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MeigeeTeam - Reactive multi-purpose magento theme from BeTheme

This theme is full of over 100 amazing skin designs to suit every type of on-line store. Comes also with 6 months inclusive technical assistance. As we are writers of theme only, we do not offer 3rd-Party extension related software supports, even though the module comes with theme. You can only get help via the ticketing system.

Tickets are all queued, so the response takes up to two business days. Please contact us for more information. It is recommended to generate a problem report with maximal information about the problem. No problems are fixed that are due to customizations, 3rd-Party enhancements, previously added themes. There is no integrative services offered. Adjustments are possible outside of our technical assistance.

Subjects now available on ThemeForest

WordPress is certainly an interesting and thrilling place to work, as new theme stores open their gates every day. At the same time, there was a need for theme market places where theme stores could present their produce to a broad public by buying from a collection catalogue.

One of the largest (if not the largest) player in this area is ThemeForest. Today we would like to inform you that WooThemes topics are now also available via ThemeForest. It' s almost exactly 2 years since our last attempt to sell Drupal and ExpressionEngine topics on ThemeForest.

A lot has happened since then, both within WooThemes and in the WordPress theme area (and ThemeForest). It is our belief that there are many of our current clients and also some prospective new clients who are already buying from Envato marketplaces. Those clients have set up a self-service buying mechanism to buy the various resources they will use for a particular projects (e.g. a theme, stick photos, artwork and bits of code).

It is our belief that this is an advantage for our current clients, who are also on ThemeForest, to present WooThemes to a new public. Today we start this bid with the following topics that are offered for sale: WooThemes was contacted by Envato a few month ago when they tried the optional 100% GPL license for their writers - as they knew that WooThemes was a proud GPL lawyer.

The WooThemes is the first theme vendor to provide fully GPL-licensed theme on ThemeForest. You can be sure that buying ThemeForest or topics keeps the same GPL licence. When I shop at ThemeForest, what happens? WooThemes subscribers who buy WooThemes topics through their ThemeForest accounts will continue to be WooThemes subscribers.

Upon receiving the message, either log into your current WooThemes email address (if you have one) or sign up for a new WooThemes email address. On your "My Account" page, click the "Redeem Theme Forest Purchase" icon and type your purchasing key in the box provided. Now you should see your ThemeForest purchases on your "My Account" page and have full technical assistance for the items you have bought.

Looking forward to seeing how this introduction will fit into your workflow and new clients arriving with ThemeForest sales... welcome!

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