Best Church Websites 2016

2016 Best Church Websites

Study from the best and take your community website to the next level. This is a collection of 40 copies that show you what is possible for your own church websites. Sites should be well designed and effective. Fourty of the best church websites with excellent design and content are listed for your inspiration. The year 2016 will be an amazing year for church websites.

25 Best Church Websites of 2018

This is my annual compilation of the best church websites. What have these ranking of the best church websites been like? This ranking was created on the basis of the so-called "New Visitor" test. I and my staff have been testing each of these websites as if I were a new user in the area looking for a church.

An intelligent church website developer will turn his attentions to newcomers. Church websites exist all over the globe in numbers of hundred thousand. When you think that I have been missing the website of a church that merits being on the site, please suggest it in the commentary at the end of the article.

Do these best church websites appear in order? How can I have my church's website included in the listing?

Instead of adding more websites this year, I wanted to retire and give a closer look at a smaller group of websites. You can find several hundred websites that merit being on this page. It has nothing to do with who's inside and who's outside - it's about what works in 2017 and how our church's websites can benefit from the pioneers.

One of the most advanced church websites is Church on the Move. Cause they actually have two church websites - not one. Your home page - - is for new users (as it should be). COTM' homepage provides you with information about our services, our offices, our campuses, etc.

Church on the Move also has a second website - COTM. info - and this page is entirely devoted to the current church. It is a first site on the move (essentially a web application parking on a domain) where you can take every next one. The new design of the church website for 2017 is this combined appearance.

Find out more by click here -> you can't afford ignoring this trend of the Church website 2017. Hear all my talk to him here -> A Behind The Scenes Look At NewSpring Church's website with Jon Horton. The most important part of your community's website is perhaps the heading.

Keys are to make the headlines about your prospective visitors and not about your church. Instead, you'll find the cross between your church and a prospective new prospect - Grace Hills Church does that very well. Your community's website is the simplest way to enhance your primary heading.

However, if you have difficulty forming the right phrase of words, one of the tricks I like to perform on church is to use someone else's words! Rather than talk about themselves, they use witnesses from within as their primary heading. Cornerstone's first phrase on the website is: "Real live happens every day.

" Here Cornerstone addresses one of the needs for which our church is singularly positioned: fellowship. This is a need your church can fulfill, and you are in a unique position to do so.

Like the Glad Tidings Church, the Oaks fellowship does a great work, bringing true tales to the fore. We Found a Place to Belong is the title of a young familiy's tale of how they found a home in The Oaks. Of course, you can create the flawless newshead, but nothing like telling tales.

Find out more about the skills and strength of story telling here -> 5 reason story telling is your most important tool in municipal marketing. Similar to communion, hopefulness is another global need that your church can fulfill. Humans are looking for help, and you can help them find it in your church. The Risen Church has one of the most singular church websites I have come across.

The Risen website also has a big newsflash. Over the past few years, I have criticised the fact that Risen's heading was very inward. If someone ends up on the grounds of your church, they're not there to listen to how fantastic you are. They' re here to see what your church can do for them. There is an old web policy that says that you only have about 10 seconds to make a good first impression upon a user of your website before he leaves it.

Getting a high fidelity news item to a new user can be very popular, but nothing can reach your users more quickly than visual elements. The best investment your church can make is to employ a professional to take a few hundred pictures of what your church is like a few days a year (if you don't have a professional in your community).

Those pictures will help your new guests to get an idea of what your church really is like (see what I did there). You will see the first image on The Commons' website, which is a view of the church that serves their people. It also has one of the most cool navigational menu I've ever seen.

Look at a wallpaper over the crease like the Greenhouse Church did. Unfortunately the term "church" has a stigmat for many as well. The church is a place where there are tough regulations. The church is a place to be addressed. The church is a place where you have to believe what we believe - or not.

Since Hill City knows that this sigma is there, it does a good job of immediately familiarizing new audiences with the primary heading of its website. In addition, Hill City combines her news story with a mad, funny backdrop of the church partying with sweets. Let's just discuss domainnames for a second. You have three easy sets of community urls:

Collegiate Park Church has one of the most cool church domains I've come across ( They don't have to be a celebrity church or a giant church to have a great web site. The Rockville Church of Christ website was created on Squarespace with the Hayden topic in mind. Only $10/month you can get a great church website through Squarespace.

An excellent church website depends on the essentials: high value graphics, a great newshead, clear prompts and a catchy name. Gateways Church is another example of a big domainname ( When you are a church with a shared church name like Gateway, Central or First Baptist, you probably need to get a little creative when choosing your domains.

The Terra Nova Church designer is doing a splendid job. It' not a sight most church will create (and it's not necessary), but I wanted to put it on this page because it's still breathtaking.

Note the first words on the 12Stone Church website - "You." 12Stone is not here to discuss how fantastic they are and what kind of fun things their church is doing. This may seem easy, but 9 out of 10 when I end up on the website of a church, the first thing I'm going to see is a news flash about how great the church is.

So, I will say it again and create a banner story that talks to your webgoers and their lives and issues. On the website of the Central Church, the videos about the crease are longer than most others. Instead of using it as a backdrop, it replaces the title. Whereas a title is explicitly given in words, a videoclip conveys more subjectively.

Find out more here -> The Design Trend 2017 & Why it's good news for your church. The Celebration Church does a tremendous amount of work in maximising its available properties. In Remnant Church, the full-screen wallpaper is always intense and captivating. You will understand in less than 10 seconds what it means to visit this church on a Sunday and what it is like to be part of the group.

Getting a well-recorded backdrop to your videos can convey more than a picture or heading in ten seconds, and if you're working with small screens, the bottom line may be whether someone leaves your site to never come back, or decides to visit your next one. The Piedmont Chapel is a recent church planting convention in a high-school.

What I wanted to emphasize was the Doxa Church website for its Call-to-Action buttons: What's Sunday Like? Since your site is likely to target prospective new users, it is best to think about what kind of question they will ask. Inviting a new user to see what a Sunday event looks like is a great answer.

Your homepage is called Map Your Visiting and then there are some more pages below. So if you want to create a specially striped church website, this would be a great way to do modeling. When your church service is based as much on the Sunday messages as on the Elevation, it makes good business to put your Sunday messages in the foreground.

That shouldn't be what most of our church try to mimic, but if you have a spokesman with a personality and follow Stephen Furtick, it makes sence. To have your church's website recognized for the best of the 2018 schedule, just add it to your commentary! Please let me know in the commentaries and also mail the website of your church!

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