Best free Blog Sites 2016

The best free blog pages 2016

When you have a Gmail account, it's as good as having a Blogger account. We' ve put together 11 of the best free blog pages from 2017 for you. Have you got any kind of difficulty in finding the best free blogging sites?

The top 10 best blogging platforms to launch a free blog in 2016.

Blogs are becoming more loved every single night. There are some individuals who like to start with a self hosted WordPress blog, while others like to use free hosting platforms. Unlike most think, choosing a good blogging site is very important if you want to get the right audiences. That' s why I thought about posting this article to help folks select the best blogging to use.

Would it be wise to use free blogs platforms? So the first thing that should come to everyone's minds is, if you can get a blog started for free, why should you want to buy it? Many of the free blogs have their own restrictions that make them unfit for serious bloggers.

Speaking for myself, I don't recommend using free blogs if you want to be a pro online blogshop. Self-Hostted WordPress is the best choice for professionals, especially since you can get very affordable web sites these days. What's more, you can get a lot of money for it. But if you start a blog just to exchange your thoughts and thoughts and have no intent to benefit from it, free blogs are for you.

Complimentary blogs sites are also great for beginners who are not optimistic enough to be a successfull pro and just want to "try" it. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of free blogs in general. One of the main advantages of a free blog is that you have no legal responsibility to your blog.

Anything you earn on your blog goes to your winnings. Several of the free blogsites have no limitation on the amount of bandwidth and other ressources that can be used by your blog. In essence, this means that you don't have to care about more traffics that slow down your blog.

The majority of free blog posts have website builder or free topics to help you get up and running. Several of the free blogging sites have their own communities that can help you get more Traffic. One of the main drawbacks of a free blog is that you are not the owners of your blog, only its content.

Your sub- domain and your web site are part of the blogging plattform and if you break their general conditions, they can remove your blog without notice and all your harsh work will be wasted. As you are not the blog's proprietor, you cannot legitimately resell it.

The majority of free blogs offer finite possibilities for adaptation. Free-of-charge blogs usually do not have a high ranking in SEOs. The majority of free blogs limit the use of Google Adsense and other advertising tools. Historically, several blogs have chosen to stop operating so that their subscribers no longer have any choices.

Here is the top 10 sites for blogs so you can get started with your free blog. is often mistaken for self-hosted However, compared to WordPress. The Org, which demands that you buy web servers and domains, is a free web publishing site. When you register with, you receive free web sitehosting services and a sub-domain in as well. is regarded as the best free Blogging site among the... The main reason for this is that it is easy to create a blog. Only 5-10 min. is needed to launch a blog on WordPress. There are also a large number of high value topics that most other free blogs don't have.

It' incredibly simple to launch a blog. Lots of free designs for you to tailor your blog. The Jetpack plug-in is pre-installed, which complements most of the essential features a Blogger may need. Integrated fundamental statistics of transport in dashboard. It is not possible to use the free map to deploy user-defined plug-ins. Although you can modify the design, you cannot modify the design to your liking.

You have to $12 to get your current user -defined domains with WordPress. In order to customise your designs and use plug-ins of your choosing, you must purchase the $99 per year value Premier plan. Casino blogger with no intention of monetarizing their blog. Blogs who don't care much about the look of their blog.

The Blogger is the oldest blogging site that comes from Google. It has since established itself as one of the most beloved blogging sites. Simple starting of a blog. When you have a Gmail email address, it's as good as having a Blogger email address. Possibility to use a user-defined domainname without additional costs.

Monetise the blog with Google AdSense and other third-party adware. Now you can simply move your blog from Blogger to Self Hosted WordPress without loosing your site without loosing your site content. Few formal topics, even of low standard. Even third-party topics are not exactly first-class. Just 15 GB of free space freed up for Google Mail, Google Photos and Google Docs. Download the latest version of Google Share.

Blogs who want to begin with a free site and then switch to self-hosted WordPress. Random blogs looking for a free online shop to monetise their blog. Tumorblr is another very beloved Yahoo owning blogsite. This is the best microblogging blogsite. Although there are no limits to what you can say, most Tumblr blogs keep their contributions between 100-500 words, making it an excellent personal blogsite.

This can be seen as a bridging between a traditional blog and the platform of online and offline communities. Unlike online blogs and blogs, Tumblr lets you compose and post unique material that's more like blogs than online blogs and blogs. Another distinguishing characteristic of it is the possibility of having more than one author for a blog.

With the exception of a few topics, all functions are free of charge. Possibility to use a user-defined domainname without additional costs. Contributions on Tumblr can become viral. Please note that this is not always the case. Tumorblr can shut down your blog if you do. Media is a blogs application launched by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. Its purpose was to create a user interface that provides more than 140 chars of Twitter.

Contrary to Blogger or WordPress, Media shows your blog entries on its home page with the latest and most beloved entries that make it to the top. In this way it is ensured that your blog posting receives a great deal of attention. This is why many small companies choose to use media as their blogsite.

Easily create a blog. Qualitatively high-quality postings can generate a good amount of popularity, even for a new blog. They can use a user-defined domains without additional charges. Just like Twitter, at Medium, you can mark other Blogger with @ note, so that they are informed about it and will probably review your blogmark.

You can''t monetise your blog with Google AdSense. Like other free weblogs, very little leeway for On Page optimisation using advancedEO. Nonchalant Blogger. WebBly is more of a drag and drop website building tool than a web publishing engine. Nevertheless, it allows you to build a blog along with some free blog topics.

They offer both free and paid service. Complimentary service is associated with WEBLY trademarking and some limitations on use. Many free designs are available for you to create and modify with the Page Builder. Rather, WEBLY is a web site creator using dragging and dropping, it has no CMS and therefore only restricted web-blogs.

It is not possible to use a user-defined domainname with the free map. Premier Blueprints are more expensive than inexpensive WordPress self gehostete bloghosting blueprints. It' hard to get your blog transferred to Self-Hostted WordPress. You blog will not be export. Notice: I don't suggest buying free WordPress blog suites from Weebly because you can run your own WordPress blog for only $1, which is much less expensive than the best value Weebly suites.

LIVEJOUNT is one of the oldest blogs portals, founded in 1999. Aside from the blogs function, it offers you the latest content and messages from various magazines around the globe. Lots of bloggers don't want to divulge their identities. LiveJournal is the best choice for you if you are one of them, as it gives you the opportunity to blog in an anonymous way.

It' simple to make a blog entry. Although the creation of a contribution is simple, reformatting is a little tricky. Private and anonymous blogs and blogs. But it also offers logging functionality, although it is rarely used by humans. When you have a Quoraccount, you can start a blog in 2mins.

Quora responses can be linked to your Quora blog for more visitors. It' much simpler to win Follower on Quora than on any other blog. There is no custom domain usage preference. Nonchalant blogs that have a large number of fans on Quora. LinkedIn is not a fully-fledged blogsite, but it allows you to easily post and view your own blog posts with other people.

LinkedIn is a highly qualified networking site, making it a great place for small businesses and B2B entrepreneurs to increase their presence. Every time you contribute to LinkedIn Connect, all your links will be informed about the contribution, which is a great way to get your contribution to the right people.

The LinkedIn pulse is a publicly accessible website. In addition to your links, your blog contribution is also made available to million of people outside your area. It' one of the best platforms when you try to market your trademark. It' free for a lifetime, with no strings attached. Just fundamental controls over your mail format.

There is no possibility to choose more than one heading like H2 and H3 for longer articles. You can''t repost blog entries on LinkedIn without eliminating the Google fine. Blogger to bring visitors to their major blog. Although Wix, is basically developed for the creation of a static website, it has some blog template that you can use to launch your own blog.

Even for non-blogging submissions, it provides an optional blog addition in the Website Builder. Also you can include your own blog feeder in Wix, which can be processed by both Wix and Tumorblr. It is not possible to create a user -defined domains with the free of charge accounts. Neither your websites nor your blog can be moved from Wix.

You can use the free edition as landing pages to gather emails. However, an upgrade of the user interface is not advisable due to the very high cost and the lower functionality of Self-Hostted WordPress. Pen. io allows you to post your blog without registering. All you have to do is type in your blog title, type in a username and password, click "Create new page" and Bingo!

You' re now set to publish your story. There' no back end for your blog. All you need to do is use your blogURL which you receive after posting the item and your username and password in order to process your item. It' incredibly simple to begin posting your blog messages. Do not access your blog.

Nonchalant blogs who just want to capture their thoughts and then divide them on Twitter and others to slaughter the term limit. Every one of the free blogs has its own advantages and disadvantages. The majority of them provide finite feature with free maps. Therefore, free blogs are never encouraged for professionals.

I' ve made sure to use the best blogs that can be used for free. You know a good free plattform I might have jumped over?

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