Best Business Email Templates

Top Business Email Templates

Please note that email may not be the best way to conduct your cold sales. There are 32 attractive email templates for small businesses. 50% of this year' opening of mobiles and tablets is a clear indication of the need for companies to develop email marketing initiatives for the expanding wireless world. For your e-mails as well as for your website, your website is as important as your website. Says the Kampagnenmonitor: "A less than optimum small display viewing may not only burden some receivers, but ultimately the vast majority as well.

We' ve assembled 32 of the best free and responding email templates to help you enhance the email experiences of your subscribers. From the ZURB staff, this suite of five highly reactive email templates uses the ZURB viewport tags and a smooth lay-out, with query capabilities for the more restricted email client.

Every submission is provided with a seperate style sheet and HTML-files. Initially designed for transaktional e-mails with vibrant contents, the response layout adapts to the width of the e-mail clients. That means that the layout has been thoroughly tried in living environment with genuine files. Answer uses HTML spreadsheets for general purpose interoperability, up to and beyond Outlook, and nesting spreadsheets for advanced partitions.

Campaign Monitor offers a free email templates generator that allows you to create portable templates that will work well on both your desktops and your device. Every pattern has been fully validated in all email client, Gmail and Outlook included. After creating a pattern, you can either upload it to your Kampagnenmonitor Monitors profile (if you have one) or free of charge by downloading it.

It is fast and simple to use and has a variety of choices, among which include style, colour, language and even the kind of email (announcement, newsletters, content-rich or picture gallery). Market E-Newsletter and Email Template Builder includes eight pre-built module-based, reactive designs, 24 of which are colour choices and 28 different items to help you create your own.

It allows you to build your own templates in three simple stages and can even make them ready for MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. Supports all important email client, includes Outlook. A fast-reacting email templates suite with nine layout, eight color, and two skin options, it offers more than 120 variants for every need.

The templates have been tried and trusted with Litmus and work fine on all popular email client. They are also designed for use with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. The Quinn is ideal for presenting your company or your products, and features two styles with 14 module templates to customise the templates. Comes with six colour themes, annotated HTML, customizable spreadsheet structure, a WordPress plug-in and ready-to-use slice-items.

The templates are all Campaign Monitor and MailChimp compatible and contain how to load them. Freelancer is a basic, nice and easy templates that is suited for most companies. It is fast, networkable and comes with five distinct layout, ten colour scheme and reproducible module. There are also CSS badges, a customizable spreadsheet layout, annotated coding, and is designed for use with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

The Metromix is a versatile e-mail templates for product, market and company use. Seven pre-defined colour scheme and a hybrid design with adaptable, reproducible module. The FancyMail is engineered to make your campaigns more pro-active, with seven different laysouts, eight colours and three different mapping choices. It has been litmus-tried, works with all popular email client and is immediately usable with MailChimp and the Campaign Monitor.

Freshmail is a refreshing, minimalistic and portable email submission that provides a versatile, user-friendly basis for building and customizing an appealing submission. It' s compliant with all popular email client software and offers seven layout options, predefined colours, help documentations and versatile custom style sheet icons. The Freshmail comes with templates suitable for both MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

The Metromail is a nice, versatile eight layout and eight color layout HTML application for a grand total of 192 HTML templates. Using a module based layout it helps you to create custom layout and variation designs that are Litmus proven and usable with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Supports all important email client, including full support for full user manuals.

With 10 uniquely fast responding email templates, MobileMetro works with any popular email clients. Every artwork has been fully rigorously checked with Litmus to make sure it scaled to perfection on all machines. The Omni offers four slim, highly reactive templates for your business and your photographer. The system is built modularly, compatibly with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor and contains Inline-CSS.

Provided with repeatable module, fully browser-enabled and supplied full with multi-tier POS. The Rocket Mail is a neat, up-to-date email submission for your business and pleasure. There are six colour palettes, six layout options and two background options to select from. It contains 72 templates, multi-layer scripts, annotated HTML coding, and user-friendly reporting.

The Ridio Mail is a neat, contemporary email submission that' perfectly suited for your business and your brand. There are eight different designs, five colour variants and more than 40 templates, all optimised for portable use and available in both MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. These fast-reacting templates are also iContact-capable and fully documentable (PSD file included).

The Tytan is a fully reactive email style sheet with boundless color and page layouts and comes bundled with a customized page editor. Simple drag-and-drop system allows the operator to create front-end page designs without going on-line or using a web based application. On Litmus, Tytan has been checked for interoperability with all common email client software.

Bazar Online is a sleek, attractive online bazaar designed for all kinds of business, with four distinct laysouts, 10 colour patterns and reproducible moduls. MailChimp and Campaign Monitor as well as the most important email client and browser compatibility. The Silter has a highly reactive email submission with a contemporary theme that any business can use, with 8 different designs and five colours to select from to customize your own personalization.

Templates are fully compliant with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor and are well supported by the PSD-File. The Slash is an email templates with a slim look, seven different colors to match your business. These templates are also WordPress MyMail plug-in compliant. The SquarePath is fully compliant with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, works on all machines and has been Litmus approved for performance, precision and time.

A minimalistic email submission with a slim styling theme, containing multi-layered PSDs, seven colour themes, annotated HTML, and a customizable spreadsheet layout, Fusion Flex offers seven different options for your email marketing needs. Contains Designmodo's own sliceed ed icon library and more than 189 discrete, highly reactive HTMLs. Extra lets you customize your e-mail templates using the Creator of the Email template.

Builders offer limitless variation with drag-and-drop module, with the option to see the templates in motion on desktops, tablets and portable workstations. Modifications are made in near-real-time and you can easily convert the HTML to MailChimp and Campaign Monitor-enabled templates. The Brev is a module-based email style sheet that allows you to mix and match module templates, and contains six colour charts and staggered symbols to meet your needs.

The Ballio is a slim, highly reactive email submission with 24 colour schemas and 10 laysouts - a combined 240 submissions. Multi-layer and slice-like PSDs and user-friendly documentations are provided, as well as full interoperability with all popular email client and browser. Templates were also litmus-tried.

Contemporary is a neat, professionally designed and versatile email submission. It comes with 16 distinct and reproducible panels that you can combine to make your favorite layouts.

The Storesletter offers three different layout and four colour scheme for each style sheet. Select one-column, two-column (or sidebar), fully annotated HTML, and embedded CSS layout options, making the templates easier to work with. It has been tried on more than 20 email client to make sure it is portable-ready.

The Taurus is a fast reacting newsletters submission that can be used for any type of products or campaigns such as e-commerce, affiliates, promotions and newscasts. This works well with any type of email services such as Aweber, iContact, Benchmark Email, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Permanent Contact. It has been tried and found on all popular browser and email client platforms and has six premier templates and eight colour themes.

A versatile enterprise newsletters templates, Flatro has been tried and proven with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Thunderbird to ensure it is error-free and well displayed on all machines and web-browsers. There are 19 email templates with a max of three column, nine base layout, well-organized and multi-layered PSD and annotated HTML with reproducible module.

The Appetizer is a state-of-the-art multi-column e-mail templates specifically developed for restaurant and cafe environments. Campaign Monitor tag for ease of use, standards-based HTML with embedded CSS, annotated coding, and multi-layer PNG and PSDs. Email on Acid's Email on Acid templates offer three distinct layout options that are driven by the width of a user's monitor.

Up to three column support is provided, and you can merge and match segments to make your own custom templates outfit. It consists of stacked retrieval and float items, of course, and has been fully debugged on most portable terminals, spreadsheets, and email client workstations. It is a suite of more than 36 engaging email templates with six one-of-a-kind designs,lict PSDs, and complete set of documents.

Templates include embedded CMS and easy to edit and repeat module. It' s interoperable with most email client and applications such as MailChimp, Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and most portable and portable tablets.

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