Basic Wordpress website

Wordpress Basic Website

contributions The WordPress application allows website publishers to refresh page contents and run a blogsite through a user-friendly user experience (without learning web designing skills). It is really important to know the differences between pages and contributions before you start. The website consists of any number of web pages with updateable contents.

A page is the Blogs page (unless you have decided not to run a Blog/News page). Sometimes the blogs page can be configured as the home page or it can be a totally seperate page named News instead of Blog. Contributions are often tagged with a date (and sometimes the name of the contributor is also displayed).

Normally, they appear in reversed order chronologically; when you post new contributions, older contributions are moved down. And if you are a blogger, it can help your visitors if you categorize your post. The number of items on your page is determined by your style. There is a easy way to set this in the administration area if you display too few or too many articles.

As soon as a contribution is placed at the bottom of the page, it can still be viewed using other means (e.g. link to "older contributions" and archives). Keep in mind that each contribution can be ranked separately by different browsers (treated like a web page); visitors can go directly to your contribution via a browser.

Here is a good statement from As soon as you release them, they remain in place. Their pages are shown in a always viewable pop-up window somewhere on your blogs (usually near your headers or in a sidebar) so visitors can easily navigate your site. You should be clear about the tasks you want to complete before you update your website.

Do you update a page or an article?

Made WordPress Easy

It only deals with the basic principles of using WordPress, along with some hints and suggestions given for a good cause. It is not intentioned to discuss anything related to the setup (or customization) of WordPress. Restricting the size of this website to the essentials, we can make sure that the information is always up to date and precise (for the latest WordPress version).

That means our guideline is simple for everyone to use.

However, please direct all inquiries for assistance personally (contact your own web designers or suppliers instead). We would be happy to receive your feedback if you have found this website useful.

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