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The best websites of the creative agency

We recommend Shopify if you want to create your own design agency website. We also have some very creative videos of employees capturing their hobbies. 10 best websites of the 2017 web agency Web sites are a company's most important business cards - and that's for creative agents, who use them both to inform prospective customers about their styles and beliefs and to show them exactly what they can do. Naturally you can go the latter way too far: you have too many eye-catching electronic gimmicks and run the risks of making it hard for humans to find the information they are looking for.

All of these agency websites, which have been revamped or re-designed for 2017, succeed in finding the right mix between demonstrating that they can be innovative to do inventive work, and making them available to prospective clients - which any prospective customer will certainly be looking for. It also amended the operating regulations for an agency website in April, with a new website developed in cooperation with Bong International.

Two things that immediately impress you are the tongue-in-cheek colorful styling - which moves gently across the border between style and gaiety - and the stubbornly experiential scroll system. It seems to violate one of the basic principles of usability: to adhere to what is known. The Ustwo is a worldwide consumer electronics company with offices in New York, Malmö, London and Sydney.

As Johnson Banks, it was included in our 2016 listing of the 30 best designer firms for good reasons. The agency, established in 2004 by two best buddies, still brings a true feeling of creative and original spirit to its cell phone gaming, applications and websites. In May of this year, Ustwo launched a distinctive new website theme featuring caleidoscopic colors that seem to jump out of the canvas.

This is a great window for what Ustwo does best: to create funny, practical and appealing online adventures. Ueno was established in 2014 and defines itself as "a full-service, all-singing, all-dancing, flame-haired, funny, not-so-Bohemian agency engaged in the design and development of great looking consumer electronics creations, brand names and experience. Once you've turned down the first page, the bottom line is filled with a line of'Meet the Team' video, in which employees are assaulted by ballons, bowls and more, again with a chilly feeling of subtle humour.

Herman-Scheer was established in 2010 and is a LA-based creative agency specializing in brands, web designs, web productions and online advertising. Clearly, it is not a group of persons who excessively formally commute. The new website, which was relaunched in May, clearly shows this relaxed way of speaking like genuine humans rather than commercialbots.

As an example, when you are visiting the homepage, the wallpaper presents a number of realistic, related individuals and not the airbrush patterns you might be expecting. Even if you click the "Chat" icon outside business hours, you' ll still get a picture and a post that seems like it was typed by a live character, not an automatic messenger... hurray!

The Random is an Amsterdam headquartered adventure designer with customers like Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike. The team consists of fine arts, strategy and engineering professionals who blend the borders between arts, designs and technologies in new and interesting ways. If you reach such limits, you don't want the look of your website to be boring.

Simultaneously, you don't want to get so far away from the conventions that it is hard for humans to use them. Artistic and modern, the layouts of the project are generously whitespaced for a nice feeling of fluidity, while the kind types and careful use of videos make browsing through and browsing the videos both tempting and hooked.

The Norgram is a two-man Denmark based designer firm made up of award-winning designers Sebastian Gram and Mathias Høst Normark. Established in 2016, the two companies are committed to collaborating on designs and developing the next generations of consumer electronics products. Web sites of agencies usually categorize all the things they have done, so you have to click through a number of different paragraphs to find out everything they have done so far.

With Norgram, you can put an end to all this and do everything the agency wants to do from person to person with a horizontal scrollable calender. It is a tool that is well suited to any new agency with a variety of different types of activity to discuss. It is a production facility that focuses on initial phase concepts.

The company, established in 2016 with members in New York, Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand, manufactures its own pioneering in-house products and collaborates with other global organizations. However, if you move your mouse over one of the project pages, you'll get an instant, colorful, full page copy of what's coming when you click through it.

Bukwild, a Sacramento, California-based creative agency established in 2001, is another company that evades commercial slang and speaks the language of the pestilence of commerce and commerce. "And this is a ghost that is continuing in the new website that opened in April of this year. For example, we like the way in which line sketches with basic geometrical forms have been used as an organizing element.

WONDR. io is a Dublin, Ireland office creative and architectural agency. Established by Dermot O'Shea and Sébastien Sicot in 2014, it started a new website in March that felt more like a fan trailers for a bestselling film than a designer agency. To see how far you can bring cinema-quality graphic and audio to the way you present your work, go there (preferably on a powerful computer desktop) and turn on the soundtrack.

Granted, it is somewhat frustrating that when you click on a project, there are no case histories, only the websites themselves. However, we will pardon the agency this time, because sometimes it's just beautiful to see how folks drag the ship out with something fascinating and different. The Team Arnold has'Team' in its name for a good cause.

Instead of working in a large enterprise red tape, Melanie Arnold, head of a creative department in Hamburg, leads a worldwide network of freelancers, designers, advisors and manufacturers. Our concept is that this approach provides a higher level of adaptability to form the right teams for each customer. The new website of the Arnold Group, which was started in May, contributes a great deal to conveying the corresponding feeling of openness and kindness.

Carnival characters and comic-strip type, low-fi animations, trendy artistic layouts and the relaxing use of white space suggest that these are the kind of characters every trendy young label wants to work with.

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