites are actually located, what the web is at all....... I will give you in this essay the minimal you need to get your "feet wet" so we can quickly get started setting up websites.

There will be no mention of anything that would put everyone but real vermin to rest, but there is just enough to give you a basic grasp of what is going on. Proprietary web site management tools are designed to "serve" web pages and websites. Essentially, the computer on the computer running the site has a number of websites loading and is just waiting for someone to ask for or ask for a particular page (via a web browser).

Briefly, the response is: by entering the website' s U.R. adress. For example, if you want to find the website , enter the site in your web browser's header or use your Favourites or Bookmark to Killersites links.

Other ways to find websites exist (like searching engines), but behind the scene websites are all found by going to the website's formal adress. How does a website get an offical adress so that the whole web can find it?

So if you've ever asked yourself what the registration of a domainname is about... you've probably already found out! However, only in the event that the registration of a domainname provides you with an officially registered website in the World Wide Web. This " formal " adress allows the remainder of the Internet to find you.

Since your home location is one of a kind in the physical environment, there can be no double home locations on the web, otherwise no one would know where to go! Specifically, domains are uniquely identifiable on the Web. What is the price of registration of aomainname? When you want to have your own peculiar web site on the web, your own domainname, it costs a few dollars for every year you want to "own" the name.

Domainname registration costs range from less than $10 US dollars to about $30 US dollars per year. It is possible to registrate a domainname from 1 to 10 years. Why the costs are so high is because the main "address book" of all domains in the whole wide web has to be refreshed - someone has to buy it!

They may have realized that I just sneaked in a little additional information: the huge "web directory " of your webdresses. This brings us to our latest cookie information: when you enter the website name or click on a hyperlink that will take you to that name, your web server asks the server where that particular name is located (on the web), and the server can then tell the web server where to go by pointing to the huge directory I just mention.

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