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Getting the blog and portfolio pages up and running In order to create a blogsite, go to the pages, create new ones. Then go to the title page ads and pick a fixed page. From the drop-down list for the post page, click and browse to the one you just made. Here you can adjust how many contributions per page you want.

You can also pick one of the available designs - you have Raster, Classical, Blog Styles, Brickwork, Brick, Picture and Time Line. Let's put the number of colums at two. You can also design the side in full width if you decide on brickwork. Simply click on this drop-down list and use one of these choices.

If we look at the individual mail selections, we can see that there are some here as well. Similar contributions are useful elements on a unique page. Let's put their number on four and use two colums. Let's go ahead and create a portfolio page. Make sure the artwork to the right of the page is Portfolio.

Here you can adjust the portfolio page. First you can specify how many articles you want per page, then you can select a specific page style and number of column. When you decide on one of the floor plans for shallow, raster or brickwork, you can adjust it to full width.

Then there are many choices. You can, for example, specify which of your pages should be the portfolio page. Well, for the individual portfolio projects there are several things you can do. It is also possible to select how many related items should be displayed or the number of column.

You can also configure other settings.

Add and manage portfolio projects

Topics in our portfolio contain a user-defined portfolio mail style that can present your portfolio on the front page of your website. Under the new Portfolio option in the side bar you can administer your own portfolio. Like adding new entries to a blogs you can create a new profile under Portfolio -> New New.

Portfolioprojects are ordered by creation date, with the most recent first. 1x Annotate a topic and contents to describe your work. Together with the Portfolio contents style, you can use Portfolio tags (similar to Post Tags) to classify your portfolio.

You are available in the Portfolio section of the main page and on the Edit Projects page. In the Portfolio Metabox section, 3 x Enter some extra information. It' simple to include audio or video from favorite sites (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.) for your projects, just insert the links.

Click and drag and drop images for your projects, and then select one as the featured one. Uploading more than one picture for your projects will generate a galery for them as well.

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