Best Blog Homepages

The best blog homepages

My default blog home page sucks: Instead, why you should use "Start" pages + How to create one Ok, if you're not sure what I was saying about, here's a screenshots of what most folks consider the "default" homepage: And if you're asking yourself where that came from, it was taken directly from a Themedemo. This is an important resource - because I think it shed so much light on why so many folks use their blog-feeds as homepage.

It'?s the standard one. It'?s the way of the least resist. When you set up your first blog, your defaults will probably be... the defaults. Of course, some folks might pick it for other reasons: This is how long the statistical statistics show that the typical user will look at your website before clicking the Back link, according to the Nielsen Norman Group.

In the same Nielsen Norman Group study, "pages with a clear performance promise can keep people's minds alert for much longer. Would you like a basic news item with your latest post? Your own homepage? What is the difference between a blog home page? Rather than displaying a reversed history of your postings, your blog home page attracts the readers' interest by immediately giving them what they want.

For the most part, this means a clear valuation for your blog and some of your best ever online experiences right away. It' essentially a special Landing Page for your blog.

Things you should put on the homepage of your blog

When your homepage only contains a listing of your latest blog entries, you are making a big error. It is important to design your homepage correctly because it will be one of the most visited pages in your blog, but they will not see it as you would imagine. At my blog, 13clicks, start only 3. 9% of my traffics on the homepage.

What is more likely is that someone first sees a blog posting and then hits the button to see the homepage. He or she has already been interacting with your website and is interested enough to click on the homepage. At 14 klicks, 58% of homepage visits come from individuals entering the domains directly or via Google (with a certain variety of "14 klicks" being 5 of the 6 most favourite keywords).

Generally, humans find your website through a blog entry. When you like the article, click on the start page. Therefore, most folks who see your homepage have already been interacting with your blog and you need to customize your contents accordingly. When you have a staff blog or a business that is strongly connected to your person, put a picture of yourself on your homepage to help establish confidence.

He' also using his byline to guide folks to his portfolios and blog. Once you've told them why they should remain in your blog, you need to tell them what to do next. It could be one of four things, according to the purposes and goals of your blog. So if you have a service-oriented company and want to use your blog to gather lead, the homepage is a great place to put a badge or hyperlink to your contacts page.

When your blog's objective is to win e-mail signups, insert an opt-in field at the top of your home page. After someone has signed up, you can substitute or delete your opt-in options by using termarketing. And the best way to help them make this choice in your favour is to show your believability through your own evidence.

Humans are much more likely to register if they know that many other humans are already registered. Otherwise, your number of weekly viewers, Twitter follower, or Facebook fan will provide your evidence. A thing that has worked well for us is the addition of credentials directly under the registration and subscription keys.

The number of persons who have registered or purchased within a certain period of times can be considered evidence of this. In order to give your own website a piece of evidence, take a look at our all new WhyCompete utility. One more way to gain plausibility is to get someone else's opinions about you and your blog.

Do not force testimonies from someone who would otherwise not be reading your website. For one thing, it could further increase your believability if you let your readers see these stories. At the same time, you are pushing users away from your site while they are about to take actions. Conversion Rate Experts' Ben Jesson and Dr. Karl Blanks have worked with the world's biggest corporations and their blog has been published in a number of respected publications.

First, your homepage should at least be slightly updated when you publish new contents. Once back to your blog, folks expect to find your latest news easy. That doesn't mean that your blog has to be on your homepage. Use a Recent Posts plug-in to view your latest blog entries' news items and extracts.

Best way to ensure that every page on your site is within three klicks of the home page is to create a subtle hyperlink to your categories archive and the site map in the bottom line. And from a user's point of view, this also works when users search for articles on specific subjects. And the more blog postings you browse, the more likely you are to sign up and buy something from him.

At the foot er he is linking to the site map, categories archive, some populare articles and authorsarchive. Blogging is different from conventional, statical sites because almost everyone who sees your homepage has already seen another part of your blog. No matter whether it's a lead, subscriber or sale, the homepage is a great place to turn individuals into any targets you've defined for your blog.

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