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App shortcuts found in Android Nougat are also supported. The best launcher from Andreid You' ll find that the most beautiful thing about Google's OS is the ability to customize it. Just take more than three moments with an Android fan boy and you'll quickly discover. Every issue can be resolved by downloads of enough applications. There is nowhere where this applies more than to the Android home screen - so we've put together the best alternate Android launcher for your viewing fun.

In an Android mobile device, the launch is the app in charge of the home page, the app Grid, and the launch of the above mentioned applications. Telephones generally come with either the Google Launcher camp, or more generally, a launchers hacked onto the top by a wireless device vendor like Samsung. However, if you can't handle your phone's standard launch, the installation of a new launch is just a brief trip to the Google Play Store.

The Nova and Apex (below) are the two outstanding Android launches - both offering an outstanding equilibrium between enough functions to adapt things without burdening you with unfeasible long option sheets and 17 layers of submenu hell. Nova is probably the better of the two, with a few more choices in the free release (there's also a prime release) and slightly better power - but really, we share minuscule Android pairs that try to find a distinction between the two.

Googlele' s own Android launchers touches on the essentials, but just because it's the Android norm doesn't mean it's dull. At your price (well, actually it's free), you get simple Google Now accessibility, button-free speech control, and enough translucent windows to make you think you're back in Windows Vista.

It' s fully compliant with all Nexus and Google Play Edition Nexus and Google Play Edition phones right out of the box, and in two moments with a computer it runs on all Android 4. x mobile phones. Aviate was launched by Yahoo in the early phases of its evolution, and it has become one of the best contextual launcher on the market.

After collecting applications on the basis of various activity, Ariate suggests elements that you are likely to use. If you tell them that you know where you live and work, they will know what applications you can provide when you are in those places. Once you have left the home, you will find everything you need for your trip, such as Spotify, and more.

For example, at midnight, Aviate gives you key combinations to trigger an alert, see the next day's rain or put your telephone to sleep. It is not the most adaptable launch tool on the market, but Aviate is an intelligent, easy and efficient face-to-face wizard. Nokia Z Launcher is another that will help you get to your most popular applications and websites faster.

Acquiring your customs and taking into consideration your position and the season of the week, the Z Launcher will reveal what he considers to be the most suitable objects. The more often you use a certain app, the better the Z Launcher will recall. There is also a pleasantly easy, discreet user experience with applications organized in a clear line.

Launcher offers the default customization choices, but with one big advantage: a custom-made library with hundreds of themes and widgets to surf, create and pop. While other launcher feels like a masterpiece of effectiveness - trying to find you the app you want with minimal effort - everything at Launcher focuses on aesthetic appeal.

Certainly there are more mighty launches out there, but when it comes to adjusting the color of your laces to your tie (and not having an iPhone), this is probably the launch for you. Like Nova, Apex Launcher combines seamless power and usability with a good degree of customization to provide a truly attractive alternate to most off-the-shelf Android launches.

Among the standout capabilities of Apex are an excellent tray modus (which allows Nexus 7 users to turn the home display ); and the Pro Edition includes the amazing Apex Notifier feature, which forwards alerts to a wideget on your home display. Again, the Pro Edition costs a lot of cash, so it's a good idea to download the free one first.

Actions Launcher has some sophisticated, yet unparalleled functions - things like a number of DeepL accessible short-cuts (all customizable, of course), specific actions to launch applications from within a folder, and a fun one-touch way to create a widget from an application. Unfortunately you have to buy the necessary pounds for the premiums if you want to get your fingers on the gods.

ADWs probably the ultimative modder-launcher - everything you want to optimize is inconvenient, from the special hue of Gmail reddish to the accurate gestures needed to open an app. Even more worrying is that developments have come to a standstill without new supporting version 4.1 updates for Android being released. A few will regard Next Layers as jaw-droppingly coolly - a 3-D launch that is totally different from the default raster - with some Widget chopped on the top.

Compared to the remainder of these launcher Zeam is at the other end of the range - all that seems important to the developer is velocity. It' the outdated race release that leaves out just about all the customization choices or fancy hovering menu items of the other releases in favor of a minimalistic codebase.

When you are looking for a quick start for a Gingerbread mobile phone (that's Android 2.x for you and us), Zeam goes quite well with the bill, and it's free too.

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