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The Basic is a new free design proposed by many users. Basic's purpose is to give you a starter theme so you can be your own designer. Complimentary simple and simple WordPress themes. A collection of some of the best basic WordPress themes. The Basic is the first theme I developed specifically to embody a traditional blog-style feeling.


The following are some of the default functions that are available in each topic. Generate any layouts with real-time previews on the front end. Styles almost every item of the theme from the headline to the bottom line. Simply point and choose, and see it alive on the thumbnail. One click automatic updates in the administration area, no need to install a FTP or FTP file.

Build your own trademark with customisable text on the website or create your own logos.

Best 40 Simple WordPress Topics You Should Try (2017)

Looking for the cleanest, easiest and most user-friendly WordPress theme for your website? Most WordPress topics have a variety of choices that make them hard to set up and use. We have selected some of the best WordPress topics that you can easily add to your website.

Those topics are neat, simple to use and relatively minimalistic. An self-hosted site gives you the liberty and versatility to expand your website. You are one of the biggest worldwide hosters and WordPress partner. You can find more referrals in our Best WordPress hosting selection guidelines.

As soon as you have registered for your host, the next stage is the installation of WordPress. Just obey the directions in our Blogs Guides on how to launch a WordPress Blogs Guides and you're up and running in a flash. Once WordPress is installed, you can choose a theme from our range of basic WordPress topics.

Do you need help with the installation of the theme? Please obey our step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a WordPress Theme Tutorial for novices. After that is said, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress easy topics. All WordPress topics are completely portable and can be used for free as well as for a fee.

The Modern Portfolios are based on the Genesis theme frame. It' a sleek and sleek WordPress theme for your portfolios and your own web sites. Comes with a wideget-enabled home page design where you can simply move widegets by dragging and dropping to create your home page. It' quite straightforward to use and very straightforward to set up.

The Corner is a WordPress theme for face-to-face Web sites, Weblogs, and Webtfolios. There is a built-in section for the repository and it can also be used as a private website. Supporting infinite colour variation, it offers a variety of customisation possibilities. A colourful yet easy to use WordPress theme for your life -style, fashions and your own website.

And it comes with several page laysouts, user-defined widgets, and limitless colour choices. It' simple to set up and can be customised with the Life Theme Customisation Tool. The Candid is another nice WordPress multi-purpose theme that focuses on the wonderful presentation of photos. Offering a nice typeface with the Abril Display typeface that looks great on all equipment and monitor screens.

The Candid has a brick-style lay-out that can be set in one, two or three column to suit your work. Comes with an integrated entry level dashboard that will help you quickly set up your theme. The Shape is a WordPress theme specifically created to present your pictures, photos, designs and artwork.

There is a nice raster for displaying your pictures and photographs and you can also use filters in your gallery. There are also several layouts and user-defined widgets. There are also integratedtfolio-, service-, teammember- and partner areas. The Wilson is an elegantly sleek and easy WordPress theme specifically developed for blog and journal sites.

There comes with more than one layout for your blogs, home page sliders, several customized widgets and several mail types. It' WooCommerce prepared, so you can simply put an on-line shop on your WordPress page. The Expose Pro is a WordPress theme from StudioPress that is easy but classy. Comes with a wideget-homepage with four widget-areas and has several template for your blogs, homepages, archives and target pages.

It' s optimised for speeds and power and has fast and easy set-up. True North is a versatile and easy WordPress theme with a nice outfit. There is a nice raster lay-out on the home page with a nice view of the pictures. There are several options for layouts and an integrated portofolio area.

There are also user-defined backgrounds, headers, and a number of user-defined social networking and audience search widgets. It is a WordPress theme for Blogger who are looking for a easy layout and high performance functions. Contains an integrated multi-style contents control. There are also a number of different blogs, page presets and home page layout options.

You can set up all theme choices with the Topic Adjustment Program. Enterprises is a WordPress theme for easy access to your website. There is a built-in service and service area, nice picture galeries and a slide control for your homepage. In addition to other functions, it offers a FAQ section, price charts, a user-defined backdrop and many flexibility adjustment possibilities.

The Maxwell is a simplified, free WordPress theme for journals and blog posts. Maxwell is engineered to present your contents nicely and uses selected pictures, customized abstracts and nice types etting to make an appealing user interface for your website. There is an integrated contents regulator and two navigational menu. You can set up all theme settings using the customizable tool.

Aesthetics is a neat and straightforward WordPress theme for photo, portfolios and lifestyles sites. Provides flexibility in customizing with multi-side bars, limitless color, and an easy-to-use design intent panels. The Suarez is a breathtakingly nice WordPress blogs theme with a stunning homepagetyle. Developed to help you make appealing text and image based contents.

Uses gorgeous animation with several page laysouts and user-defined contents recognition widgets. 3D animation is a great way to create a website. WordPress is a free WordPress theme for blogs and authors. A nice typeface and an elegantly designed lay-out that looks good on all machines. On the inside, you'll find a contents control that lets you present your most important contents at the top.

Presence is a good option for a basic WordPress related topic. It' s full of functions to simply customize any type of website for your company. There are 10 demonstration sites that you can simply upload and then simply substitute with your own contents to immediately start creating your website. The Roxima is a beautiful WordPress theme for corporate, blog and web site portfolios.

Comes with an easily set up pull &drop home page builder and user-defined content-modules with several columns and layouts to select from. Pocket is the place to be if you're looking for a distraction-free design for your blogs. It' a breathtakingly nice WordPress theme for blogs and photographs, with an emphasis on nice type faces and wonderful images.

This takes very little setting up and is out of your way so you can get stunning contents into your blogs. Based on the Genesis theme frame, Atmosphere is a basic WordPress theme for corporate, investment and private Web sites. There is an easily configurable, fully angled home page, a user-defined target page, and a two-column style sheet.

Setting up the theme using the customizable theme is very simple and doesn't take long. When you need a nice free WordPress blogs theme with a distraction-free lay-out, Libretto is an great one. Principal characteristic of the theme is its distinctive colouring and wonderful typeface.

Created in classical blogs design, this design is ideal for long stretched contents, photographs and private web sites. A WordPress blogs and portfolios theme is elegant. There is a nice lay-out with your company logos and top bar menus with a softboard. There are several layouts available, as well as a raster one.

There is an integrated Porfolio Contents Browser, several user-defined Widget, several colour themes and an easy-to-use Theme Option Control Panel. It is a simple WordPress theme with a nice two-column raster. You can use it with several user-defined Widgets, page styles, and page bars.

It' simply set up and perfectly suited for a photo, blogs or portfolios website. Paper bag is a basic WordPress blogs theme. More than 20 colour and typographic diagrams and various layouts are supplied. You can use several customized Widgets to integrate your mobile phone with your mobile phone for inclusion of your mobile phone information.

There is an integrated merry-go-round for the homepage. You can set up all theme settings using the Life Theme Customization Program with many flexibility settings. is a free and easy WordPress blogs theme. The site has built-in full width share button, contents control, links and sidebars.

The Daisy is a sleek and easy to use WordPress blogs theme with great functions. On the inside, you'll find various layouts options, a home page slide, Google font inclusion, and supports thumbnail views for videos. There is a fresh look that is fully adjustable with the Theme Tailor. Mont-Blanc is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used on almost any type of WordPress site.

It is flexibly conceived and offers many adjustment possibilities, several layout possibilities and several homepage style. You can use it simply for a magazines website or as a one-page topic. On the inside you will find our product range section, photogalleries and built-in slider controls with various viewing possibilities. Blue Bird is another distraction-free WordPress theme developed specifically for blogs and authors.

In addition to other functions, it has access to various functions such as softwares, contents controls and fast installation. It' perfectly suited to start your blogs with a great professionally designed one. Are you looking for a WordPress theme for your website? Iglu is a wonderful WordPress dinner with an integrated meal administration system.

The igloo has a truly original design and provides several colour scheme and layouts. The Baskerville is another free WordPress theme with a nice lay-out and some fairly ordinary functions. There is a head picture in full width and brickwork for the homepage. Uses nice thumbnail images for your video, text and other postal content.

There is a classical blogsayout with integrated soft ware and integrated functions for discovering contents. Comes in 10 colour layouts, 3 page layouts, headers widget area and community widegets. Britany is a classy WordPress blogs theme with a nice styling. At the top of the homepage there is an introductory section, followed by your most important contents.

There are several layouts and template for different pages. You' ll also get multiple customized Widget for simple inclusion in your favorite community sites and finders. When you' re looking for a WordPress theme that is unbelievably quick and distraction-free, Sanse is a good one. It' s meant for Blogger and is a good option for long forms.

is a WordPress Blog theme for artist, photographer and publisher. The free WordPress theme suits the blogger, journalist and photographer. Comes with a tagged contents regulator, WooCommerce assistance, right side bar and a navigational topbar. Setting up the theme is faster and you get a professionally looking website in much less haste.

The Baseline is a WordPress theme in magazines look with a straightforward and classy look. Its focus is on nice type faces and wonderful image presentation to make your contents more appealing. There is a head categories drop-down list, a contents tab, a number of layouts and an endless scrolling bar. It' simply to set up and contains an entry page to help you set up the theme.

The Zeal is a free WordPress theme with a nice and classy look. Home-page layouts use a Parallax Jumbotron wallpaper and a two-column lay-out. They are characterized by a nice typeface and look great on all machines. The Daily Dish is a WordPress blogs topic with professionally designed. Remarkable characteristics of the theme are its clear typeface and the nice representation of the pictures.

There is a widgettized homepage design that is fast and simple to set up. When you are looking for a WordPress theme to promote art and crafts, Beatrix is a good option. WooCommerce has full WooCommerce capability and offers a wonderful homepage design to present your product.

The Hestia is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme. It' simple to configure when you use the Customize your theme using the Customize your theme. Media is a WordPress theme for Blogger with a three-column lay-out. Media is built to make your blogs look great right away, is fast and simple to create, and looks great on smaller displays.

PRIMOSE is another sleek and straightforward WordPress blogs theme. On the inside, you'll find customized authoring BI-Widgets, Organizational Tools, Organizational Tools, Web Discoveries, E-Mail Sign-In, and Current Tweets. It' incredibly quick to setup with the Hot Theme Customization Tool and will help you get up and running quickly with your blogs. Hopefully this articles has help you to find the best WordPress theme for your website.

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