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The best free antivirus software of 2018 Key functions include Auto Sandboxing technology, Standard Deny Protection, cloud behavior analysis, cloud behavior analysis, whitelisting, one-click viral screening, etc. Identify critical data, remove antimalware immediately, perform fast and immediate cloud-based scans, update new and current viral denominations immediately, have an easy-to-use surface, and automatically scan data as it is released from the web.

The Avast Free Anti-Virus offers outstanding capabilities for blockware. And Avast also offers good anti-phosting email and anti-phosting attack protections. The Wi-Fi Inspector, which scans Wi-Fi networking for vulnerabilities, is an amazing part of the anti-virus software. The fact that it has a basic passwords management is an additional benefit of Avast Free Anti-Virus.

It also includes features such as a built-in update tool that will scan a computer and report any outdated softwares it finds, online security that is installed in web browser and highlights secure and insecure sites in results, SiteCorrect that detects keystrokes and help the user get to the sites they want to visit, and more.

Anti-virus offers enhanced defense against viruses and good resistance to phone use. In addition, Avira anti-virus has a variety of additional utilities such as Avira Connect (checks all appliances assigned to an Avira user profile online), Phantom VPN (a fully-fledged VPN with server in 20 countries), Avira Scout (Chrome-based safe browser), Avira SD Updater (scans system and searches for patchless software), etc.

The AVG Antivirus Free, which continues to exist as a stand-alone unit after its acquisition by Avast, has an outstanding new graphical environment. The AVG provides very good anti-malware and includes functions such as the AVG Web TuneUp plugin (installed in browser and offering safety advantages), Shred with AVG (which allows you to write over the files' contents before deletion, thus preventing recovery attempts), etc.

When it comes to block Phishing attack, AVG does not provide satisfying outcomes. The Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is extremely appreciated for its fast and simple setup, as well as good defense against viruses. The Bitdefender also provides outstanding detection and defense capabilities against phone hijacking exploits. Please note that Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is not close to the pay per copy edition as it does not have the great functionality that makes the pay per copy edition great.

The Kaspersky Free is best suited for non-commercial purposes and is well suited for defending against viruses. Provides real-time filesearch and handles threats when they are discovered. Kaspersky Free also has functions such as an on-screen password entry keypad (to avoid password capture by the keylogger), a free, bandwidth-limited Kaspersky Secure connection VPN and more.

The free anti-Ransomware tool Malwarebytes Free recognizes and quarantines Malwarebytes Free and finds it to be exclusively behavior-based. It is a favorite because it is light, simple to use, and use. Antivirus Panda Free has greatly enhanced anti-phishing capabilities, but when it comes to screening and block age of software, it offers only mediocre results. Other remarkable feature are USB Protect, Process Monitor and Rescue Kit.

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