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Beaver Builder: Detailed comparison of the Page Builder Are you trying to choose between Elementor and Beaver Builder to create your WordPress page? The choice of a WordPress page creator is a little like a wedding. In order to help you not to change your opinion in the future, we will be comparing these two heavies of the side builder and will help you make your choice.

In order to help you, we give you a practical insight into the interface, widgets, templates, style sheets and much more. To make things as standard as possible, we have used the same Astra Starter site designs for each page creator. So, although our test pages run two different page creators, they will look 100% the same, giving you a good overview of how each page creator does things.

If you are interested in where the designs come from, both sample installations use the Astra themes via the free Astra Agency start page. That section must come first, as you will be spending most of your working hours in the Page Builder editors. Unless you find it fast and intuitively, your production drops like a cliff - and that's the opposite of what a page builder should do!

Either vendor offers rock-solid, trouble-free ports that are fairly fast, so you probably won't see any differences in this respect. However, although both are visually different, they are approaching the surface a little differently, and this could influence your choice. Elementsor splits your computer monitor into two main sections:

1- a real-time previewer of your theme on the right. 2- a side bar where you can insert and stylize items and use other functions (e.g. responsive reviews). Elementor also includes support for online text manipulation, so you can easily manipulate any text item by simply tapping and typing:

The Beaver Builder gives you a full-width view of your theme and displays the controls in a top panel and a pop-up window that pops up when you want to modify a modul or line: As with Elementor, just dragging these panels from the side panel across the side panel to attach them to your design:

The Beaver Builder has also recently added online text manipulation, which puts him at eye level with Elementor in this respect*: No matter if you call them Widget or Module, Section or Line, these items are the components of your design. Using section, row, and column to build the base page layouts, and then widgets/modules to actually append contents to that layouts.

This section will show you how each Page Builder deals with these items. Elementsor gives you three items, each with a hierarchy: Supports - Supports go into segments and split your look upright. Widget - this is the real contents of your website. The free edition of Elementuor lets you create your own themes with 28 Widget.

Plus,lementor Pro gives you 30 new widgets, giving you 58 complete ones. You can also use Elementsor to easily create extra plug-ins to your own plug-ins. The Ultimate Addons For Elementsor 23+ for example inserts new Widget that you can use in your design. The Beaver Builder uses a similar methodology, but with different terminology:

They can be used to applied coherent distances and background to the contents. Spalten - colums go inside a row and help you to subdivide your page into vertical sections. Module - these are the real contents of your website. The free Beaver Builder offers 6 free module versions. As with Elementor, you can expand this with third-party plug-ins.

The Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plug-in, for example, will add more than 45 new plugins. Don't get caught in the pitfall of having to use your Page Builder to design everything. When it comes to fundamental things like color and type, it's often simpler to use your design to create your own unique brand.

Then all you need to do is use your Page Builder to modify your Page Builder to produce contents that differ from your own overall Page Builder style. Elementor defaults to applying its own unique style to your contents, which you can customize as needed. You can, however, disable this feature by access to the plug-in's preferences and use the WordPress topic style instead:

Using the Astra design is useful because it means that you can use Astra's customizer's advanced customizer control elements to define your website's style throughout. As soon as you do, your Elements use exactly the same style as your normal WordPress contents, ensuring consistent across your site.

Naturally, if you want to overwrite these overall themes, or redesign your look in a different way, you''ll get a lot of power from Elementor. Contents - fundamental things like orientation and sizing. Elementsor has one of the lowest stylings you'll find in a Page Builder, making it almost impossible for you to get every one.

Reactive control - these control options allow you to suppress contents on certain equipment. After all, for many of the styling options, it is possible to use the Gadget button to add different styling to different Gadget types: Beaver Builder uses the overall styling of your design by default, rather than using its own like Elementor by default. Beaver Builder can also use the following built-in built-in customizations.

Again, this means that you can use the customizer control of the Astra themes to create a contiguous styleschema and then simply overwrite your overall styling with Beaver Builder if necessary. As with Elementor, you can use the Smart symbols to use different types of equipment. While you can only append your own class and ID s to single items, Beaver Builder makes it simple to append current CSS on a page-by-page basis:

Another Beaver Builder uniqueness is the ability to define user-defined key points in your preferences (these key points are valid for all your Beaver Builder content): With so many nice Elementor and Beaver Builder models, you don't have to. From Elementor 2. Elementor classifies its template into two categories:

Blocs - Blocs are themes for certain parts of a page. You can, for example, use a pad to simply insert a ready-made "contact" section into an otherwise user-defined page. The free Elementor release includes ~40 page styles and a greater number of pads. With Elementor Pro, you get easy control over your entire workflow and get easy control over your work.

As soon as you have created your own themes, you can store them as a template for later use. Just as with Widget, it is also possible to use third parties for this. That' s actually what we did for the sample screen shots - we got a complete demonstration site from Elementor template to import with Astra's starter sites.

The free Beaver Builder does not contain any ready-made template. However, in the commercial edition, Beaver Builder offers a wide range of page styles split into two sections: The free Beaver Builder does not provide the equivalents to Elementor's blocs. As with Elementor, you can store your own template for later use.

Beaver Builder also makes it simple for you to gain third parties into your new template if you want it. The Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plug-in, for example, will add over 200 line segments and over 100 page styles. You can also use the same function of Astra Starter Sites for Beaver Builder.

Topic Builder is a powerfull function that lets you create your whole WordPress page with the same user-friendly Page Builder surface you saw above. As well as offering a complete themes build, both Elementsor and Beaver Builder now provide a complete themes build, but they deal with integrating it in two different ways. Elementsor contains it in the standard Elementsor Pro add-on, while Beaver Builder will require you to buy the seperate Beaver Themer expansion.

Topic creation tool of both plug-ins are also fully compliant with the topic of your game. Even if you use a themed builder to build your whole website, it's still important to select a high end website that has a high level of visual appeal (here's the reason!). As an example, the Ostra-Thema offers a fast load base with which you can manage the overall style for your Ostra themed builder, saving you a lot of work.

Elementor's Topic Builder lets you easily customize and organize the different parts of your themes from the My Templates area. If you' re creating a new style sheet, you can select which part of your style sheet you want to change and give it a name: then you can either select from one of Elementor's ready-made pads to launch your style sheet, or you can recreate it from the ground up.

Topic creation surface is the same as the Elementor surface. Now you get a new phrase of themes to create your own look. You can use these topic items to include information that comes from the key features of your WordPress page. If, for example, you are adding the items Title and Info (example below), Elementor inserts the real contents for the particular posting a visitor visits:

Available topic items vary depending on the kind of contents you are creating. As soon as you have created your own sketch, you can select exactly where you want to use it. When you have the Beaver Themer expansion for Beaver Builder, you can build and maintain the different parts of your designs by going to Beaver Builder ? Themer Layouts.

If you are creating a new thematic layouts, give it a name and select which part of your style you want to replace: Then you have two drop-down lists to navigate where your designs are displayed: Storage place - allows you to use your templates on all your contents, or only on certain category, tag, mail type, etc.

This is a one of a kind function that allows you to customize your designs for every single one of your customers. You can, for example, only view your look when a member is signed in or for certain member privileges. Then you can click the Start Beaver Builder pushbutton to actually create your part.

If you create your own theme, you will receive a new group of Themer modules that you can use to add your website's contents dynamically: These are some of the great things Elementor has to offer: Shared Widget - You can use shared shade of shared shade of shared shade of Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Sha Shared Sha Shared Shared Sha Sha Shared Shared Shared Sha Sha Sha Shared Shared Sha Shared Sha Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Sha Sha Shared Shared Sha Sha Sha Sha Shared Sha Shared Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha Embedded anywhere - you can easily add shortcuts or widgets to Elementor template embeds.

For example, you can use Elementor to make a CTA in your side bar. Here is something that only Beaver Builder offers: If you are construction site for customers, this will help you build a customized, white-tagged end for them. Astra' s themes also support wholesale labelling, so if you use Beaver Builder with Astra, you can make a 100% wholesale labelling decision.

Elementor and Beaver Builder both provide free WordPress releases. org, which you can try out, although the free Elementor release gives you more versatility due to the greater Widget Libraries. Three Elementor Pros are available: Beaver Builder also has three schedules. Beaver Builder does not have a life-time schedule and will provide a refund within the first 30 business day.

In addition, if you want permission to create themes, Beaver Themer is an extra $147 for use on indefinite pages. Mindor and Beaver Builder are two side creators, both at the forefront of their games. This is a big part of why we created the Astra Starter pages on both Elementsor and Beaver Builder.

We have also worked to make sure that the Astra topic fits seamlessly into both page creators when it comes to page-level control and topic creation. When we had to make a distinction between the two side builders, the majority of folks say that Beaver Builder is a little better for a developer, while Elementor is a little better for a designer.

There is nothing you will do incorrectly if you select one of these page creators.

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