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The Basic Wordpress theme is a very clean and simple, but Premium Wordpress theme that offers top features while maintaining a very elegant design. Every topic contains specially developed features and elements for its specific segment. It's BASIC- Slim, Simple and Sexy.

Wordpress basic theme through elegant themes

Designed to give you a sense of more "blog style," this basic WordPress theme is still very neat and stylish. A lot of topics nowadays are very complex and have so much to do. When you want to return to a more fashionable and older theme, this is it.

The Basic WordPress Theme comes with 4 different colour schemes: pink, white, blue, lilac and verd. That way, you can make some adjustments to your blogs or turn them up from time to time if you get tired of them.

#20+ simple WordPress themes to quickly create pages (2017)

WordPress and the variety of topics available allow anyone to build a website without hiring a programmer or learning coding. Several WordPress topics come with many chimes and pipes that provide a great deal of function. Fortunately, there are also many basic WordPress topics that provide the right mix of the right features and the ease of set-up and customization.

In addition to ease of use, the best WordPress topics often have a clear and streamlined look that makes them more efficient at turning users into consumers and clientele. These topics make your text and your call to trade stand out and make it easier for your audience to concentrate on what you have to say.

On ThemeForest you will find a large choice of easy-to-use, basic WordPress topics with nice minimum designs: There are a number of the simplest WordPress topics you can work with in this section below. But before you browse through these basic WordPress topics, take a minute to think about where you're going to be hosting this new topic?

Here's a list of the best of our easy-to-customize, basic WordPress topics on ThemeForest for 2017. When you' re looking for the simplest WordPress topics that you can work with, look no further. Those topics are a good option. Ever is a good option for those who want to launch their first blogs.

A simple WordPress theme with several different layout options to focus on your story. It' s also simple to customise and respond, so by 2017 it will look great on both desktops and portable equipment. Atik' designs are characterised by a clear look that has been developed for on-line shops.

It' snap to build your homepage with customized plug-ins that come with the theme. You can also stylize this easy-to-use WordPress theme from the customize page. Look at the DashBlog WP theme if you want to start a life style or style blog. This theme is characterized by a clear and contemporary look and incorporates functions such as..:

If you need a basic WordPress theme for your 2017 web site or your 2017 web site, try Minimax. WP's basic theme provides seven different demonstrations and infinite colour variation as well as an easy-to-use theme option pane. Marshmallow WP Theme can be used as both a theme for portfolios and blogs and provides an astonishing Apple TV hidden effect that will attract your visitors' interest.

It' s incredibly quick to set up and customise, as proven by a number of ratings that have praised the ease of the design: Nice, but straightforward and professionally designed, in my view the best here on TF! Collective WP theme is characterized by minimum styling that makes your project and service the star of your website.

In addition to having multiple layout to view your portfolios and your blogs, it also works within WooCommerce, so you can monetise your website slightly by offering both your own product and your own product in 2017. Rose Basic WordPress Theme includes four different blogs as well as two gorgeous posters.

It is so simple to use that you can begin to post immediately after activating the theme. Naturally, if you want to make an adjustment first, you can definitely adjust the adjustments and make the design glow with your own person. So if you are looking for a multifaceted WP theme, White is the place for you.

It' suited for web portals, company web portals, agency web portals, blogs and more. Featuring this minimum WordPress theme, Visual Composer drag-and-drop pages make it simple to build customized layout. Comes with functions like: Presenting your portfolios in a simple yet stylish way has never been simpler than with the Minifo WP theme.

Operators enjoy the aesthetic of design: Interaktive styling with flexibility of use. Neat and organised, optically appealing. In addition to the appealing look, the Minifo WordPress theme provides multiple page layout variants and ease of customisation. Smart WP theme can be used on multiple specialty Web pages such as enterprise, agent, freelancer, photo, and more.

Kraft's WP features a clear styling and versatile customisation capabilities that let you effortlessly modify colours, type and more. An easy-to-use WordPress theme that includes user-defined asset pages and four pre-defined asset part layout templates. Carbon WP Theme contains a number of ready-made layout files that can be easily uploaded with a single click.

Among the key characteristics are: Arnold WP's minimum theme can be used as a portofolio, photograph and architectural website. User satisfaction with the usability and look of this theme is appreciated by our users: Surprising subject. A minimalistic look with all the different possibilities of adaptation. Kuverta's WP theme is easily customizable and suited for any creativity pro.

Comes with different page items, different portfoliostyles, and is supported by Visual Composer Page Builder for ease of page layouts. The basic WordPress theme has been optimised for quick loading and is also due for 2017 translations. Basic WordPress theme has a clear and straightforward look with all the necessary functions to build a unique product range.

Characteristics include: Rex WP Theme is another basic theme that is best suitable for photo websites. The WordPress theme is fully reactive and fully interoperable with some of the most favorite plug-ins such as Slider Revolution, visual composer, ACF Pro and many others. It' s incredibly straightforward to build endless page variation and asset layout and even provide a breathtaking para-lax effect for additional optical sophistication.

This theme also includes support for video from websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Finnik's WP theme is for those who are looking for an easier way to set up and customise their website in 2017. It' s light weight design allows you to use a wide range of different kinds of contents in your product range, from pictures to video to mixed contents medium.

It is also possible to activate the light box on individual pages of the WPML portfolios and compile your whole website with the WPML plug-in. Diane not only has a clear theme, but is also simple to adapt and can be used for life style, clothing and merchandising blogging, but also for a brand building site that needs a clear and textured brand.

Clients are raving about the importance of this topic: Oh, I loved the subject! It' s better than what you see in the preview, the customisation is SO simple and the client service is quickly available if you have any queries. In the past I used a different design for all my sites, but I will switch to this one.

Try the basic Baxel WP theme if you want a refreshing look and subtile colouring. It' s perfectly designed for any kind of minimalist blogs and has its own fast reacting slide control that allows you to present your post or add it to the blogs.

MasterCreator's WP is a stylish, clear and contemporary WP that offers a fully reactive frame that looks great on any portable and retinal screen. Among the key characteristics are: Easily Snow WP theme is a good option for designer or designer agency with multiple layout supports.

MailChimp and Google Maps integrate with this easy-to-use WordPress theme. You can use it to create a great website with a minimum look in 2017. WordPress topics are good for the use of basic designs and basic adjustment features that will not be too difficult for novices. But just because your website looks basic doesn't mean it has to be so.

Don't just go hiding behind your trademark, add your own identity and tell them why you created your own blogs or companies. View a backdrop or presentation of your latest projects through a history of videos, as in the case of the Finnik theme. Some of the topics on this page contain a one-of-a-kind collection of symbols that allow you to distinguish between segments or service you are offering.

Look at a theme like Marshmallow that offers breathtaking hidden effect that just ask folks to click on your postings or parts of your portfolios. WordPress's simplest topics provide fast and easy access to your WordPress resources and are designed for novices. The right WordPress theme will get you up and running within a few acres.

You will have a classy and neat on-line visibility for your portfolios, your blogs or your company. Explore our selection of the best, easiest WordPress topics on ThemeForest to find the theme that's right for your website. Even if you're on a tight schedule, you can still get a free WordPress theme for your website as well.

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