Best Design Portfolio Websites

The Best Design Portfolio Websites

Rachel's portfolio is best of all simplicity. Twenty design collections that you should see as your source of inspiration. 20 design collections.

A portfolio on-line will change or interrupt your design careers. Indeed, if you have established the ideal portfolio, you don't have to be concerned about interviewing and credentials. A recent poll shows that the vast majority of managers consider their portfolio to be the most important element during the recruitment proces.

And your portfolio will talk for itself. It is a window of your best work on a website specifically developed for creating. They should be simple to use, look amazing on all machines and be optimised for optimum picture clarity. Scroll further to see 20 design portfolio themes that are inspiring you to build a new portfolio or upgrade your current website.

Ranging from journal editors with a unique look to freelance artists doing everything and everyone, here are 20 design collections you should see. You can find even more ideas for our portfolio here. Create your own portfolio website in just a few clicks. Elise Eskanazi, the art leader and design artist from France, uses the homepage of her portfolio to get a fast survey of her work.

Kane O'Flaherty, brand and package design artist, shows shots of entire Peak-themed products. Clear design puts her work in the foreground. Ryan Booth's portfolio enumerates its customers with a single -word homepage and gives away distinctions immediately. Liam Moore, a LA-based design artist, loves things that move, twinkle, glow, speed up, turn, highlight and highlight.

The Rendie Studio portfolio mirrors the tactful character of her work. Ashley Fong, a graphics artist, uses the Ora subject to present a wide range of works in her on-line portfolio, from pottery to print to a portable machine "designed to avoid errors in our everyday lives". Loblaw Digital is currently working for the Loblaw Digital team.

Carl Syn, the designer/illustrator, uses the Ora theme's quadratic raster to imitate the forms of his designs such as plate covers and calendar. Tidy organisation makes this an easily explored portfolio. Powerful branding in bright purple makes his portfolio easier to remember, while a clear navigation allows users to browse through all his different work.

Adam Bookbinder is Design Directeur for Saveur Magazine and uses the Horizon story to deliver an immersive editing sensation. An easy interface allows her to present other works of creativity (photography, video) while maintaining the design emphasis of her on-line portfolio. Tschloe Meister uses the Sierra topic to present her design work in a neat and neat way.

She has clients such as Allure and The Boston Globe and has just completed a design placement at Sports Illustrated. Strong dark backgrounds add personality to the Simon Shen portfolio. Headquartered in an Australia seaside city, this small creativity centre specialises in innovative, contemporary design work.

Your side bar menus allow you to navigate through your work easily, while the scrolling bar allows pictures to fill the entire page. Specialising in the design of printed books, none of Ninetynorth's books has a special art collection to highlight their cover art. Morson uses the " Come Soon " galleries to show that his portfolio is recently refreshed.

Philipp Putzer's studios, the name "Farbfabrik" means "paint factory". It has a sleek graphical design that contrasts with a cream backdrop that gives the site some feel. Designers and directors have a perfect portfolio of content at their disposal.

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