Best Author Websites Wordpress

Best Author Websites Wordpress

Nektar is a beautifully designed WordPress theme. The Lenscap is an e-commerce-enabled WordPress theme suitable for personal blogs and content-rich websites. Best Blog, Resume and Video WordPress them. Using as an easy way to start with low pressure, with confidence in its long-term prospects.

Creating a WordPress Author Website: All you need to know

Having spent month or years to write your own novel, it is worth getting the best possible presentation. A way to achieve this is to create a WordPress Author website for the sale of your literature, to share extracts, and to view experience reports. With WordPress it's amazingly simple. In this article, I will show you the precise procedures you need to take to get your own authoring website up and running. What's more, I'm going to be doing a lot of research to help you get the most out of your website.

Before you can get to the funny things, you need two basic items to build a WordPress author site: The WordPress host. The most WordPress host will set up WordPress automaticly for you, so it's quite simple to get to work! Once you have WordPress up and running, you can begin to make your author's site a little more... yours.

WordPress is the basis of your author's website, because it determines how your website looks and works at a fundamental layer. They can find free WordPress topics, but some of the best author/book topics are about $50. Bookshop topics include gallery, eCommerce tool ing, page template and more.

Though you may not need all of these functions, keep an open mind for topics that contain the following: Use WooCommerce for the sale of electronic and manual version. If you only sell e-books, you could also consider Easy Data Downloads. Several of the topics have their own dedicated electronic downloading schemes.

A site for authors to learn more about themselves. How can you find such topics? A few of his landing page topics or sevices have a more progressive design than Sedaris, but he does manage to keep things tidy and fashionable and sends his eye straight to his jackets and buy-brands. In case the selected design does not have an integrated target page like this one, you can use a so-called Page Builder to build one by dragging and dropping (no coding required!).

Goins Jeff makes breathtaking landing pages for all his books, and they have great artwork right next to an e-mail lists registration page. In this article, you'll learn how to generate an e-mail newsletters directly from your WordPress dashboard. A number of writers also include Amazon review on their websites.

Like almost all of these points, it is best to find a WordPress topic with a testament to it. When not, we have a free guideline for creating WordPress rotary testtimonials. A few writers are only selling on these markets. However, it is also quite simple to build your own bookshop with one of two WordPress plugins:

Simple digital downloads can help you selling e-books, but it's not a good choice if you want to yours physically. Find out how to use Easy Digital Downloads. With WooCommerce, you can help your business selling both hard copy and e-book titles. If you do not want to store the actual book yourself, BookBaby will provide printing and distribution for you.

There is sometimes no need for a galleries or a portfolios, but once you have a decent book library to offer for sale, you will want to organise it into a filtering one. Howey has a dozen albums, so he shows all the cover art in one folder, with screens that help the reader identify them.

In the ideal case the topic you have chosen should have a picture galleries or a portofolioool. The Novelist WordPress plug-in offers a short code for a bookshop if not: the short code: Will you be able to create your WordPress Author Web site? When you have some favourite writers, go to Google and begin to browse their websites. You will find that some great writers have horrible pages, while writers are first-rate.

Then you can combine the functions emphasized on this page to create the WordPress Author website for you. Do you have a question about creating your WordPress Author Web site?

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