Best B2b Email Templates

The Best B2b Email Templates

The 8 Best B2B Email Templates for Marketing in 2017 Once we published these new email templates, many of you asked for templates specifically tailored to the needs of B2B businesses. We' ve used best practice from our more than 15,000 subscribers (and our own marketers ) to create the 8 best email market templates any B2B company should use. Knowing that not all B2B businesses are the same, we have developed two different editions of each template: one for B2B product and one for B2B service.

Want to create email themes that will engage your customers, supervisors, and peers? The only thing you need to do is jump into our Drag & Drop email designing tool to begin producing nice HTML email - no programming knowledge any more! Once you have set the e-mail recipient e-mail addresses and recipient names, you will be taken to the E-mail Branding page.

Allows you to specify which kind of email builders you want to use, and you can also specify your templates. In order to use our templates gallery, just click on the Templates Gallery button. Here you can scroll through all our templates or pick a particular categorie that matches the kind of email you want to use.

Every pattern consists of fully customisable and customisable designer pads. Dragging and dropping your block, adding your own text and/or pictures, even changing your font styles and colours! Every pattern can really be your own work of art. Finally, you should personalize all your button, image and community icon with your own custom link.

A lot of templates contain awesome socially oriented images and it's simple to just put in your own hyperlinks! Just click on the appropriate drawing pad and click on the "Source" icon that looks like this: Just refresh the address bar to connect to your site and your site and you' re done! And if that's not enough, you can also find more free HTML email templates available on-line or view our latest available email templates for download.

Let yourself be inspire, let your fantasy run wild and design the ideal advertising for your company!

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