Best Blog Layouts 2016

Top Blog Layouts 2016

Nine blog layout best practices to remember in 2018. Keep the grid of your blog small. Use a blog map layout. Bring your best content to the forefront. Sixteen Inspiring Examples of Beautiful Blog Homepage Design.

Sixteen of the best practices in beautiful blog design

Now, just as your homepage on the website is like the front doors to your company, the look of your blog - like a welcome blanket - is the front doors to your blog. Here you can find our complete set of samples for homepage, blog and landing page to help inspiration your own webpage.

Unless you attract visual visitors, how will you get them to take the next step to actually reading (and hopefully subscribing to) your work? As soon as you're done producing the high-quality contents, you still have the challenges of presenting them in a way that clearly defines what your blog is about. Pictures, texts and hyperlinks must be presented in exactly the right way - otherwise your contents could be abandoned by your reader if they are not presented in an aesthetic and easily understandable way.

That' s why we've put together some blog home page samples to get you on the right path to creating the blog that's right for your people. Made with Sketch. Made with Sketch. Made with sketch. Create with sketch. 2 to 5. From 6 to 10 Sketched. Between 11 and 25 Drawn with sketch.

26-50 Made with sketch. Fifty-one to 200 Sketched. Between 201 and 1,000 Generated with sketch. 1,001 to 10,000 Generated with sketch. 10,001 or more Generated with sketch. Yeah, sketched. Sketch not included. Made with Sketch. Made with Sketch. Sometimes the best blog themes are the easiest ones.

In his blog, which we loved, help Scout, the manufacturer of client services softwares, to use a singular but minimalistic styling - it restricts the use of text and pictures and includes the negativ area. The thing we particularly like about this blog is the use of featureured imagery for all postings, as well as a top feed to highlight a current or particularly beloved post.

The symbols stand in front of light, blocked colours that attract the reader's attention and indicate what the article is about. It works - everything on this blog is "clean" and "readable". Can' t we help it if an old-school franchise is revived than with a blog that offers nice, engaging and inspirational franchise contents?

In addition, the quadratic layouts of these tales are similar to the Microsoft logos, which achieve precious trademark consistence. The Microsoft story is also a perfect example of how a blog can be an important assets for comprehensive rebranding. If you' re trying to get a certain messaging across, your blog can be used to get it across - both esthetically and in terms of substance.

A key part of a well-designed blog is a uniform colour theme and look - after all, 80% of people say that colour increases their ability to recognise a mark. It is interesting to see how colour consistence can unite the more diverse aspects of designs. A blog that examines the launch process, Pandó, contains blues in several parts of its website - the wallpaper, highlights, and certain text areas.

Milk Designs, a modern on-line graphic designer, uses a very basic lay-out to emphasize its contributions. On the right, the side bar - which stays open when a blog entry is opened for reading - is great for presenting thumbnails for new article postings. This is an in-house linking policy that will help encouraging the reader to stay longer on the site.

Fubiz, a blog for arts and styling, is an example of a really slim styling that also incorporates super-personalisation. At the top of the blog's homepage, users can browse through "marked" articles. Among them is the Creativity Finder, where users can choose the person they want to see - from "Art Lover" to "Freelance" - site and kind of contents they are looking for.

There, the reader can search through contents that are specially tailored to them. Fubiz is able to draw visitors' visual attention to its contents by using them in a specific concept. No wonder, with a name like "Webdesigner Depot", that this designer website is optically attractive. A thing we especially like is the way web designer Depot has integrated socially shared icon on every single entry.

In addition, the colour schemes, backgrounds and font styles are all the same - which makes this blog look professionally, but still different from the fundamental blog layouts we're used to seeing. It divides its contents into three eye-catching areas on the homepage: The three-way view of contents can help the reader choose what kind of messages are most important to them - the attention-grabbing top stories or other trendy stories.

We also like the fact that the number of releases is shown in each mail previewer - this is a great way of proving this. "It is free of mess, which makes the contents more easily to digest, and the lay-out is very clear. Enchanting and packed with a colourful, funny photograph to illuminate the contents of the film.

You can also use the subtile "Trend" headers as a neat way to advertise your favourite contents without being too intrusive. Also, we've noticed the Pinterest clicking on such great pictures - this symbol is important if your blog contains eye-catching pictures. Tesco Living, the blog site of the Tesco food supply company in the UK, is a colourful, unified company that we like.

Note that above the crease it contains a blog entry with a big caption, subtitles and call to action above to find out more. There is an just as minimalistic call to act on the leftside, making it easier for the reader to associate with Crew or more. Innocent Drinks' people are not only great writers, but the blog layout is also a great souvenir of the fact that blog layouts don't necessarily have to be awesome.

Innocent Drinks works (note: infancy innocence), and the corporate blog's overall market visibility is preserved. Similar to Crew, the photograph blog, px500, features an item and a large, fat, high-resolution photograph that captivates the readers. This makes quite clear what the blog is about - it offers invaluable contents on photographing with thrilling photograph.

You keep your reader in touch with the contents and make it simple to split the photos - and contents with pictures are up to three fold more likely than on online sites. When a blog devoted to living as a pet owners came across our radars, it caught our eye.

BarkPost, the blog of the BarkBox dogs boxing companies, is a great example of good practice for various people. First look how simple it is to sign up - the call to trading is right there, above the presented contents. At the same the blog does not offer own articles, but is a source of information for dogs parent and lover as well.

What says non-profit organisations can't blog? No, it should - and the neat, colourful goodwill navigator (again the trusted blue) draws the readers to the important items of this blog. Poles are also properly placed and readily available to read. After all, we like the fact that the opening text contains a joint call to act that encourages readership to add to the Goodwill blog.

To keep the non-profit Bloggingzug running is a charitable organization: Wasser, das hochwertige Fotografie hervorragend nutzen. The company recently revamped its blog with a long article celebrating its 10th birthday. Featuring a simplified version with succinct text and light pictures from the jubilee celebration, Chartiy: waters took this occasion to present its effect over the last ten years.

However, the corporation has taken up the associations of its label with bakery products very well - its blog uses the sub-domain "kitchen". The blog's easy colour schemes and appropriate typefaces help ensure a consistent shopping environment from the store to general contents, while at the same time attracting readers' interest with rich, colourful pictures.

Below are 15 more award-winning web designs.

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