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When you' re looking for a beautiful agency website with brilliant branding, you'll love Adchitects. Ten exciting agency websites that will delight you. Sometimes that's a good thing: when your website is the first place your website is visited by your customers to get hold of a particular site or to buy a particular item, a trusted look can help them get from A to Ba quickly and simply. However, if the aim of your website is to present the agency designers' competence and originality, you will often want to do things a little differently.

This article features 10 of our most popular agency websites. They all show how it is possible to give your website a feeling of personal ity and unique character that shows what your agency is all about. When the New York based Sagmeister & Walsh studios bring out something for consumers, they always cause a sensation, be it through their excellent work for big names or through their striking nudes of members of the arsenal.

Continuing this traditional approach, the agency's website features three corners of the studio's real-time feedback videos, one of which is inside the housing of the domestic animal serpent (yes, really). Case histories, such as the work of the Appy Fizz agency, use subtile visuals and animation to really delight the visitors.

Stink is a truly international agency, consisting of Stink Films and Stink Studios. As a result, Stink has a few big customers such as Google, Spotify, Twitter, Ray-Ban and Nike and a great deal of great work to do. Bolden, a strategically located styling and engineering company located in Amsterdam, uses typeography on its beautiful new website.

Starting from the opening spreads shown above (click on the reds and blues to unveil each slogan) to the large and beautiful nature of the menu, the self-assured use of fonts on this site forces you to further deepen. It' s great to see something unique in something digitally made in a full range of cutters, and that's exactly what the Haus from LA agency for trademark design gave us with their website.

If you thought that the concept of presenting your work in a merry-go-round is obsolete, take a look at what Haus has done with it. Studio Rotate, the Netherlands' leading agency for photography, has adopted its name as the key theme of its new location and has adopted an original way of presenting works on the basis of hollow work.

It' s a minimalist styling and in fact not so simple to navigate, yet the playfulness of everything visually cannot help conjure a grin on your face. Located in Venice, California, and with a strong website that uses wallpaper videos to captivate you, Active Theory is a truly unique creation agency.

Instead of the feared backdrop of videos decorating many agency websites, there is a genuine feel for motion and power in these videos. The Twenty Nine NYC, a "small but good creativity studio", does things a little differently, and that certainly goes for his anarchical website as well. Almost every broken rules about how an agency website should look and work, this deliberate confusion of a website looks more like an old-school fanciful than a website, but it is permeated with a feeling of pleasure, it simply makes you want to know more about this delightful business.

The Paris agency FCinq (French for'F5') has one of these websites that you can easily browse through. For many reasons, it tends to feel more like a magazin or news story than an agency profile. In 2016, Joan is a creativity studios established by the vets of the advertising agency Jaime Robinson and Lisa Clunie, formerly Wieden + Kennedy and Refinery29, respectively.

This store website is big, brave and beautiful, and announces its coming with a stylish and impressive look. When you think that this homepage looks horrible, don't be afraid: This is not a genuine agency site, but a spoof of it (albeit created by the agency of the same name). Briefly, it's a fun mix of the agency's baddest clich├ęs, from OTT-inspiring poster designs to flashy start-up biographies, with a barrel of horrible slang and slogans that hold it all together.

A case report illustrates how the agency produced a virtual condom promotion video:

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