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Complete list of Beaver Builder compatible plug-ins, add-ons, and custom modules bundled by third-party Beaver developers. The Beaver Builder plug-ins, add-ons, user-defined plug-ins with a list of the following functions Biber add-ons - A set of add-ons in one plugin with: line delimiters, flipbox, infolist, gravitational shapes, testament sliders. Ultimative add-ons for Biber - Stunning set of add-ons including: create menu, counters, blog post, clip boxes, information banners, ihovers, separate and more. It is an interesting plugin for Beaver user with hard disk driven pallax, middle level lighting with image captioning, immediate couseling of contents.

Beaver Builder CB Custom Module - A free plugin for Beaver Builder user with many great custom module features including: particle, shadow, dirt, floodlight. Additions to WPD BB - It includes useful add-ons such as enhanced embedded videos, fixed card embeddings, and extra motion control options. WebLodgeHQ - It has a great set of tools for Beaver Builder user.

You can also provide stand-alone plug-ins, plug-ins, and designs. Biber Addons Pack - This Biber Module Kit from Lifemeshthemes offers different module and style options for Biber-User.

Seven Best Beaver Builder Add-Ons: Modules and functionality

How about telling you that there is a way to use the existing plugin for the page creator Beaver Builder and...add a lot of useful features and new features? Now, that's exactly what Beaver Builder add-ons can help you with. Beaver Builder enhancements out there let you do even more.

This article will discuss the greatest plug-ins that offer such features for your favourite site creator. Our add-ons are versatile and multifunctional; some are free, others only work if you upgraded to the Premier Pack. The majority of these plug-ins allow you to gain control over extra plug-ins, one of which is more geared towards creating themes than towards creating new plug-ins.

The Orbit Fox is a free WordPress plugin that contains three additional Beaver Builder modules: After installing the plugin, you can enable the three new plugins by following these steps: If you then use the standard Beaver Builder user surface, you will see all the available Beaver Builder Sidebars.

Orbit Fox also contains a number of other useful functions that have nothing to do with Beaver Builder. New Beaver Builder modules: Itemor Add-ons. The plugin contains a variety of add-ons and moduls for your favourite site creator, but only a few are available in the llite edition.

With a few I mean ten, which is still fantastic; the pack will be enormous in the high end one. Free of charge you get this nice assortment of modules: And if you want to activate more add-ons, the first $69 annual subscription begins with a 40+ module (including the free) $69 upfront.

As soon as you have activated the module, it will be available in the Beaver Builder user area, just like Orbit Fox. Forty+ Biber Builder Module. Simple activation and deactivation settings for module. A very interesting plugin that is also available in two versions - elite and premier. What is wonderful about it is that all its moduls are divided into five categories:

Every catagory contains both free and chargeable add-ons (the add-ons contained in the llite versions are labeled 'Installed'). In addition to the plug-ins and enhancements, PowerPack also offers tonnes of Beaver Builder template for all kinds of companies. In order to gain use of the PowerPack module, click on PowerPack Module in the drop-down list of the side bar in the Beaver editor.

High-performance 50+ module (9 of which are free). Biber Builder 250+ enterprise page and section template. Beaver Builder frontend previews with one click. Advanced module searching. It is a free plugin that allows you to create your own headers and footers using the Beaver Builder Notepad.

In order to add a headline or bottom line, all you have to do is redesign a new page as usual and store it in the outlines. This plugin's only drawback is that it doesn't cover all topics; there are only a few compatibles: For the Beaver Builder headers to work, you must have one of these designs on.

As soon as you have finished creating a headline or footing, go to the Beaver Builder Page Builder preferences and click BB Headline Footer. Here you can choose the headers and footers that you previously create and customize. This plugin allows you to use any page you have stored in the blogs as a headline or footing.

Supplied with a range of head settings: clear, tacky, shrinking, etc. Beaver Builder is a premier plugin that will help you to leverage the capabilities of Beaver Builder in your WooCommerce-Shop. There are six different module types, each with several different layout and variations: You can see all our products "in action" via their demonstration pages.

Another free bundle of Beaver Builder add-ons that provides 13 neat plug-ins for advanced website features. If you don't like one of the free Beaver Builder add-ons, the great thing about this plugin is that you can build a customized add-on at a specific cost that the developer will choose due to the complexities of your needs.

In order to do this, you must fill out the details on the plugin's website. Customizing is actually what Crafty Beaver Customizing is all about, but if you're just looking to expand your Beaver Builder Add-Ons library, you might want to review those that the plugin offers for free.

Note that some of the plug-ins may need the upgrade to the free Beaver Builder edition. After you have installed Crafty Beaver Custom Module, go to Beaver Page Builder in your dashboard -> Module and you will see the additional add-ons there. Complimentary menu cartridges for menu, photography, photo gallery, wallpaper and information list.

Payed user-defined modular service. Customer specific designs and developments. Here is another utility that provides a number of Beaver Builder add-ons for free (although there is also a free upgrade option). This free bundle contains 13 moduls for different uses like service, contributions, portfolios, prices, reviews etc. To enable the add-ons, you must use the same procedures.

Launch a new page from the Page Builder, choose Livemesh Addons from the Module page and drop them onto the empty 'Canvas'. Our moduls are up to date and can be easily adapted. In addition, the plugin's dashboard page is user-friendly and allows you to modify the standard colour scheme and create your own customised styles to create your new module.

Double the number of cartridges and extra capabilities by upgrading to the $39 per year Premier Edition (includes 25 add-ons and 50 stores total). Here are our tips for the best Beaver Builder add-ons for advanced website functions. Beaver Builder is the ideal tool to enhance your current Beaver Builder user experience with everything from style and layout, WooCommerce, contents and business-related areas and boxing to multimedia items.

Have you had the opportunity to try one of the module? And if there are any other great add-ons we might have missing, write us a line about the comment area below and tell us how it worked for you by simply following a few easy clues.

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