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The Cedric portfolio includes beautiful photos and is easy to navigate. Nice Web Design Portfolio Pages Retrieve a dozen ressources and experts hints on how to create a KILLER portfolio, even if you are an complete newcomer. In the last few weeks we talked about the items that make up a great web portfolio. Let's take a look at some of the designer who have done an outstanding piece of work integrating these items into their portfolio pages.

There are 7 beautiful webdesigns, from basic to advanced, that really made it out of the park: Cedric' portfolio includes beautiful photos and is easily navigated. A full image lay-out attracts the viewer with an eversive full image view. The next is this beautiful Unikea portfolio website.

This portfolio immediately attracts your attention. The portfolio shows a great use of type, and when you browse the top menu, the colour tabbed pages changes to emphasise the text. The portfolio uses colour in a courageous and thrilling way. Depending on the artwork, the artists changes the colour of the backgrounds.

Click through the "About" section to inspire yourself for your own portfolio website! While this portfolio site describes Maren's capabilities in a simple, summarizing way, the true beauty of this portfolio website is the JavaScript. Go to each tabs and see how the text on the monitor appears to be open.

Want to inspire your portfolio with beautiful interactivity features? On just one page, this portfolio shows everything a prospective customer needs to know to recruit this gifted creator. This website's map layouts are a great example of how you can combine your portfolio of designs into a streamlined page that makes navigating a breeze.

Signage Creative is a digitally owned company with a beautiful portfolio of designs on its website. The first time you visit your homepage, you will see a full-screen lay-out that simplifies communication and guides the user. While you click through to see her portfolio, Signature Creative presents her work in a map-style lay-out.

Fullscreen layouts use beautiful photos to tell a clear tale. Using minimum naviagation and beautiful visual language this design shows his work in the easiest way! Retrieve a dozen ressources and experts hints on how to create a KILLER portfolio, even if you are an complete newcomer.

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