Bazar Wordpress Theme

Bazaar Wordpress Theme

This section explains how to put your website into maintenance mode (without excluding yourself) and activate the Child Theme. New Bazar Premium WordPress Theme Dokumentation This section explains how to put your website into maintenance mode (without excluding yourself) and how to enable the Kind Theme. Put your site in maintenance mode - your site may be setup and operational, but you're probably not willing for your site to be registered, offered, or purchased by people. In order to avoid these types of activity, simply put your website in maintenance mode.

Browse to the WP dashboard's side bar on the far right, click Bazar, and select Maintenance Mode from the drop-down list. In order to enable the "Maintenance Mode", move the "Activate Maintenance Page" key to the ON location (see above). However, before you save, you must move the Administrator icon to the "Allowed" location (see figure).

When you do not "allow" the site to be accessed by the admin (YOU!), you are blocking yourself from your own site. It is NEVER advisable, however, to make any changes to the kernel file, as each release of a topic upgrade will overwrite your changes and you will have to begin all over again.

That' s why we have added a children theme that is the same as the Bazar Parent theme and allows you to make changes without worrying that your work will be overwritten. You have to activate the theme via FTP. Locate your Bazar Shop directory and double-click to find WP Admin, WP Content, WP Includes.

Next, double-click "WP-Content", then "Themes" to find the Bazar folder: Open "Bazar" with a simple click and note the topic "Bazar child" in it. Drop the Bazar-Kind file onto your computer screen. From your desktops, pull the theme (see example below) to your FTPs. Make sure that you are not transferring the file within one of the FTP directories.

Connect your FTP files, go to your Wordpress Admin-Panel, click on "Designs" and see Bazar-Child as your theme: Enable your BAZAR-KIND by ticking it so that it appears at the top of the page as a "current topic".

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