Best Blog Designs 2016

Top Blog Designs 2016

Take a look at these examples of beautiful blog homepage designs. Initially published on October 5, 2016, 8:00:00:00, updated April 18, 2018. That' s especially helpful when you're starting your first responsive design project. The best aspect of this style is that it is so adaptable.

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No matter what the subject or sector, the keys to a good blog are its contents. Big blog posts have great contents that interest the reader and make them come back for more. Even though contents come first, a good usability must include efficient styling and lay-out. Designblogs often offer the best page designs, but any blog can be enhanced with a great one.

Plus, with billions of blog posts already on-line and more published every single week, a uniquely designed blog is a great way to set yourself apart. This article presents 23 of the best blog designs from across the world. Let these samples give you a lot of inspirations for your own blog designs and customer work.

Here are ten things to keep in mind before we go through some great samples when creating your blog. The focus should be on the contents. There is nothing in a blog without its contents. So that your customers can concentrate on the contents, it should be the focus of the designs.

Deflecting the reader with elevated pictures and additional objects can be counter-productive. Because of this, many of the best blog designs are pretty easy. Simpleness is usual for blog posts that want to accentuate the contents. Reader come to your blog through searchengines, link from other blog, RSS feed, community pages, etc..

Just a small percent of your readership will get to your blog from the home page. Usually the side bar contains most of the navigational stuff with hyperlinks to category, current and sometimes favorite articles. Most of your users will have a very brief period of interest (this is really no different with blogging than with conventional websites).

A few blogging sites are loaded with excess widgets that really affect page loading speeds. Keep your blog tidy and free of useless elements to really shorten the loading process. Begin of content High on the page. Making it as simple as possible for your reader to begin with your contributions will make them more vulnerable to scrolling down for the remainder.

They are less likely to be scrolling and more likely to click on your blog. The majority of blog viewers go to a number of blog sites every single night, and many of them will have the same (free) topics. Easily make it easier for your users to recall your blog and stand out from the crowd by customising a topic or designing a blog for you.

It is a must for most bloggers to earn a living with advertising. But even in these cases it is important to use advertising efficiently by not letting them take over the blog. When it comes to advertising, your readership will have the feeling that they have no prioritization for you. Multi-browser interoperability.

You will have your users using a number of different web browser, and if your blog doesn't work well in all of them, you may lose them. Luckily, 90% of your users are likely to use the top 3 or 4 browser. To know that your blog works well, you need to test it in more than one browser.

Best designs make effective use of colour to enhance the look. It can be done in different ways, and sometimes it is even a subtile part of the overall look. Colour blends don't have to catch the reader's eye, they even have to make it easier for users to easily browse blog entries.

Easily readable. It' s really more about how to format the blog's contents than about a topic desig. Remember that most people will scan your post instead of looking at it verbatim. You can use headings, spaces, listings, and text to make it easier for you.

There should be a prominent place for important objects. Designing effectively will direct readers' attention to important points, such as subscriptions. The removal of unneeded objects will also help the reader to concentrate on the essentials. Have a look at these related articles for more inspirations: Find out how I went from being an associate of a company to becoming the owner of my own free-lance company and blogs.

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