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Design toast and create fully customized WordPress pages. For a long time WordPress is no longer "just" a blogsite and is used today more often as a CMS. It is only your fantasy that limits how far you can turn WordPress to your will for developer and powerful user.

For a long time WordPress is no longer "just" a blogsite and is used today more often as a CMS. It is only your fantasy that limits how far you can turn WordPress to your will for developer and powerful user. Functions such as user-defined mail type, taxonomy, field, and customized customization have made it simpler than ever to build Web pages to which non-technical endusers can also add and modify contents.

However, if you want to build a website for customers and have them quickly and simply adding your own website without being sidetracked by some of the "mess" in WordPress, you can use a number of our plug-ins to build your own customized CMS. Not only does this simplify the user authoring experience, it also gives you the ability to tag your site and include features that can even earn revenue.

Accurate plug-ins that will work for you will vary depending on the needs of your website and your user, but here are some great ones we have put together that will help you build a customized website on WordPress. These are user-defined mailboxes, taxionomies, and boxes that take WordPress from a blogsite to a CMS, and CustomPress lets you build all three.

You can use it to build customized contents and make your website more efficient and responsive, and let your customers and enders add any type of contents. It provides an easy-to-use user experience to build new user-defined type of contents without programming. You can use it to generate taxionomies, user-defined mail items, user-defined boxes, or perhaps all three.

Then your customers can use these mail items to append new contents and view them on their website. See our in-depth tutorial on how to use CustomPress to build customized mailboxes, taxionomies, and boxes to make your website more agile and efficient. When you run a multi-author website or build a multi-site ecosystem where people log in to modify and administer their website, you can improve usability and make your website more professionally projected by giving the WordPress administrator your own logo.

With our Ultimate Branding plug-in you can rename the entire administration screen, remove and insert functions if needed, load pictures and symbols and redesign the administration screen with your own style sheet (CSS). Generate added value assets such as pedal line news and a log -in to make your users' lives easy, and include added value assets such as a customized log -in log, help contents, pedal line contents, and more.

Also you can disable functions you don't want. Delete the WordPress brand-name and logotypes entirely and put your own logotype on the sign-in page - your user doesn't even need to know that your website or your networking is based on WordPress! Learn more about how you can apply Ultimate Labeling in Whitelabel to your website, and how you can apply the latest version of Ultimate Labeling Whitelabel to your website.

It' your multi-site networking experience with its customized contents and redesigned look is a great way to make you a living, and Pro Sites is built to help you. Not only can you specify layers for which website publishers register or purchase purchased up-grades, you can also specify which management capabilities are available to your site visitors at which layers.

Build as many layers as you need to satisfy the needs of your end user and define price patterns for each layer. Allows you to specify which functions and administrative displays are available for which layers. Generate price charts to show your user what they get at each tier and what they get.

You can use the administrator panel and your own custom style sheet to manipulate the table and view it exactly the way you want. Going one notch further, the support system plug-in allows you to administer not only your contents and your own marketing, but also the way you interacted with the website visitors or site admins on your team.

Customize your users' administrative panels with additional user assistance pages so they can create ticket, see responses to common queries, and interact with you without sending email. They can even administer ticket from the frontend of your website and create your user ticket and see your user name and FAQ.

There are no more reasons to not offer a good WordPress product! Find out how to deploy, configurate, and get the most out of the plug-in in our full support system support system guides. Individuals using your WordPress customized setup with CMS functions such as customized contents type need help to understand how the contents type works and how to append and modify them, and this is not supported by the standard WordPress help screen.

1. Six million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. You can use the Help Content plug-in to insert one or more additional user-defined displays into the Help page. You can use the Help Contents Administrator Help on the Settings page to insert your own help text. There are as many help pages as you need to create: perhaps one for each user-defined types of contents you have on your site.

To give your WordPress crashboard members a reduced user experience when they first open the WordPress dashboard, it's useful to delete the WordPress crashboard Windows Widget. You can then either exit Escape dashboard cleanser or create your own customized Widget with Ultimate Branding or any of the other plug-ins listed here.

The Clean Up the dashboard plug-in makes it really simple. Simply deploy and enable the plug-in, and the WordPress feeds, WordPress messages and dashboards will vanish. And one of the great things about Ultimate Branding is the possibility to adjust the WordPress administration toolbar, but what if you want to adjust the administration toolbar without the additional functions that Ultimate Branding gives you?

This is exactly what our basic customized administration bar plug-in gives you. You can use it to create your own user-defined elements and link - really useful if you want to give your user an easier way to access the supporting system displays in the administration area, e.g. if you have the supporting system plug-in on.

Or, if you really want to keep things easy, you can simply use it to delete elements from the administration panel, as I did in the preferences window on the right. You can find the setting dialog in the WordPress Preferences drop-down list. When you run a multisite networking or multi-author site with a supported blogsite, this plug-in is a great way to show your visitors what you have published, directly through their dashboards.

Go to the preferences page in the WordPress Preferences pull-down menu to include as many newsletters as you want: Here I am going to include a newslet from the BBC News website. Then your feeds will appear in the primary window of the dashboard when your user logs in. This is a great way to easily distribute your contents to your end user or exchange your contents with others if you are operating a corporate office portal or a corporatetranet.

Do you want to welcome your customers when they sign up with a kind notice? Login Messaging plug-in inserts a few boxes into the General Settings page of WordPress Administrator so you can insert a custom messages that your user will see when they login to your site.

Optionally, you can regularly refresh it, e.g. by notifying your visitors about the switch to the website, new functions you have added to keep track of your organization. WorldPress is already a powerfull, versatile plattform that you can use to build a user-friendly website, but with these plug-ins you can offer your visitors the convenience of a customized CMS by creating customized contents, offering help and technical assistance, using your own brands to make your management displays more professionally, and showing important messages to your visitors.

There is a possibility that you may not use all of these plug-ins on one website (you certainly shouldn't pretend to use Ultimate Branding, some of the other plug-ins will duplicate some of its features), but by adding only one or two of these plug-ins, you can give your user an individual touch that improves your mark.

What of our WordPress plug-ins did you use to adapt WordPress?

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