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As we stepped out of the darkness into the light, we searched the Chrome Web Store for the most colorful themes for anyone who wants their browser to look a little less grumpy. The themes keep things simple, but add a little color to your chrome experience. The Google Science Fair is a minimalist chrome theme with almost standard design. The Legal Pad is the best Google Chrome theme for students.

10 Coolest Google Chrome Designs

Chrome was even in the headlines with some of its new functions, such as chat to seek, which have been incorporated into its latest version of alpha. Of the three webmasters I' ve talked about, Chrome is still my favourite. Beside all that, one of the coolest things about Chrome is also one of the most fundamental feature - the possibility to include themes.

There are many great designs for the Chrome Browsers that folks have made, and you can easily get them installed with a single click. I' ll show you in this essay the Google Chrome themes that I thought were the hottest. What kind of topics are so weird? Now, instead of trying to explain it to you, watch this awesome YouTube movie that Google has put together for your enjoyment.

That could just be my favourite topic on this one. And Glow is a really awesome topic, because although it has a nice little bit of ground, it's quite colourful at the top. Tiesto is a rather trendy looking one if you are looking for a sinister subject. For a while this used to be my standard topic, and I like the use of grey and whites blended with the blacks.

The topic is represented as a go figure in different tones of red and green. When you like turquoise, you should like it, and I can tell you the truth, it shouldn't be too light for your tastes either. Because of the use of gray and azure.

In this topic, the page you are focusing on is a bluish tone, while all backgrounds are greyed out. Pencil sketches are a very simple subject. It' very simple what you might like if you assume that you are a Chrome users at all.

The motif of an artists is quite awesome because it feels like being painted by someone. Whether you are a supporter of the blue-orange colour combination or you like pattern, this could be your topic. The Rampage is a recognisable modern label according to the themes page. When you are a supporter, or just want your web page to be a little groovier, you should have a look at this topic.

It' s also really quite a fun Mario thing, especially when you're a big supporter. Interested in one of the Google Chrome themes I've listed above? Allows you to make your own designs with Chrome Threat Maker. Please let us know what embellishes your Chrome Browsers, in the commentaries below.

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