Best Avada Websites

The best Avada websites is a great site that aims to provide the best fitness. I' m arranging the best Avada theme examples here. What is best when you build websites for customers.

Avada reaches 300 thousand sales, plus 10 great examples of use.

Avada was founded in 2012 by ThemeFusion and is widely known as the "Swiss Pocket Knife" for WordPress music. We pride ourselves on being unbelievably versatile and powerfull, with its progressive options system that allows you to create nice, pro-quality websites without programming skills. This year in August, Avada is on his fifth anniversary.

Published on August 16, 2012, while the creators of ThemeFusion were working in totally different parts of the globe, they gathered over Themeforest to create the WordPress story that would become one of the best-selling of all times. After gaining market expertise, they decided to introduce their new products on ThemeForest, which was still in its infancy at the beginning and took off thanks to the fast pace of WordPress forging.

Until 2014, ThemeFusion sells 60 thousand Avada units, increasing its profit to over $4 million. Until 2015 this number had more than doubled to 180 thousand specimens and their profit rose to over 10 million dollars. Below are some samples of websites that use Avada in different ways, as Beck himself curates.

Mass-Impressions is a web and wordpress designing company that focuses on creating websites that help its customers meet their businesses objectives. Your website will feel welcoming and appealing while using a clear and contemporary look. University of Hawai'i Maui College's website is a good example of how Avada can look easy and cool, yet very pro.

It uses the classical Avada design with a great blend of gray-blue, gray text and background. It' a really neat use of Avada. The use of vibrant colours, subtile animations and parallaxes make the use of Avada truly exceptional. It' s astonishing how fashionable a website can look with efficient images, a very cool colour pattern and an experienced type selection.

On this website Avada is practically not recognizable. Featuring a playfully disarming glowing amber, it makes use of Avada's easy lay-out and makes the contents appear as cheerful as the colours. The use of colour is economical and focuses on the contents and images that cover the site. Using a vibrant colour pattern of greys, greys and whites, it offers high value photographic images with a natural focal point.

Avada is a very fast and easy to use tool that shows you how versatile Avada is. Dan Law's website focuses on large text and a visual language emphasizing visualization. Last but not least, Avada is hardly recognizable in this example from the web designer Purple Custard. It' s a lot of pleasure, it's light and underneath it all it works smooth because it's Avada.

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