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Best 20 Blog WordPress Topics (2018) The Olsen issue at a glance: CSCigniter has some astonishing themes, and Olsen is no exception. Olsen is a great writer. It will work well for modelogs, but it could also work well for life style and tourist blog. There are a number of different broadgets, paragraphs and navigational choices on the home page. It' s a truly elegant subject that succeeds in incorporating a vast amount of contents, information and functions without making it feel overloaded.

Yes, the loading rate is not very fast at all - but it can be warranted to some degree by the amount of contents, feature and artifact found on each page. Desktops as well as mobiles have a performance of almost 50 and are therefore one of the lowest in the world.

But Olsen compensates for them in other areas, as you'll soon see. Navigating is quite simple on most pages, but goes very deeply on the target page, so you can get almost anywhere right away.

User friendly picture controls are included on the home page and items. In spite of the huge amount of contents, medias and Widgets on each page, it doesn't feel overpowering. One of the things you can do if the standard page is a bit overpowering is to select a different page with only one side bar. Unlike other full-color pictures, the contrasts between blacks, whites and full colors make for a very interesting and enjoyable visual impression.

Classic serifs for the headlines and san-serifs for the body text, navigational elements, button and other information work well together - the pads, spaces and rows used also leave more room for your contents to breathe. The Olsen translation into a portable screen is almost perfect. One of the major problems is the large number of pictures that are used in the standard themes, but that would be the same for any blog.

It also works well on the cell phone, with the only downside being that you could totally miss the small evaluation system. Through Woocommerce, e-commerce is fully dovetailed with the Olsen topic. There is also a very beautiful "Grouped Products" function, which is easy but efficient - there are also a large number of Widget.

All you would want in a blog is available. Especially for Modeblogger there is also a function named "Lookbooks" to present your clothing collection.

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