Best free Blogspot Templates

The Best Free Blogspot Templates

This is a modern, clean and beautiful topic for personal blogs. I spent a lot of time collecting the best templates. Test for free and unlimited and get access to all functionalities at the same time.

Wix Top 20 Free Blog Templates

Would you like to create a blogs, fast and simple? Choosing a ready-made free Wix logo is a good decision! Wix Website Builders is simple to use, extremely customisable and you can select from a wide range of free Wix templates. For your convenience, we've added 20 new free Wix templates with beautiful themes.

This Wix templates are suited for many kinds of niche applications such as staff, eating, aesthetics, writing and more! It is a fully reactive, functional and nicely crafted Wix submission for recipe related sites. It' the ideal topic for chefs and cooks. This has a very clear and straightforward look and is very adaptable.

If you want, you can modify the colours to make them more distinctive. It is one of the neatest topics for blogging and perfect for a custom style page. It concentrates on legibility and diminishes distractions from useless items. There' s plenty of room for big, beautiful photos that always go well with popular fashions.

Mail designs are easy and efficient and you can customise them if you want. It offers every kind of thing that anyone would like to have in a gambling blogs or magazines, as it comes with great editorial tools and administration capabilities. Colour selection is great, but you can always modify it to get the best look for your games or projects.

It is a topic for Blogger, authors and users who want to tell a tale about their topic. You can also use it as a blogs for your reviews. Thanks to the strong colours and the easy typeface, the cover is memorable. Developed with businessmen in view.

It is a great screen for creating companies, small companies, educators, tutors, trainers and other professional people in the face-to-face services area. There is a very clear lay-out basing on the contrasts between blacks and whites with strong yellows underlining. It is clear that this text is text-based and is aimed at business people who want to concentrate on the letter.

Your website or your blogs can become an excellent resource for information and fun for all of you. There is a lively colour range and a very interesting lay-out. It' s the wallpaper that makes it difficult for anyone to overlook your website and the mail is easy and clear.

You can use this style sheet to compose your thoughts and amuse your reader. Subtitles: This is a responsive sport message style sheet for Wix. Breathtaking, full of pros and functions, this sport message is designed to deliver the highest levels of service and functionality. There is a male style and a plain lay-out. It' s bright colour contrasts make it a really bright option.

It has a great emphasis on post-titles and makes it really easier for the audience to find the information they are looking for on your website. It is a fast-reacting Wix topic that focuses on legibility, with a minimalistic, contemporary look and optimised for the cell phone. One of the most popular and popular things about designing a blogs is that it has a very memorable and uncomplicated look.

It is a nice and minimalist two-sidebar logging topic. Attractive and stylish it has a delicate and delicate look with a range of pastels. Most suitable for your own news or private use. It' great for those who want a wallpaper and some nice, vibrant colours for their posts. It is very simple to adapt and view.

A great gadget topic that's fast reacting, meaning your reader can quickly find your story anywhere, on your phone or tray. She has a sleek, slim look, great future style typefaces, and a beautiful outfit. If you want a very neat and complete look for your blogs where your readership will never miss a new entry, use this one!

It' ideal for bloggers who want to present large, nice photos. It' a cutting-edge Wix topic that lets you easily post your own article and post to the web. You can use this pattern for a newsletter, newspapers, magazines, publishers or reviews page. There is a user-friendly interface that your reader will appreciate.

It is a Wix style sheet designed with PR sites in view, but it can also be used for basic face-to-face blogging. Strong colours and easy typeface make this subject different from the mass. You can use it for great text and big photos and to show them that you are a true pro.

It is the ideal templates for any trip, natural, cultural similar site or blogs. WIX Building allows you to adjust anything you can think of, even your own text, backgrounds, lines, forms and symbols! Because of its simple and soft colours we like this subject. A really sweet, seemingly female looking style sheet designed specifically for mothers who want to feel at home.

There is a range of colours in different colours, ribbons and colourful graphic designs. It' an easily customizable temple with great functions like slider, admin panels for preferences. One of the most popular blogs in the world. This entrepreneurs blogs submission is also helpful for SMEs and contains many functions. It' s textured backgrounds give it a personality touch and the clear designs make it ideal for showing your customers that you are a pro.

Postdesign is very easy and extensive. An easy, neat, personal, contemporary and professionally designed blogs, this dedicated topic is perfect for sharing your story and your favorite project. Your blog's neat, structured wallpaper gives it a great deal of character! You can customise it as normal and adapt it to your needs!

It' s very adaptable styling. Use it as you like and also modify the cover picture. It is recommended because of its unique history and beautiful typeface. Maintain a neat look and a restricted colour range to highlight your blogs! It is a clear aesthetic and simple functional style that distinguishes this blogstead.

This has a range of colours in shades of cyan and can be adapted to your needs. This whole topic will create a great event for your guests! You can use it for blogging that focuses on typing and not on pictures. Let your contents glow with this crunchy buzz topic. Designed specifically for you to present your favorite tunes or speak about them.

With a very clear and complete look, it makes navigating quick and simple! Adapt it as you like and also modify the colours to get the look you want. It is a female style sheet with rose highlights. It' s minimalistic, but has all the functions you need to get your blogs up and running in no time.

Like always, you can modify almost anything you can think of to really make this newsletter a " yours " one. It is ideal for bloggers who want to concentrate on both text and photograph.

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