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Explore 10 fantastic third-party Divi plug-ins

Greetings to the 83rd of our Divi 100 Marathon. Maintain the vote for 100 trading days in a range of fantastic Divi ressources as we downcount on the stunning Divi 3 releases. that Divi is an astonishing WordPress topic. Plugins can extend even astonishing topics.

Whilst any topic can use plugins, Divi is something quite unique as there are many plugins that have been developed specifically for it. Divi has been developed and extended in many interesting ways by the Divi comunity. Much of these improvements are available as third-party plug-ins. Here I take a look at 10 of the best plugins designed specifically for the Divi platforms.

At the end, I added a bonuses plug-in that, although not specifically for Divi, will add a special function to Blogom that I can't survive without. So here are 10 fantastic third-party plugins for Divi in no particular order plus a bonuses plug-in for Loom. The Divi Booster will add more than 50 customizable Divi settings.

The Divi Booster website has all the hints and ideas to make this plug-in. Feature are added regularly. Layouts adjustments allow you to place the picture above the headline, insert a tacky Widget area, and when using the User Box layouts, let the headline coincide with the body area.

Footstep adjustments allow you to substitute the footstep text with your own text or HTML and centre the topic infolinks. There is also a CSS Manger, development tool and Divi Builders can even create user-defined mailboxes. Main features: Switching Divi from Divi. space inserts Divi functions in the shape of toggle functions.

More than 50 shift keys are added to your Dashboard, giving you around 100 different adjustments and over a thousand different permutations. Adjustments included filtering, animation, breaking points, portable menu, transition, section splitter, multi screen ratio, user-defined button, and more. Main features: The Aspen Flooter is a Divi and WYSIWYG special edition from Aspen Grove Studios that makes it simple to change the overall bottom line.

With the TinyMCEditor, you can change text, insert items such as pictures and videos, link and other contents, just like the normal text or page editing tool. It is also possible to include third-party shortcuts as you would in the defaultditor. Main features: The Fullwidth Extended headers provide many adjustments to the headers, as well as motion and effect controls.

Adding a dozen adjustments to the Divi builder within the default Divi constructor modules that we already use. Main features: Pager Builders All over Divi. Spaces will add new Page Builder section to the default Divi Builders. Builds into Divi Builders and incorporates the same adjustments, and works exactly like Divi Builders, so no additional education is required.

Main features: Divi Migrate is a free plug-in from Divi. Place that makes it easy to save and move themesettings. It is a great resource for children's topic creators and designer because it makes it easy for them to pack their work. Add a Divi from the Divi list and there are two options:

If you don't want to change your website preferences, Divi themes are a great way to save your preferences when you need them. Main features: These include the Page Builder and topic choices. All Divi -related stuff is entirely masked, even all Divi-specific plug-ins.

It' even hiding Divi from subject monitors. Not only does it hide Divi from customers, but also from others who want to know what you use. You will also hide the plugins administration pane. Refer to the manual for directions on how to return to the Divi Ghoster administration area if necessary.

Modify the logon page with the comprehensive Logon page editing tool. The adjustment is made using a new register card that is added to the themme customizer named Logon Customizer. Main features: The Divi and Extra Layout Injector from TORTIVE IT allows you to create custom module -based layout injectors in many places on your website. There is a WYSIWYG Footline Enhancer.

Optionally, you can either separate the page and pick it from a dropdown menu, or you can pick a ready-made Divi lay-out that you have added to the Divi Library. Each of the two methods allows you to generate the 404 page using the Divi Builder. Main features: The Divi Dashboard Welcome from Divi Life gives you complete command of the WordPress Welcome page, which allows you to make your own page.

The ability to customise this display means that you can mark the Dashboard for yourself or your customers. Everything you can do with Divi Builders can be viewed on the desktop. Although the screen was designed as a page, it cannot be erased like a normal page.

You can only delete it after uninstalling the plug-in. In this way, you or your customers will be prevented from accidentally erasing the dashboard page. This does not replace the initial layouts. You can open your contents via your own website in the form of a regular hyperlink. A further interesting thing is that it can use the a/b splitting test of Divi Lead.

If you have a dedicated website, you can activate it when you have a staff and see which items they best react to, and you can activate it on your customers' sites for customer service and selling information and testing promotions, style, etc. Main features: Noou' s Friendly Divi/Extra Page builder organises both Divi and Extra to make the builders more useful on portable equipment.

This is because the Divi Builders is not so good for portable use. Divi Page Builder overlaps element overlaps on the portable display, making it hard to organize pages and laysouts simply. Not only does this plug-in solve this issue, it also rearranges the page structure and places the section, row and module in the best possible small size for your display.

When you use Divi or Extra on a portable gadget, this plug-in is a must if you want to work more efficient (and I know you do). Main features: Of course Redirect is not a Divi plug-in, but it is so useful that I didn't want to remove it from the mailing lists.

Main features: Well, these are 10 fantastic plugins that divi adds stunning functions. While some are easy and have only one thing in common, others are more complicated and have many more of them. They sometimes added functions that I didn't even know I needed. I would like to say a big thank you to the developer who made these plugins possible.

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