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The beautiful restaurant, known as Healthy Soulful Taste of the South, serves a variety of homemade dishes that no one else offers! The interior of the restaurant is sophisticatedly designed, with a cosy, modern, rustic ambience and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. An American restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. The most beautiful restaurants in the world | The most beautiful restaurants and cool cafes from Ibiza to Stockholm to Los Angeles.

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Enjoy the enjoyment of our tasty home-style breakfasts, lunches or dinners, which include BBQ beef ribs and beef oxtails. Meat for breakfasts serves with two balls, grains, Rösti, Rösti, white meat, sandwich or biscuits. Select menus that are serviced every day. Call 404-752-5931 for our day ticket. Meat Meat Meat serves with two kinds of vegetable, sandwich, iced teas or fruit beverage of your own choosing.

RiceSweet Potato Souffle' Chicken Flavored Potato Souffle, accompanied by two fresh vegetable, freshly baked loaves of your favourite meat and drink.

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Me and my girlfriend chose to visit Beautiful Restaurant for lunches on a Wednesday. Your car park is in the back part, and you have a small terrace in the front part with desks with sunshades and some flowers. Inside there is a cafeteria-style dining room with many different types of table and stalls to chose from.

Cuisine is good old-fashioned Mediterranean cuisine. Meat and veg varies from person to person, of course, so I estimate the meal will probably be beaten or missed according to what you're hunting. With meat, we had a choice: When it came to vegetable, we had a choice:

Trying to keep away from frying gear and the rips not looking impressing to me, I selected the ox tails over the paddyice. I try to keep away from things with a lot of carbohydrates for vegetable, so I had the beets and the greens. They were very tasty and probably the best selection for me.

Percentage was large, but the chunks were quite fat (also for oxtails). Beetroot was fine with me. and I' d be eating them again. Ordered it with macaroni and cheeses and kidney oats. Varieties of vegetable include pea with dark eyes, kale, Kohl, Kohlgemüse, Mais, pumpkin, Süßkartoffelauflauf, kandierte Süßkartoffeln and Yamswurst as well as what is on offer today.

Frankly, if they had one or two more of the other non-starchy vegetables at their disposal, I might have had a vegetable plate. Well, if it does sound good, then visit the Beautiful Restaurant for a good old south cuisine!

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