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The Velvet Spectrum is the online electronic artist of the visual artist and designer Luke Choice. Choosing the Best Portfolio Website Builder. Best portfolio builder for you.

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When there are too many pictures and it feels congested. If you want to get to the heart of your work and make sure that it best suits your work. We' ve searched innumerable artist collections and found 20 modern artist with extraordinary web sites. They come from all over the world and work with media that range from oils on paper to Plexiglas and aluminium works, using basic topics to present their artwork on-line.

Being such a high-tech physicist, it can be difficult to show the full profoundness of the painting on the computer monitor. When it comes to highlighting your work, a meticulously crafted and minimum portfolio can go a long way. Whether you want to create your own portfolio or revise your current website, these 20 artists will give you some ideas.

Interested in building your own portfolio now? You will also find further portfolio creation inspiration here. Natalie Petrosky is a native of Knoxville, where she works as a teacher at the Tennessee University Art and Draft School. Petrosky's canvases often have a fabric character, and she often works with fabric and color to produce multi-media works.

Emma Fineman, an artist from America, currently lives in London and has shown throughout Europe. Fineman's works, often in oils, concentrate on embodying and changing the perception of surroundings. It uses a vertical scroll portfolio to display items so that they fill the canvas. Caroline Denervaud, an artist living in Paris, works with color and perfomance.

Often her canvases show abstract objects: the impression of a vapour or a movable figur. At Denervaud, her on-line portfolio is kept to a minimum so as not to detract from her colourful work. In 1961, when Wong Keen traveled to New York to begin his artistic training, he was the first Singaporean to make this jump.

Bronwyn Sale's Looking, Painting and Liminality exhibition (here in the picture) examines ideas of perspectives and place, with the work focusing on aphemeral doorways and curves. The Toronto artist Sarah Letovsky concentrates on the feminine face and shows a variety of feelings with oils on large canvasses. Their work often has an uncanny feeling with the facial characteristics of their test persons, which are often only slightly distorted.

Julie Beugin's paintings are influenced by the concentration of Berlin's architectural and landscape landscape, where she is located. San Francisco-based artist Gabriela Cobar works with color on Plexiglas to produce multi-layered, vibrantly colored work. Cobar' s lively, contrast-rich colours have a pop-art feeling, combining organicity with a high degree of artificiality.

On the homepage of his portfolio, the hungarian artist Bence Marafkó shows an survey of his works in a clear raster. Marafkós varied practices include drawing and designing; his pictures often adjoin sculptures, where the shape of the screen is as important as what is on it. The Marafkó uses a side bar menus with date and media ordered gallery to easily browse its large portfolio.

The New York artist Ilana Savdie works in the fields of art, photography, digital medias and performances. Often her oils are influenced by Photoshop process, with contorted stripes reminiscent of brush strokes. Marie-Claude Lacroix, an artist from the city of Montreal, presents her works in a meticulously compiled portfolio. With less than 20 parts, Lacroix makes sure audiences want to abandon their portfolio and see more of their work.

Lacroix's works work with oils on linen and adhere to a balanced colour range of subdued shades. Tom Palin is a UK artist who has taught in Leeds and had exhibitions in the UK and the world. Palin's work is characterized by Anglo-North Atlantic tradition of landscaping, although in his most recent works on aluminium (picture here) Palin goes more into the abstract and works with stronger colours and brush strokes.

Julia Maiuri, a Minneapolis artist, works in oils on mural. Their pictures have a tendency towards a colouring of gray and blues, with a hint of magenta. While Maiuri shows only a small sample of her work on her website, this makes her portfolio easy to manage as well. The Toronto artist Kayla Polan works across media to produce fun, thought-provoking works on sex and identities.

The artist Megan Rea uses both paint and architecture in order to recreate uncommon, atmospherical rooms. Wei Xiaoguang, headquartered in New York, has exhibited in a series of group and individual exhibitions in New York and Beijing. Xiaoguan's works have a distinct and disturbing humour theme and themes that range from MoMA PS1 Dean Klaus Biesenbach to Nicolas Bourriaud and Artist's Institute Dean Anthony Huberman.

Oslo, Norway-based artist Tine Isachsen works with a wide range of mediums, among them watercolour, motion and photographic. It shows her work in a raster design to get a complete picture of her portfolio. Helen Butler, an artist living in London, created a series of colour fields that create a feeling of peace. Attractive colour is the centre of her work.

The artist Ms. Mixon organises her works in media category, with photographs, pictures and works on boards, each of which is shown on a different page of the galleries. Mixon's works are tender, with minute forms that form an organically whole, such as close-ups of the inside of a flower or a fractured husk.

Claire Scherzinger questions the distinction between high and low arts by blending a sci-fi impact with a tradition of the aesthetics of oil paintings. The picture shows an outline of her portfolio of works from the recent Shy Holograms collection, based on the story of Mars living.

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