Best Creative Portfolio Websites

The best websites for creative portfolios

Present and discover the latest work from the best online portfolios of creative professionals from all industries. But let's take a look at some of the best creative WordPress themes. Brilliant 8 Portfolio Websites from Creative Director Through - - the best portfolio websites, CVs and creative ressources.

Currently Doug is Creative Director in the product development department of Twitter. Before taking on his Twitter roles, he most recently worked for GQ as Head of Product and Design. He is Associate Creative Director at HUGE.

With 15 years experience in the creative/art field, he specializes in designing products digitally. Burke is a creative director and Los Angeles based project manager. Yeremy is a free-lance creative director/artist whose customers are Apple, Oracle, LG, Gap, eBay, etc. Founding member of Signalnoise Studio - Designers - Illustrators - Creative Directors Signalnoise Studio.

Lee is a LA-based creative director. Its customers include Google, Microsoft, Toyota, Audi, Sony, Adobe, Sony, Nike and many more. Mr. Maaloul is co-founder and creative direction of the EPIC-Agentur. Hello, I'm a creative director at Adobe with over seventeen years of creative expertise. Greater creative ressources for CV, portfolio and style.

Fourteen inspirational graphics portfolio designs

Portfolio graphics are an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to present their work, enumerate their skills and persuade customers to use their work. Portfolio websites of well-known graphics artists are a great inspirational resource for web designing. Often the sketches themselves are as cutting-edge and inspirational as the designers' most celebrated works and recall their illustrious career.

The Milton Glazier portfolio website presents wonderfully the extensive oeuvre of this vibrant legends with a clear, breezy surface and shows some of its widespread citation. Glazier and his multidisciplinary web designer are still doing an excellent job, and this nice web site alone is a convincing argument to click on this link.

Pentagram's co-founder, Pentagram's global educator, N.Y. Art Directors Hall of Famer, Lifetime Achievement Award-Winner, Beatlemania's co-designer, and the creator of twenty booklets on digital signage, was the only one to get away with such a basic, hilarious portfolio website. And the same humour is present in all the designs on the site, and the site itself is great for exploring.

Carson's famed "grunge" aesthetics are immediately apparent in his portfolio website, which unlike most websites uses scroll barcing. Users must click on the brackets or use the arrows to navigate the site, which offers an endless selection of distinctive designs for celebrity and not-so-famous customers.

Joshua Brewer's fast-response portfolio website, formerly the chief Twitter webmaster, is an amazing example of the marvels he can do for a company's web presence without having to present other work. There is no cleaner and easier way than the portfolio website of legendary Alan Fletcher. Fletcher, also co-founder of Pentagram, was honored by the Daily Telegraph in his 2006 obituary as "the most respected printmaker of his creation.

Chip Kidd's portfolio website, today one of the best-known books covers designer, amazes and thrills all users with a non-formula web site designed by Chip Kidd, many inspirational interview and insight from the man himself in blog postings every week. The Marian Bantjes portfolio website uses her signature handwriting, patterns and artwork to present her best-known designs and customers and convince people to buy her work.

It' re renowned for creating the genuine Macintosh symbols and having several hundred graphic images for the UI. Your work is self-explanatory and provides the right backdrop for the portfolio website of the renowned iconic artist. Featuring Ed Fella's portfolio website seems to be made of white papers rather than pixel files, resulting in a fresh and touching website presenting his famed hand-drawn types and styles.

Although it is a little uncommon to use a Splash/Intro page on a portfolio website, it is appropriate to celebrate the lives and work of the deceased Herbert Matter, whose name is known to anyone who has ever visited a corporate website. In the 1930s, the artist, well-known as a professional artist, pioneered photo montage and his legendary modernistic poster for the Schweizer Tourismusb├╝ro.

The website of the creator and admin George Lois uses the compliments and awards he has won over the years and reminds us of his iconic position in the industry of graphic arts and promotion. Webesign itself, with its promotional backdrop, talks with a daring theme, a kind of tagline and a striking Don Draper-like image of the man himself.

Kate Moross, a burgeoning celebrity in the global creative community, is a sought-after artist and graphic artist who has worked for major labels such as American Express, Topshop and Nike as well as for groups such as Disclosure and Simian Mobile Disco. She is known for her colourful artwork, the inspiration of which is mirrored in her portfolio website.

Architect, draughtswoman and TED spokeswoman, Kelli Andersen's portfolio website uses graphic arts to generate a feeling of touch and feel. The name of this type writer, letter maker and type writer has recently appeared in the headlines with her widespread "Should I work for free?" info graphic and beautiful type face for the movie Moonrise Kingdom.

Their portfolio website shows their envious customer work and offers many stunning ressources for new graphics artists. Thoughts" section contains many useful hints for designer and "Resources" section contains many great ressources for prospective stampers as well as a hyperlink to their well checked on-line skill share category.

Many of these portfolio sites believe that people already know who this celebrity is, and therefore use more cutting-edge design that you wouldn't see on many other portfolio sites. They probably don't use Wix or WordPress to build them, and try to build customized websites that are as unique as their most celebrated work.

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