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Top 10 Hints For A Stand-Out Web Developer Portfolio Retrieve a dozen ressources and experts hints on how to create a KILLER portfolio, even if you are an complete newcomer. Designportfolios are like a feast for the eyes. Throw in a calling cards theme, some customized logo, a website mock-up and throw in some sophistication...

and boost! You have a portfolio of designs that we can all take with us.

Developer portfolio can be a little more secretive. Will prospective customers or bosses really be struck by a pile of codes? You want to make it as a web developer, you need some kind of portfolio. Fortunately, I'm here to give you an idea of how you can build your portfolio and what you can add to your portfolio, even if you're new to technology.

Would you like more detailed information about how to create a technology portfolio? Take a look at the FREE Beginner's Guide to what you can add to your technology portfolio. First thing every portfolio needs, be it for a design, developer or other career, are a few fundamental things: who you are, what you do and how to get in contact with you.

Below are a few more articles to find out if you are looking for more portfolio fundamentals: Sometimes customers or bosses will come across your portfolio, and all they know is that they need a "web developer". However, sometimes you may find that someone comes across your portfolio because they are specifically looking for a JavaScript developer who is an AngularJS professional.

Maybe a Ruby on Rails developer. Another is a full-stack developer who is used to creating applications in Python. When your portfolio just says "I am writing code", you will miss all the other bosses who are looking for the things you are doing. Each developer should have at least one or two individual project in his portfolio.

They want prospective bosses to get on board and see how stylish and neat your coding really is. The best way to expand your field of work when you begin is to participate in GitHub project or create your own.

The GitHub is the go-to-open open repository for the great majority of programmers out there. Workplaces who hire programmers know and appreciate GitHub, and many will be distrustful of programmers who have no visibility on the site. Front End Developer and Web Developer Career Blueprints BOTH contain Git lesson.

CodePen is especially suitable for frontend designers, but if you are looking for a place to prove your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and HTML, CodePen is a great place to do it. It' also a great place to create funny experimentation or resource for other people. Encoding some extra features into your portfolio or adjusting the features of an already created design is another great way to present your developer choices.

Make sure you indicate somewhere on the website that you have re-coded your portfolio from the ground up or that you have adapted an already existent design. Some of the most important things you can do to help your portfolio differentiate itself from others and reach customers and employees is to create contexts around each and every individual job you do.

It is also useful to explain why you have encoded something user-defined rather than using an out-of-the-box approach, as it shows employer and customer that you can build on demand rather than rely on other people's resource pooling. Websites are refreshed. Ensure that you make and store screen shots and copy of your codes.

Want to be able to use samples of your work that you are proud of long after the pages or applications have been shut down. For more information on how to create a technology portfolio, read the FREE Beginners Guide to what you can add to your technology portfolio.

Or, if you are willing to immerse yourself in developing skill acquisition, read our Front End Developer Career Blueprint. Retrieve a dozen ressources and experts hints on how to create a KILLER portfolio, even if you are an complete newcomer. She has been a free-lance journalist, copywriter and journalist for a dozen years, and writes for some of the world's premier web designs and technology blogging sites.

If she doesn't write about art, she devotes her spare moments scriptwriting and making movies (and musical video for rocks and metals!) in the northeast of Vermont.

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