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Best Free Minimalist WooCommerce Themes Once you are used to the wealth of free WordPress topics, you can be sure you have the same choices with WooCommerce. Finally, it is the most beloved WordPress e-commerce plug-in (we have a great tutorial in WooCommerce if you want to stay up to date). Unfortunately, the selection of free designs that have been specifically made for WooCommerce is not as large as that for WordPress itself.

Consequently, if you want a minimalistic design for your WooCommerce site, you have two choices. One is to (strongly) change an already existent WooCommerce theme and customize it to your needs. Second, you need to customize a general WordPress theme. Generally, the theme categories photograph or picture galleries are simpler to customize, but even a blogs theme or some kind of magazines theme can sometimes serve the purpose.

It is always a risky situation that the topic you have chosen does not work well. As an example, if your WooCommerce shop is part of your WordPress blogs, then for the sake of consistence, you may want to use the same theme on both of them. If I say that there aren't as many free designs for WooCommerce as there are for WordPress, it doesn't mean that there aren't tens, if not even hundred of them.

But not all of them are really minimalistic or completely free. Having made these points clear, let's move on to the free minimalistic WooCommerce topics I've chosen for you. When you are looking for a really minimum WooCommerce theme, one of the first things to look for is your online shop. It is a very favourite theme and for good reasons - it is easy, stylish, minimalist and puts your product in the spotlight.

Your home page shows thumbnail views of your product with some very simple information about it, such as name, pricing or evaluation (if applicable). You can overload the homepage with extra plug-ins, of course, but since you're looking for a minimum topic, it doesn't make much of a difference. Purchasing demands the overarching theme of the Omega.

There is no need to reinstall the theme on your computer. Installing the WP theme installation will automate the installation of your WP theme purchase. When you have used WooCommerce for a while, there is no way that you don't know anything about Storefront, the WooCommerce theme. It is probably the most beloved free WooCommerce topic in general because it comes from the creators of WooCommerce itself.

Essentially, this means that you should be expecting fewer issues with integrations and quicker reaction from your technical staff. There are two great children's topics for shop windows - Deli and Boutique. It builds on the basic storefront feature and since they are also favorite decisions, I will check them later. Deli wouldn't be called a really minimum theme because it has more designer features than I think are minimum, but it's far from overloaded.

Deli is the children's theme of Storefront with all its strengths and weaknesses. Another children's theme in the shop window that you might want to consider is shop windows. It' the ideal place for shops or any other kind of small on-line shop. This is another topic of WooCommerce itself - Wootique. It' another very beloved WooCommerce theme based on the WooFramework - the same frame on which business topics are constructed.

Its design is very adaptable. It can be used for an on-line store or any other kind of website. As an example, it does not react and needs a back link. It is not an ultra-minimal subject, but it is by no means overloaded. It' a common theme - you can use it in any kind of business, regardless of its magnitude.

The WooShop Lite is another WooCommerce topic that I don't consider to be very small. However, since it has many features if you are looking for a not so minimum design, it might be your best use. This topic is fast reacting and works in all common up-to-date browser on different machines.

The Genesis Foundation is the right choice for you if you like the Genesis Foundation. AyoShop uses almost all of its functions as a subordinate theme of the Genesis frameworks. Again, this isn't a really minimalistic theme, but if you don't need a theme tailored to the bone theme, it's okay. Out of the AyoShop' many noteworthy functions, I would just like to name the appealing lay-out and the endless colour scheme.

To be able to retrieve the topic, you must register via Facebook, G+ or Twitter. Now Responsive is a really minimum WooCommerce topic. Contrary to most other topics I've chosen, this one doesn't have the usual appearance of a purchasing theme just because it wasn't specifically designed for that use.

Yes, it's WooCommerce compliant, but that's just one of its functions. Rather, the response theme is a basis with a rapid response system on which you can work. This topic includes 9 page templates, 11 widget areas, 6 template layouts, 4 menu items and more. When you are looking for a WooCommerce theme to resell graphical goods such as a vector, photo or other designer resource, you should review iKonik Lite.

Naturally you can use the theme on any kind of website where a horizontally slidable (for new products) and vertically slidable (for presented products) are what you need. As well as the controls, the theme features user-defined store page layout, the option to organize articles by price, alphabet, and the latest product. iKonik Lite is easy to navigate and really provides a great deal.

We' re back with WooThemes and her theme Artificer. Like most, if not all, of its topics, Artificer is based on the WooFramework. It is an appealing design and will run on a variety of equipment. That makes it a good option if you have a considerable number of nomadic buyers.

Last free WooCommerce theme on this page is sellers, from the creators of the market, another good eCommerce theme. The salesman is a full topic. There is also a blogs feature, so if you want to run a blogs along with your store, this theme allows this. WooCommerce topics that I didn't mentioned on this page are many more good free WooCommerce topics, but I think the ones I enclosed are a good first.

Please let me know in the commentaries below if you have come across good WooCommerce topics that you think should have created this listing... and some other designs, developments and businessesites.

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