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The Best Free Blog Topics

The repository, however, has thousands of themes, and browsing all themes can be a time-consuming task. Throughout this article we have managed to create a brilliant collection of Wordpress blog themes that will definitely be the perfect choice for your blog. Hot Top 19 Free WordPress Blog Themes 2017 Don't look any further, if you're about to start a new blog, we've put together the best free WordPress blog themes for you. Alone in the offical index there are more than 1.500 free topics.

Let's face it, it can be a true battle to choose the right one when surfing through the endless array of topics in the WordPress folder.

So in other words, you can't just go out there, click on the first topic you trip over and think you're done. Or, if you want to view our own compilation of free WordPress blog themes, from neat and simple to fat and fashionable blogging, we have you covered. Just click on the blog you are interested in. When it happens that you're in a rush, here are our top three topics:

Having spent a good deal of our spare tiredness working through all the breathtaking free WordPress blog themes, we've selected only the best of the best. Note: We have not only focused on the topics of, but also conducted a thorough research of the entire web. Whether you want to create a face-to-face blog, a trip log, a nutrition blog, a yacht charter blog or just any other type of blog, these topics will help you get started on your new venture right away.

However, I suggest you only use the free topic to test the water. However if you are serious about your website and want it to be growing and possibly even make a dollar here and there, having WordPress topics would be a better choice for you. It offers so many more functions, plug-ins and can be adapted exactly as you wish.

In order to start your blogs trip with a style, here is a compilation of the best free themes. All you have to do is select the topic that suits your needs, set it up, give it your own custom look, and your on-line magazine is just about through.

The Laura Lite is a challenging, contemporary and progressive free WordPress blog topic with a female twist. Thanks to its versatility and many high-performance functions, it can be used for all kinds of purposes. And Laura Lite is fast and easy to use, edit and manage, ensuring that every single operator can get the most out of the Laura Lite experience.

Launch a face-to-face blog, a feed blog, a DIY blog, whatever you want, all that and much more is possible with the ever-impressive Laura Lite. Very little work is needed and there is no need to invest when you get your hands on Anariel Lite. Is a free WordPress blog topic, perfect for all your life style and whatever it is.

Anariel Lite, however, is sufficiently diverse and adaptable to be used for all kinds of other purposes, such as clothing, travelling and dining. Anariel Lite can also be customized in various ways, but in most cases the ready-to-use Anariel Lite will do the work.

In addition, the free design is fast reacting, suitable for mobiles and optimised for smooth operation with all state-of-the-art web browser. lf you are passionate about typing and are planning to start a blog about your own life style, Lavander Lite will help you do things the right way. Though a free WordPress blog topic, the functions and amazement are still there, willing for you to use them and use them to your benefit.

Don't look any further, just go ahead and get Lavander Lite now and experience a fully functional blog in no time. Most of the work is already done for you, all you have to do is modify Lavander Lite with your contents and detail and you're on.

In order to get your blog up and running, you can select the llite edition of our WordPress blog Ragnar topic. The Revolution Slider and color-changing functions are deactivated, but you can still take advantage of all the other functions of the free one. It' a fat topic, perfectly suited for any kind of blog, where your stunning contents will catch the eye and delight your readership.

Even if you don't want to update to the Premier Edition, you can use Ragnar Lite forever and get all the functionality it has to offer. The Cenote is a free WordPress blog topic with style and elegancy that has been created throughout the entire web site layout.

In addition, each topic contributor receives free of charge technical help if they need it. Everly Lite topic, with its contemporary and minimalistic styling, is a hipster-inspired WordPress topic for the blogger and creative. But if you want to take it to a whole different plane, you can always upgrad it to the top-of-the-line edition and get so much more out of it.

The Compact One is a sleek and appealing one-page WordPress topic developed with all the needs of professional creators in mind. It' perfectly for any company, company, wallet, agent, company, startup, freelancer website. There are also key functions such as a tacky headers, a full width slide bar for the home area, the ability to activate and deactivate slide bar image overlays, slide bar text area settings and much more.

The free WordPress topic with soft scrollability is something you shouldn't miss. Here are step-by-step tutorial videos that will help you setup the topic. Whatever the slot in your blog, RichMasterXS is the ideal way to get your ideas up and running.

A blog about your travel experience, life style, parenthood, DIY, whatever, that's the topic that realizes your (secret) editorial talents and takes you on a funny trip with you. Even though it is a free themes program, it will put your contents in the limelight in a very professionally way. Let your blog look like it's a business and show your audiences how seriously you mean it.

With this free WordPress blog topic you will not come near the American. Per Blogg is a free, fun and easy blog topic with a blogger in your head. It has a lovely styling, with a lovely sliding roundabout, appealing typeface and a clear look. Featuring SEO-friendly designs and portable, ready-to-use layouts, your blog will set itself apart from the rest.

When you are looking to make an innovative blog page, you should better look into Free WordPress BlogTopic. Typ is ideal for blogs and all kinds of reporters; eating, traveling, clothing, lifestyles, DIY, whatever. Fitting is child's play and Typ even allows you to easily set up an easy on-line shop.

One blog and one store in one? This does not necessarily mean that when a submission is free, it will lack functionality and build. Type happens to be one of everyone's favorites. When you are looking for a breathtaking, nice and minimally free WordPress topic for your WordPress blog, you should consider kale.

It' s easy to turn it into a fashions or lifestyles blog and far beyond. Furthermore, the topic is also WooCommerce compliant so that you can operate a successfull on-line store. The Kale Thesaurus is fully optimised for the use of searching machines and browsers. You can use a banner or post for the slide control, whatever best fits your needs.

You' ll be thrilled by the free WordPress blog topic, Writee, web site content. Even though it's relatively small in size, it's still quite full of functions. With the Writee Topic, you can create any type of blog in just a few clicks. Whether it' business, private, fashion, travelling or other on-line magazines, Writee is here to take good care of your needs.

It' s fully reactive and retina-ready, so it looks great on any monitor and adapts itself to it. So long as your contents are of the highest possible standard, you don't have to be afraid. WooCommerce also provides support for French, German, Italian, Chinese and Romanian.

Newspaper Sport a great journal and comes as a great and fantastic WordPress topic journal. ThemeFuse' creators are happy to present the long-awaited free of charge solution with many additional top of the line offers. One of the most important advantages are the Unyson viewer and a number of adjustment possibilities which are directly integrated in the WordPressustomizer.

Journaling is built on the lightweight versions of the beloved The Core multi-purpose topic. Although there are a ton of themes out there that are offering you just as many properties that you can take advantage of, sometimes you just have to take a step back. What's more, there are a lot of different themes that you can take full benefit of. Epic Blogger free WordPress blog topic allows you to accomplish just that.

So if you like magazine-like WordPress themes, then, hence the name, the MH Magazines Lite themed is a good choice for you. Take advantage of all the stunning functionality of MH Lite Sport and publish contents that will make everyone long for more. It also has commercials prepared in case you want to monetise your on-line message site and turn it into an ATM.

Tip: Whenever you need to take things to a whole new dimension, you can upgrade with the MH Magazine Premier Edition. If you are interested in focusing on the contents, the Underwood Lite topic is something you might want to consider. The free WordPress blog topic is very multifaceted and comes with a number of functions that will help you build a breathtaking blog that your users will love to read and surf for years to come.

This is a life-style blogs topic with a male touch that follows all contemporary manners. If you want something that goes against the mark, Freyja is your free WordPress blog topic of your choosing. Everybody who loves myth and imagination will adore this topic. While not all functions are available in the Freyja Louite Edition, if it meets your needs, you can use it forever.

To get a full copy of the topic, go ahead and view the blog's topic. However, Oblique is a blogs topic that will help you to be as minimalist with your website as you wish. Developed with a view to modelling. You can, however, use it free for any kind of blogs you're after.

Clear and reactive designs with a head of paraallax and neat coding will help you lead your users by storm. What's more, you'll be able to keep your users happy. Although it could be free, Point is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that offers much more than you think. It has a 100% fast response time ( works on any device!) and is optimised for searching engines.

Turn it into a leader in the big keyword searching engine for the words you want your blog to appear on! This does not always mean that a free design does not have enough functions. Just about every free WordPress blog topic you'll find in this blog topic has a host of Premium functions that guarantee you'll be able to build a breathtaking website at no additional charge.

Whether a proprietor, start-up company or a single person, Cronus is the ideal choice for all three. It can be used both for blogs and for presenting your astonishing work to casual patrons and new prospects. A free WordPress topic that has everything you need to enrich your work.

Really compelling designs with a fully reactive website control, parallax motion, pleasing sounds and lazy load will create a WOW effect on any type of crowd. Popular choices, your place of work, Facebook-like boxes, Twitter timelines, extended searching, customizable portfolios, several blog postings, different headers and footers and many other functions will help you create the website of your choice on the go!

Are you looking for the best free photographic tool - a WordPress-based blog? Get to know Photolab - a completely reactive and well-researched WordPress topic! Quickly get this free topic to get your photolab working as a professional! So if that's the case with you, the Epic Timeline topic is the WP Blog topic you should consider.

The Kare is a free WordPress blog topic that goes beyond that. To say nothing of the fact that you can adjust the colour of the design very simply with the help of the colour selection. ColorMag is of course a great topic for you so that your website has a mag or newsletter look. Bring your new ColorMag warehouse to life.

Eating, traveling, arts, creativity, design, whatever, anyone with a love for something can now post it on Nisarg's free WordPress blog post. This is the time for you to build an on-line magazine and tell the rest of the fun out there. Unless you're interested in anything special, launch a blog and post about your general lifestyle.

Nisarg gives you a whole range of customization choices to give your website a unique look and feel. Eight different postal file types are supported, it is easy to translate, has an appealing lay-out and the possibility to insert your own picture into the headers. Blog and Magazines site creator, xMag is here to meet almost all your needs.

There comes with several choices that you should know before you decide whether it is for you or you should select another from this incredible collection of free blog topics. In order to get right to the point, it offers one and two column, tacky posting, user-defined backgrounds, color, headers and menus, is translatable and can accept user-defined pictures.

Extremely minimalist free blog topic with a refreshing and neat look, we are discussing the Amadeus topic. Whatever the slot in your blog, this one is open to any kind of journalism you want to start. Is it going to be a blog or a magazines website?

In this case, you should choose the topic of the article. It' perfectly suited for almost any kind of websites; blog, paper, magazin, etc.. Design is based on the customizer, i.e. you can modify most parts of the design as you wish. Since you have it, choose a free WordPress blog topic above and launch your blogs travel today.

Again, don't overlook the fact that you can always intensify your play and make your projects look as professionally as possible with a WordPress blog topic. There are infinite ways to customise and personalise your website with a premier theme::: If you want to advertise your free WordPress topic (of any kind), we can help you disseminate the message.

It'?s free! Then we will check your topic and let you know if we will publish it on our blog or not.

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