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With this stylish Barbie doll and accessories, girls can pretend to be a professional dolphin trainer! Splashing in a sentence. Hooray! Soon, a urinal will be splash-free - The Register

If droplets of fluid strike a rigid object at high velocity, the collision deforms the fluid texture and springs back. Ricocheting of the fluid can sometimes be uncomfortable or even hazardous and can certainly lead to higher costs for purification. When you think of a droplet dropping from a certain altitude, we need twice the altitude to spray on the smoothest surfaces," Castrejón-Pita said.

Once sprayed, droplets can become an aerosol or spray that distributes malicious fluids. According to Castréjon-Pita, a droplet of alcohol or methyl alcohol splashes when it falls from a depth of about 20 cm, which can then be removed by aeration. In addition to splash-free bladders, there are other uses. However, the challenges are far from over because it is not as easy as softening a fabric, said Castréjon-Pita.

Next challenge for the scientists is to find the right material with the optimal rigidity to hold, such as hydrogel.

Specification of products

Featuring this classy Barbie puppet and accessory, a girl can claim to be a pro trainer! Simply wrap them up, put them and the two hanged donkeys in the pool and observe them swimming and turning! Supplied with all the necessary equipment for a pro training instructor, plus a detachable strap that holds the two adults to the Barbie dummy.

Wrap the mechanics in their backs, put them in the pool and see them turn! The Barbie I Can Be... Puppets and accessoires let young women take on different parts and "try on" marvelous career paths, even involving pro coaches. Not only does this Barbie float with the beautiful rose coloured porpoises, she also turns with them thanks to a unique winding system in her back.

Complete with a bucket of seafood, babydolphin Squirty toys, and large hoops attached to Barbie's wrist. And Barbie is willing to educate her friend porpoise mates. Barbie comes with a detachable strap that will fit around her waist and attach to two large adults. Simply put on the Barbie doll's back mechanics and put the enchanting threesome in the depth.

See the Barbie dolphin "magically" turn in the sea as the porpoises rotate around it - all by themselves! The Barbie knows how to do a Modesplash! Wearing a sparkling rose neoprene suit and fitting rose fins, she always looks classy when turning in the depth! Fasten the large tyre to the Barbie doll's stretched out arms so that the adults can float through when turning.

Recompense them with a bucket of freshwater salmon - or let them "splash and run" with the sweet little darter. The little girl can be stuffed with plenty of freshly squirted juice and used as a little sparkling paddle game! This is a mannequin with a mannequin, a puppet named Barbie, two adult dolphins attached to the clip, a hoop, a bucket, four fish and a nasty baby dolphin.

Supplied with all the necessary equipment for a Delfin Coach! The Barbie I Can Be Splash and Spin Doll Trainers Doll: According to the behaviour to be instructed, it may take either a whole days or a year for your horse to start learning something new. The Barbie I Can Be Dolphin coach trains her characters in the twinkling of an eye.

Barbie dummy in a glittering neoprene suit, comes with a strap to which the two big ones can be fixed. If a girl pulls the back of the Barbie and puts the pendant threesome in brine, the Barbie is surrounded by a dolphin. The Barbie can put on a tire so the porpoises can float through, or keep a bar that they can follow.

To have more enjoyment, the little girl can be stuffed with plenty of freshly watered food and then pressed to squirt the game. Including Barbie dummy, 2 adults porpoises, 1 tire, 1 exercise bar, 1 bucket, 4 trout and aquirty baby porpoise.

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