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Khurana, Marketing at SKT Themes. Which is the best free Blogspot theme? From my own experiences, I would not recommend using a free third-party submission. If that happens, you'll be sorry for your choice because you won't be able to find out how to do it, and there' s little or nothing in the way of supporting these free third-party submissions. The best thing is to use one of the predefined themes Blogger provides.

What will depend on the pictures you will use as your feature enhanced one. In general, if your pictures will be quadratic (1:1) or have vertical layout (16:9 or 1.91:1 ratios), they will look great on any of the new template that use a feature post widget and preview files to present contributions on the home page of your blogs.

You' ll look good on all older designs, too, and if you choose to change to a new one later, you'll still look good. When your pictures have vertikal layout (ratios 4:5, 2:3, 9:16, 1:2.1), I would keep away from the models Noteable and Emporio, because pictures in the "Featured Posts" area are cut off so far that they are no longer recognizable.

Optionally, you can select one of the older styles that don't use a featured post widget as well as thumbnail views on your blog's home page; however, if you opt to change to a different style in the near term, the pictures with vertically laid out layouts may not work well.

Best 50 Free Blogspot Templates 2018

The Blogspot is a free online portal where you can post your own blogs. Google's stunning tools are ideal for those who want to get started without the investments. In addition to its ease of use and search engine optimized platforms, Blogspot is ideal for blogs in any market due to its high safety and performance standard.

Blogspot provides some sleek designs and customization tools that allow you to build your own blogs with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, Blogspot is a great place to start. This is a complete listing of free and neat Blogspot template for your blogspot posts: here: We' ve already added some of the best Blogger educational page template to Blogspot, you can use these template to build your website.

Featuring an elegantly styled look, Inspiro has a clear and minimalist look that is best adapted to modelogs. It has its own individual look and feel and the detailled tutorial will help you get the most out of it. Easy, neat, and reactive, Technext is a blogger style sheet that offers 12 different colour choices; use the one you like and set your own style apart.

Of course, this stunning submission will be suitable for all types of bloodlines. Blogspot is a theme that is best for multi-purpose sites. There are two versions of this fast-reacting HTML template for blogs: User Interface Dialog Box and HTML Web Page, which can be freely accessed and used. It' a fully reactive temlate with a minimalist design that makes it the ideal tool for anyone who enjoys blogs.

Style News Blogger is a blogging tool for blogging topics. Use this free sample for advertisements on journal blogging sites. There is an appealing design for the magazines that complies with Google's guidelines. It comes with functions like the great Raster slide control. REVOLTIVE GUIDE revoltive guide is a one-column minimalist style sheet for blogs who like to keep it easy.

It includes functions such as e-mail subscriptions Widget and community booking menu to improve the usability of your weblog. Additional functions such as drop-down menu and automatic mail make Revoltify an excellent option for blogging magazines. If you are a travelling or life style blogspeaker, Honey is the best blogspeaker for you.

It also includes some other stunning functions like a drop-down list, headers and footers, an e-mail subscribe utility and much more. You will have many unique users who visit your site with this submission, and its appealing look will certainly keep them on their toes. This is a two-column artwork with a contemporary look and a feature-rich side bar.

It is best for sites that primarily concentrate on the latest fashions and related topics. Using customized Widget in the templates will help you create a very user-friendly website. Your site will be impressed by this reactive and optimised templates for your website using our powerful web site SEO. Use this Blogspot artwork to share your own pictures or your own everyday timeline-style post.

Comes with the Temeline Blogger artwork, the design is completely reactive, which can work well on any display, be it a cell-phone or a laptop. In addition, the pattern is also advertising-finished, so that you can also place advertisements on your website right from the beginning! We' ve also included some of the best Facebook time-line styled WordPress topics here in this post.

DriftBle Theme is a feature-rich theme that is best suited for face-to-face blogging, where you can address your audience with neat type ography and appealing designs. Our expert Blog Scheduler will help you manage your favorite widgets. When you want to create a custom style or life style blog, Tribble is the place to be.

Clarity Personal blog templates are suitable for those users who receive regularly updated information. This is a one-column weblog with a very appealing lay-out. Matching the colors of the original makes it an appealing choice, and the appealing look will look good on any monitor. Together with posting to various niche sites and posting to different web sites, this submission will also help you use an AdSense widget and monetise your web site.

Make your blogs look like magazines with this design. Optimize Web for a cell as well as a computer monitor, Blogmag has a neat and reactive design. Featuring enhanced functionality such as e-mail sign-up and socially minded symbols, the templates make it simple to share your messages with just one click.

Addiction Minimal Blogger features a one-column minimalist style with over 12 breathtaking colourways. Plus, the greatest advantage of this submission is that it tries to keep everything as easy as possible, be it the layouts or your blogshape. There is also optimised AdSense and AdSense and SEO so it is the best choice for magazines sites.

Sora's custom weblog templates are an astonishing selection of over four different layout options that will help you maximize the ease of use of your website's designs, brickwork, column, full and half thumbnail views. It' s SEO-optimized with extended functions like sliders, headers, footers and even the function of navigating.

Choose this if you are going to create a custom weblog and you will never need to be sorry! This multi-purpose publishing templates comes with optimized Perk Mistry magazines/news theme, attractive layouts, and all the other essential features to create a great magazines blogs. Optimizing your site for the best possible results ensures that you remain at the forefront of your site's searching engines, and the appealing designs ensure that your site will never be overlooked.

In addition, the customisable wallpaper can give your magazineblog an extra stylish look and feel. Moment is a clear, sleek and reactive two column lay-out for each navigational bar menus in the right and right sidebars. Tumorblr styled designs and online booking symbols help you strengthen your online brand.

Typfocus is a single-column pattern with stunning typeography and beautiful pictures. State-of-the-art and sleek layouts, optimized usability, compatible with all popular web browser are just some of the many good qualities of this design. Typfocus is a good option if you are looking for a style that is both appealing and user-friendly.

Pebble's Portfolios is an unbelievable asset management raster and an sleek blogsheet master. It has a side bar that turns into a shift key in a small display, making it easy to navigate to any machine. Classical and reactive, this model has a breathtaking and attractive look. The Couture comes with two column for the blogs and a nice side bar.

Allows you to modify the colours and text of the blogs without actually participating in the programming. Optimizing your search for the best solution together with your own great look; in fact a great combo! -2016 is a minimalist artwork that attractively presents the contents of your website. Your single-column layouts will help your readers simply browse through your articles.

You can use this pattern with all popular browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Instagrams like the raster to emphasize your favourite images will further enhance the look of your blogs. The SquareModern Magazine is an sleek and contemporary HTML style sheet that contains two varieties of HTML file that allow you to customize the style sheet according to your needs.

It includes an appealing theme and lots of customized widgets to present your website or your weblog professionally. It is best suitable for face-to-face blogging, especially for those who are specialized in reviewing products and advertising affiliates. Key functions included optimized search engine and ad sense optimizations, customized widgets, cleanly encoded templates and web browsing and many other useful utilities to help you get off to a good start on your web based traveling.

In addition, the reactive look allows you to present your contents in a fascinating way. It' the perfect tool for any player who wants to build a blogsite that presents the latest gaming, breaking stories and ratings. The Gamer comes with some really eye-catching designs to draw your crowd first.

Contributions are shown in a classical blogs theme outline. It' s SEO-friendly and has many stunning functions that make your users rave about your blogs. Faithful to its name, this pattern creates a raster on the homepage to present your contents in an elegant way. The Gridz has a 3-column raster with a large pole slide control, head and bottom row and other advanced functions.

It is retinal read and comes with high resolution dimensions. Compatible with all major popular browsers, this is one of the best choices for a face-to-face, life style or corporate log. It has a three-column theme and an appealing lay-out. Anyone who loves jokes and wants to make a website or blogs that revolves around jokes, this is the one for you.

A few celebrity functions like dropdown menus, headers, footers, sidebars wide screens and many more will make your "meter" viewing astonishing! Halteranislux is a magazine-style Blogger artwork that offers appealing designs, socially appealing button styles, optimized search engine and ad Sense optimizations, and many other useful tools to make your blogs an enjoyable time.

Your blogs will look good on all types of screen with this templates. Featuring some great functions, this pattern is as original as its name. The Dens is a magazinestyle publishing artwork that comes with a one-of-a-kind colour scheme that provides a great backdrop for your blogs. His minimalistic and stylish styling makes him very attractive and likeable.

Extremely reactive, the templates are conceived to reduce the load times in your blogs. Plus, a uniquely combined set of high performance functions and high performance makes it the perfect choice for your blogs. Cute as its name, the templates show a calming and smooth colour scheme for your website.

Functions included Pinterest styles, thread annotations, the current contribution of the tag, as well as optimization of your search engine's search engine optimization, cross-browser interoperability and much more to keep your users addicted. So what else does a blogsman need? Classical, sleek and yet subtile yet Feminist looking web site layout, has a two-column layout and a nice and stylish wallpaper colour; rose-coloured.

It' s fun on the move, which allows you to get more visitors to your blogs, as everyone usually runs sites over the phone. E-mail subscriptions and customized Widgets are also some of the neat functions of this sample. And if your response is yes, then this is the best submission you can add to your blogs to increase the visibility of your work.

The Avocet is a fully reactive style sheet with four header, three slider and many layouts on it. They can even adjust the colours and lettering of the blogs with a click. The Holomatic has a beautiful look and feel with the most suitable colour combinations, making it a great choice for the photographer.

Easy-to-use layouts and sleek designs will soon captivate your audience with your unique clicking and stunning layouts! Vienna is the ideal place for you. Featuring a clear and minimalist styling with all the advanced functions to make your visitors' viewing experiences unforgettable.

In addition, the templates are fully compliant with all common Web browser. A stunning mix of neat, easy and minimalist functions, Milano is a great looking blogging tool for those blogging with the recipes, traveling and eating as their recesses. It has a very user-friendly design and look and feel, and has some enhanced functions such as retinal preparedness.

A highly reactive pattern that works well for all types of displays. There are other stunning functions like optimizing your search engine optimisation, tagged reviews, dropdown menus, etc. that make it an incredible option. It is an exquisite and classy style sheet for blogs, perfect for web sites of on-line institutes. The Educational Theme has stunning slide control choices that blend smoothly into the pictures on your website, regardless of their real sizes.

Others functions like four column, optimized search engine optimisation, etc. make it an awesome templat. Fast mag templates have a contemporary and minimalist look together with a nice colour scheme that will attract the interest of your customers. You will receive the artwork with a marked postal area in which you can view the contributions of your selection on the homepage.

By and large, this submission has just about everything a blogsman needs. Extremely reactive and SEO-optimized, this submission is ideal for all types of blog. Functions included headers, footers, a drop-down list, adjustable Widgets and many other useful functions that make this a full featured blog for all types of blog.

Its a versatile blogsheet, and it's actually as sleek as candy! This theme comes with a clear and straightforward theme that gives the audience a quiet and calming sensation. It uses a combination of pastels and stunning text and type that will keep your users from returning for more information.

The Chalkboard is a classical style sheet that meets all the needs of private blogs. It' s very reactive, making your blogs look great on all your equipment, and the theme' minimalistic look makes page loads quicker. Isn' that something every blogsman wants? Galauness Grid Blogs templates are a two column layout with a galery like homepage layout.

It has a very fast response time and is perfect for searching machines. This is a good option for photographers. Others advanced functions are dropdown menus, user-defined Widgets, sidebars to the right, etc. and make it an astonishing selection. The K-44 White is probably one of the most stunning and stylish online publishing sites.

One of the best templates for blogs in niche areas such as arts, cultural and entertaining, among others. It has a separate header and the homepage is in the shape of a galery, which gives your blogs a nice look. The best thing about it is that it's all free!

The theme is as great as its name, and you can use the Supercadas theme for all kinds of blogging, be it arts, photographs, travel or other. There is also a sleek Pinterest styled look in the artwork that makes it a great choice for the blogger. Yes, faithful to its name, this pattern is indeed stylish!

The Loveria Mode Blogs theme is all in rose colour and refers well to good looks, good looks and good work. Plus, with its two-column layouts, even large blogs can be presented in a great way. The Loveria is an ideal female pattern that is best suitable for a blogs. Featuring all the enhanced functions, this is a good option.

The Sora Craft is the right selection for sites around health and wellbeing. User-defined Widget makes your blogs look astonishing. Additional functions like fridgets and even additional functions like plugins make this pattern an astonishing selection. The Indonesia Magazine Blogger Template is a re-make of the WordPress theme "heuman". It has a captivating look and a sparkling look that will help you present your contents in an appealing way.

It' s compliant with all popular browser's and is suitable for all blog-niche. Like the name suggests, this pattern has a clear, simple and contemporary raster patterning. You can choose the two types, roundabout and slide control, for your website, and its simple styling puts your contents in the foreground so that the visitor to your website will be delighted.

This pure blues is the best for all current design and trend magazines. You can use it on all types of equipment and monitors, and the different font styles and colours will help you make your blogs more beautiful. The Flat Magazines submission is the best choice for a message board. In contrast to his name, there are many functions in this pattern that make it a huge pattern.

Featuring a great menuset, top quality browsing, fast response designs, web browsing and many other useful functions, this nice blogs ite is well integrated. In fact, you can even split your contributions, histories or magazines by using the Mini Magazine Mini Magazine social sharing feature with a click of a button.

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