Best Corporate Websites

The Best Corporate Websites

Are you looking for ? Corporate Website Templates ? that would make your customers say "WOW"?

Best-of-Breed Production Website Designs by 2017

If you' re thinking about fantastic website design that is practical, persuasive and easy to use, a production website is probably not the first thing that comes to your minds. Not long ago, a pretty production website was considered "nice to have" - and at best a complete waste of it.

However, with the advent of smaller companies and increasing global competitiveness, the processing industry is rapidly evolving. This begins with an excellent website for production - and many brand names follow the call. At least a good production website should have all these features: Clear designs that work well on smart phones, spreadsheets and other portable equipment; Convincing graphics, such as great images and, preferably, video or info graphics; A basic converter hopper with easy guidance and powerful CTAs; Ways to find out more, such as appropriate form ulars and guidance magnet.

Only in 2010 would it have been a major order in the production environment to find all these items. Let us look at 7 samples of a production website that goes beyond that: One of the world's leading aviation and space companies, it's no wonder Lockheed Martin's website looks like it's airborne.

Featuring brilliant use of heroic images and a drop-down list, the site's look and feel allows interested parties to quickly find their area of interest. In spite of the daring decisions on designs, it also works on a variety of portable equipment. Lear's corporate website is a brilliant example of the latest trend in the manufacturer's online visibility.

Each page features powerful segmented images combined with impressive images to help the user scroll. Optimized browsing provides large, useful menu options so you can quickly access the information even on a smart phone. Cat ", with its emphasis on difficult tasks, has incorporated colourful heroic images, moved news and formulated clear demands for actions.

The title page presents no text at all outside the header lines, button areas and menus. No wonder, then, that the company's corporate identity includes some of the most welcoming B2C designs. Besides the simple, clumsy navigational keys and precision sub-sections, the motto - "The most important thing we build ist trust" - is front and centre.

There are more policy maker researching on-line and compare tens of brand names so a website is essential. It' s great to see how these and other manufacturers are intensifying their designs games. So if you are in the processing industry or any other industry not known for its stunning websites, let the seven groundbreaking cases above inspire you.

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