Best Creative Portfolios

The best creative portfolios

With Behance Pro, you've made room for Adobe Portfolio, a platform where you can quickly and easily create a fully responsive website to showcase your creative work. As a result, most creative agencies do their best to develop a unique design for their portfolio page (and update it regularly to attract more customers). <font color="_6d _6s _h _xt _4q">Creative Portfolio

the best we can have. Have you got a résumé for a graphics project that's difficult to discard? These are some hints for creating a résumé that will kick your butt. A great summary redesign that has attracted a lot of interest and recruited a lot of staff! Cold-blooded resumes: Explore different font styles to get your CV interested.

Creative resume designs that get you to reconsider your resume. You companies filter thousand of CVs on a day-to-day base, only taking into account the creative CVs designs. Designer resume examples graphic designs resume sample writing guide Rg, freelance graphic designer resume samples visualcv resume, well-designed resume examples of your inspirations, the creative resume designs that will let you think over your resume.

You companies filter thousand of CVs on a day-to-day base, only taking into account the creative CVs designs. I' m designing infographical CVs - I could do something like this infographical CV for you! facesbook CV. creative CV idea. from the #hirehoff campagne. Imaginative PortfoliosPortfolio IdeasLarge ImageCreative BusinessGrowth!

Top Digital Agency: 20 inspiring page designs for the creative agency's portfolio as of 2017

Your website is one of the most potent weapon you have for a designer. It is a great way to present your abilities, creative power and fantasy to your prospective customers. Customers often use the look and feel of your agent portfolios to see how gifted you really are. As a result, most creative firms do their best to develop a distinctive look for their portfolios page (and periodically upgrade it to attract more customers).

When you are about to create a new website for your company's website or revise your old website, here are some of our most popular website portfolios for your inspirations! Actually this is the website of the British creativeagentur HeadOffice. On the first glance the homepage looks like a wallpaper of an old computer.

Nearly all items on the site are fully interactively. Located in the USA, this creative lab uses a rather interesting website layout that is both a little strange and notable. On the homepage you can see a quick cartoon which shows some of the agencies successively and combines them to a nice montage. There is also a side scroll theme on the website that allows users to browse the agencies without having to download extra pages.

An especially beautiful note that enhances the usability of your work. With an astonishing range of products, Big Youth is a designer from France, with clients such as Ferrari and Kenzo. Cappen is a US-based creative firm with a distinctive website that reflects its key adaptability notion.

If you click with the left hand side of the screen on the homepage, it shows a short videoclip for each of the adjectives, showing how creative the creative staff behind the company can be. RAXO's US designer website contains nothing but huge pictures that lead you to every case studies. The creative studio in Germany uses a one-of-a-kind web site layout that lets you browse its portfolios via a side-scrolling website by just popping anywhere on the page.

If you move your pointer to the right side of the display, the pointer turns into an arrowshape so you know there's more to discover. This is a truly original way of designing that is usually not seen on most other sites. ToyFight website is the ideal example of a website designed to make effective use of minimism to convey a powerful working language to your audience.

This website contains a very small amount of text and maintains colour uniformity throughout the entire look to complement its distinctive range. All about this portfoliodesign is adorable. What does colour make a difference in a website look? This is the answer you should ask this creative agent from Belgium. Kingsize Agency's website uses only a few colours.

On the whole, the website is designed in monochrome and the colours only appear when you move the mouse over the elements in the folder. There is also a one of a kind web site dedicated to portfolios with video footage that not only shows the project the company has been working on, but also shows how these work.

PELL MELL, the designer from France, uses an automatically scrollable full-screen slide on its homepage that presents some of the best products from the agency's range. One of the key ideas of a web page is to show, and this site does the task for you. The creative office from France has a spellbinding formula for succes.

The Mikmak Studio visualises this formula on the company's website through an animated film. Point is a UK-based designer firm that works mainly with start-ups. Presenting its portfolios with a minimalistic yet strong look on its website. Either scroll down to see the website or click on the raster symbol at the top right to search through a case history.

Sometimes an old-school website redesign is enough to present your company profile if you know how to do it right. eTecc's website, a creative US based creative adventure website company, doesn't have many unusual features and designs. It' s a straightforward and common form of presentation, but they use it to their benefit to present their portfolios, service and know-how.

People say that when it comes to arts and designs, France is more gifted. Web site designed by a creative company called Femme Fatale in France. Creative user interfaces designer uses a very colourful theme for its website to highlight its functionality. This website has a straightforward lay-out that optimally presents the whole range of agencies.

New Zealand creative firm Method's website uses a lot of red to accentuate its large, fat text that can be seen throughout the entire look. The Italian creative digitally studios Overpx uses a complicated web site layout. This is exactly what the agencies wanted because they say they "don't like ordinary things".

Your search page is a lot of enjoyable to search because it opens every case in the same screen without any delay in the pageload. The creative firm makes the most of the whiteplace on its minimalistic website to give more visibility to its portfolios and customer references, two of the most important things to convince customers of your talent.

AllDjal is a US-based creative marketer that presents its creative product range with a nice side-scrolling website. It' s really enjoyable to rummage through this portfolios website with the enjoyable drape scroll effect. The creative firm specialises in extended impact and uses its website to show how creative and gifted they can be.

Your website contains a high level of interactivity. An interesting narrative is told by the company, which takes viewers on an interesting itinerary. Have we missed any other great web sites?

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