Be Wix

Sei Wix

The Wix is a platform for building websites. Afraid of setting up your own website? You' re not supposed to be!

Up until recently, setting up a website seemed to be a challenging job that required great skills and a large investment. In recent years, billions of individuals have developed intelligent DIY web site development software that makes web site development a fun and enjoyable one. Wix's web publication technology guides you step-by-step through the entire website development chain, from selecting the right website templates to customising them to your needs.

It is our primary objective to allow anyone to build a website, regardless of their backgrounds. The great thing about our web publication platforms is that you can really be your own leader in the creation proces. Begin small and build one page at a time. If you are sure that you are satisfied with your improvement, you can continue to build more pages.

With Wix you can build and post your website for free. Whilst some Wix people ( especially those who build commercial sites ) choose to perform an update and use premier content offerings, this is completely out of the question. Your website can be created and published without paying a cent and without any obligation to make a payment.

More than 40 million Wix site visitors around the world create a new Wix site every few moments. In order to get an impression of what you can achieve with Wix, please go to the Explore section of our website or our Killer HTML5 Sites Pinterest Boards and see hundred of beautiful sites that have been built by people like you!

100% of your website stays under your command, even if you post it and communicate with the rest of the community. Our belief is that building a great website is an on-going lifecycle that demands optimization and revision. All about the creation of your website - from the selection of pictures to the addition of animation - is not only easy and easy, it's also a lot of enjoyable!

Place some colours here, put some symbols there - you can put your creative power into action and when you are done, you have a website that is completely your own design.

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