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Heath and Beauty Blogger Templates. Templates for bloggers on health, quality of life, health food, fitness, medicine, etc. This template is also suitable for WooCommerce for your convenience.

You can make changes directly using the URIs. It is taken from WordPress and has 2 colums, side bars, reactive themes, bookmarks from popular content, etc.

You can make changes directly using the URIs. It is taken from WordPress and has 2 colums, side bars, reactive themes, bookmarks from popular content, etc. Makes the blog look great with its minimalist and sleek design. This blog can be customized and is SEO-centric.

Best thing about this blog is that it can transfer Instagram imagery, portfolios and all other kinds of imagery. WordPress is taken from it, click on the links to get this document. You can improve the look of your blog and increase your blog audience.

Beautiful 10 Free Blogger Templates

Standard topics delivered with a Blogger subscription will not receive any prizes. Luckily for us, the blogger fellowship is full of great creators and templates adaptors who have a little of their own common ground in terms of sharing a little more of their own XML magics. Below we've featured 10 Blogger templates that are neat and customizable and would look good for any blog that' suits your personality, professional or work.

The templates below can be downloaded and used for free (with the appropriate mapping), and you can see them in operation by click on the "Live Demo" link. When there is a hot looking Blogger artwork that you definitely like, let us know about it in our way in the commentaries below. The Aparatus has a neat, uncluttered, professional appearance without being too cumbersome.

Strong reds and headlines flash the page, and the dotted edge gives it a hint of texture, but there is still much light breath away blank area. The pages of the headline are activated, and the Twitter updates symbol at the top shows your latest Twitter. Beautiful open top cover means there's lots of room for a logopic picture and no worry about overcrowding the artwork.

Simply snatch a sample of this beautiful crimson if you are planning to include your own graphical items. We' ve certainly seen stationery and manuscript theme blog templates before, but this notebook design is really cool, with sleek graphical features and subtle lines. Your post's data will properly attach to the edge, which is a beautiful note, and the soft-yellow of the pad itself is not a diversion from your text.

It' s a little floral at the bottom, and there's not a lot of CCS magic that will ever put your text right on the ruled page (OCD blogger, beware!), but overall this topic is clear enough for serious contents and sweet enough for more individual thought. When you are a contemporary minimalist, look for yourself can be the look you are looking for.

You would get confused in all the empty blank fields if there weren't the strong bright red highlights on your pages. It keeps the panels at the right distance, with link navigations and a beautiful blank cover area where you can insert your trademark or your own name. You can keep it in the original color and have a sharp-looking headers.

You will find this here - a copy of the Twitter homepage for bloggers. Every blog entry looks like a teet, and the sidebar font matches the place for your profiled information. Of course, if your colour is cyan, look no further than this topic, which offers some cold shades without making things complicated.

Your homepage is brought into the third dimensions by a head bar, and all your Widgets and Speakers are living on flat water grades. Remaining area is blank, so In-Post images are protected from possible colour overlaps. Indicator themes have a serious sound, but retain their original designs.

Little texture grains the textured black backdrop, and the beautiful broad column make it perfect for YouTube video and bigger pictures. It' s a fat, hot and practical subject - get it now before your buddies do. To make your blog a little more feminine without completely "hiding" it, take a look at the Vio topic.

There is a sleek violet headers, much open blank area and some pretty one-of-a-kind layouts. It' basically a two-column blog where the sidebar is divided into two halves to create a third one. Sweet details included bladders with deep color gradients for each item, the appropriate seek buttons, and violet block quote formats.

Headers are deep and metal, and each blog item is striated by a thick strip of light banners. In addition, your broad blank pillars are open to commerce, and the contents can be conveniently located within these daring city walls. It' s a great place to create a more fancy blog or a home for your own photo hands-on work.

Empty head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head of big head. It could go in any way and still look good, so make it your own with it. It' s a little different from our search for neat, diverse layout, but the look is really practical and well done.

It is a double slit with a beautiful "paper layer" effect, which is not exaggerated. It' a great topic for your next blog or a rant against newfangled lasers. However, please be aware that due to the tactile texture of the backdrop, a user-defined logogram image in the head area can lead to a discrepancy in the outline.

The best way is to glue with the supplied text.

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