Best free Drag and Drop Wordpress Themes

Top Free Drag and Drop Wordpress Themes

Our list includes free and premium solutions. WorPress websites with Live Options panel and drag and drop widgets. It is compatible with all WordPress themes. Layers is a free page creator that is incredibly easy to use. The first free and open source extended page creator for WordPress.

Best 20+ Drag and Drop WordPress Topics for 2018

WordPress drag & drop themes are the lifesaver for newcomers to WordPress. Indeed, the drag and drop themes have transformed the face of how WordPress works, and the great popularity of this site is due to these kinds of themes that made it user-friendly. Whether you're a novice or an experienced WordPress fan, you can't ignore the fact that Drag & Drop Builder makes it simple to build great, one-of-a-kind, customized pages without a line of programming.

Some free Drag & Drop page creators for WordPress enders are available that you can use with any WordPress topic. But when you use a high-quality premier offering, you're in good hands because it offers premier technical assistance and up-to-date functionality. So if you're looking for a drag and drop function in a plug-in, I would suggest you take a look at the MotoPress Component Creator, which is without a doubt one of the best drag and drop WordPress Component developers, it will substitute the standard WordPress Component Designer with a state-of-the-art and user-friendly drag and drop API.

Well, to get back to the subject; there are some stunning drag and drop WordPress themes with built-in page creators that will help you build a one-of-a-kind page design without a line of programming. Each of the topics covered in this article is highly appreciated and has proved its worth.

So you can easily select any of these topics, because all these topics are user-friendly and fully optimised for searchengines, so that your blogs get a high rank in your results. Dive by ElegantThemes topic is high in this drag and drop WordPress topics listing; this is an ultra-high performance WordPress themes with tonnes of stunning functions.

It' one of the most diverse WordPress themes currently available, and the best thing about it is that it is supported by a very strong group. We' ve already checked Divi topic where you can find more detail about the topic and the topic is periodically upgraded and implemented number of new functions.

Using this can be used to make any custom sketch, as this sketch is not limited to a specific sketch or sketch, from the headline to the bottom line you have endless possibilities to toy with the sketch and make your custom sketch according to your requirements. Whether it's the styling, the feature set, the typeface or something else, you have an infinite choice for anything with a Divi themed.

The Ezio is a contemporary multi-purpose WordPress themed, fully reactive and retina-ready style. There are 17 demo versions of this topic, which you can expand with the topic's toolbox. They already have another kind of demo like for portofolio site, CV site, personalized site, advanced blogs site, web store, nice old fashioned website and more.

When you want to adjust the look, you have the option of using the Life Customizing tool, which gives you a real-time view of the changes you've made. The Ezio is incredibly versatile and adjustable, you can begin with the head area of the topic, and you have ten different layout options to make your head area look uniquely fashionable.

When you use the design to build a blogsite, you have 24 ready-made themes for the blogsiteections. If you don't like the demonstration themes, you can customize your themes using the Visual Composer Drag and Drop Page Builder, which comes with several different tools that you can use to add more functionality to your pages.

Also Ezio provides some other premier plug-ins like the Slider Revolution plug-in, the Layer Slider plug-in, the Ultimate VC add-on, etc. It also works with the WooCommerce plug-in, so you can build your own store in just a few moments. Although the topic is filled with so many functions and options, it never looses its ease, and your website will always look professionally with this one.

E-zio's topic is fast and SEO-friendly, so your contents get the much needed synopsis in your results. It comes with a click demonstration export function that helps you get your site up and running right away, and you can make your site look like the demonstration design in no time at all.

When you look at some of the most important functions like the super menus options, the gooey headers, the nice animated style sheet, the scroll effect of parallaxes, the backgrounds of videos, the colour schemes options, etc., your website will look completely new. An additional topic from the ElegantThemes stores is the reflexion of how mighty Divi Builders is.

These designs were made with the Divi Builders plug-in, which is now available for every WordPress template. If you get the Divi Builders along with the themes, you will never have to type any codes to make your own layouts.

It' easy and SEO-friendly, your user will be thrilled by the nice designs you can make with the Builders. For each contribution you can develop your own page lay-out and integrate different module into your pages. Using the special topic, you have full home page management over your website and can view a wide range of different articles from all category types.

Additional gives you various nice headline choices to make them look fashionable and cute. You also have a good looking portofolio choice if you want to present your premium work to win contemporary habits for your company. Concerning the Divi Builders module, you have almost every feature you will ever need to build a breathtaking page or posting.

Another acclaimed and very beloved WordPress topic currently available, WordPress Topic XP is one of the best-selling WordPress themes of all times. We' ve posted a detailled critique of the topic in which you can find more information. As with the Divi topic, one of the most loved and widely used WordPress multi-purpose themes is Xen, which gives you limitless options in terms of style and functionality.

It' s limitless in a kind of subject because it creates some different themes that you can use for your website. They are thinking about designing, and that will be possible with this stunning topic, and when we discuss the functions of this topic, the listing will go on.

Once Visual Composer used to be used as a drag and drop constructor by Visual Composer, but now they've built their drag and drop constructor, so now you have the option to select from two stunning Page Builders that can be used with them. It is a well-liked and highly useful WordPress tool that gives you a full front-end on your WordPres page.

Use this drag & drop Website builder for your next projects to speed up the workflow. Some page styles come with Beaver Builders; you can select one of them and start customizing. To rearrange the theme, you can just drag and drop the location of each element on the page and modify it to look great.

The Beaver Builder includes some fundamental and extended features that allow you to enhance your website with various features. You' ve got some important choices like number counters, e-mail subscriptions forms that you can link to most major e-mail services, call to action, contacts, countdowns and more.

Another very beloved WordPress themes store themify provides an astonishing drag and drop editor that makes it incredibly simple for any users to build their own individual themes with minimal effort. It integrates with any WordPress topic in Thémify. You can, however, purchase the Themify Builder as a standalone plug-in if you want to use it with any design.

There are some stunning features in this builders tool that you can integrate into your pages. You' ll get useful shortcuts, wallpapers, videos, parallax scrolls, motion graphics, different colours, Google scripts and lots of other things with the Builders. Using Themify Builders in both the backend and frontend of your website will help you build any of your own custom sites.

The Monstroid is the response to all of TemplateMonster's multi-purpose WordPress themes. It is a very efficient, advanced and feature-rich WordPress web site that will help you to build a breathtaking website using WordPress. Monstroid makes it easy to build any website; you don't need to know any programming to customise your website and make it look special.

The monstrous look comes with the MotoPress Drag and Drop CMS that helps you build customized themes without a line of programming. There comes with a number of different layouts to help you build a one-of-a-kind layouts for your website, you can have both box and full-width layouts according to your requirements, you can toy with the side bar positioning by putting it on the right or your side and if you want, you can even delete the side bar outright.

Fifteen free upgrades to your website will help you greatly enhance the site's capabilities; from creating your own website's contents to creating a mega-menu, these upgrades allow you to include some advanced functions. There will be a vast feature library for the monstroide topic, just to give you an impression of how mighty this topic is when you look at some of the following functions.

Comes with an installer that makes it really easy to get to grips with the topic, especially useful for beginners. You also get an ultra-high performance design chooser, and once you've set up your design, you can back up and recover your preferences at any time.

The Monstroid site contains fifteen children's themes that are perfectly suited to different types of sites and can be used immediately, making it easy to create a truly original site with Monstroid. There is also an Immediate-Skin-Switcher option that helps you toggle between different skins with a single click.

The Monstroid is full of some stunning shortcuts that will help you add various features to your posts and pages right away. You' ll also have the fully featured topic related full featured community content, so you don't have to buy any additional community plug-ins. You' ll get 50 great prints with the motif.

It also includes some slide control choices that you can select according to your needs. This is a nice and very strong topic from Thrive Themes. The topic has been developed specifically for affilate marketeers and blogs to generate substantial revenues from a blogs. Offering you tonnes of stunning choices and capabilities, it gives you very appealing leads generator capabilities that Thrive expects, as they are a dedicated leadership creation staff dedicated to making you a winning affilate marketing tool.

They' re known for their flag ship Thrive Lead, which is one of the best e-mail opt-in plug-ins for WordPress, and they have used their expertise quite well on all of their topics. In addition, all Thrive themes themes are supported by Thrive Builders, a drag and drop constructor that works with its design, and it is incredibly efficient in making custom themes, and land pages are a breeze with this tools.

Concerning the Rose themme, it is a fantastic, user-friendly, fully reactive WordPress themes that gives you an individual homepage look, some page land options, an astonishing, grid-based Blog Page feature that is extremely versatile and customisable. One of the most complete multi-purpose WordPress designs currently available, Jupiter is the most complete of its kind.

There comes with a vast feature set that will help you build a totally uniquely powerful website. With more than 50 ready-to-use themes, you get more than 50 different themes with a design, and that's a vast number.

You will find everything from your own site layout to minimum creativity for almost any type of website you want to build. If you don't want to use any of the available template files, the Drag & Drop Page Website Builder helps you build a website in just a few moments without having to write a line of HTML for it.

This topic's powerfull administration panels will help you easy administer everything that has to do with your website, and you can use the administration dashboard to modify everything at any given moment. With more than 18 advanced headers, Jupiter makes your website's headers look appealing and distinctive.

Its design is fully reactive and retinal so your website will look great in all kind of advanced equipment. It has some other important functions like breathtaking inventory options, 14 different customized Widgets, ten customized Mail Type, various different singular Blogstyles, over 1800 Symbols, great looking Megamenu, nice Navigationhover-Style and more.

So if you haven't yet heard anything about Beheme, you need to look at this topic, and I'm sure you'll be surprised at the kind of versatility it has to offer. It is also one of those ultra-premium all-in-one topic areas since the opportunities with this topic are endless.

Easily gives you a lay-out choice for almost any imaginable alcove. More than 100 ready-to-use pre-built web page layouts designed for another slot site are available, and you can set them up with just one click. Essential functions are a fully reactive and retina-capable theme, a built-in speed dial engine, a built-in mega-menu, a one-page style sheet, limitless menus choices, lay out engine, paint engine, user-defined fonts loader, visible symbol chooser, limitless colour and side bar choices, and the lists get longer.

It can be used to build a website for your company because it is fully compliant with both BuddyPress and BuddyPress. You can also build a full-featured store according to your needs. Well, as already said, the possibilities with this topic are endless. Another nice thrive topic look, Pressive gives you limitless creative possibilities, auto page generation and command line control for your site SOEO.

Thrivethmes themes are all very fast, which will give your guests a great time, we all know how important side speeds are these days, and I am sure I will not let you down in this respect. Presssive can be a great topic of any affiliate site opt ing for your merchandising site, a general purpose site or even a face to face site because the topic is very adaptable.

You can also change the colour of the topic according to your wishes. The design also includes a comprehensive topic chooser pane, a customizable headers, some useful shortcuts, a design viewer, a state-of-the-art and powerful e-mail creation tool, and much more. avada is the number one WordPress topic on the ThemeForest market place, it is one of the most favorite topics of all times and has a vast feature set to help you build a winning website.

Whatever you want to build, a company website or a basic blogsite, you can use Avada for anything you want. The Avada comes with some ready-to-use demonstration themes that you can easily set up with just one click. Avada comes with its drag-and-drop Website builder known as Fusion Builders, which will help you build great-looking customized website themes without having to touch a line of coding.

Fully WooCommerce plug-in compliant, you can build your own store in just a few moments. It is a fully reactive and reactive subject and the eye is prepared to look nice in all types of advanced equipment. It is a very adaptable subject and the options are endless in terms of designs.

Because it provides you with a very efficient thematic panels, you can simply maintain all the website detail for your website. Another nice and contemporary multi-purpose WordPress topic, The Total gives you the ability to drag and drop page creators to make a great-looking website look without any programming.

There are both full -width and punched layouts available, which you can choose according to your needs, and as for your own personal style, you have endless layouts. It''s a high-performance Visual Composer plug-in in the themes package, which is a drag and drop frontend page creator that includes some stunning tools you can use to build your pages; you get an optional feature for everything you need to build a good-looking page.

There are also other premier plug-ins like Slider Revolution, Layer Slider that will help you build breathtaking slider for your website. There are some astonishing, ready-to-use artwork that you can use for your website by just choosing the one that suits your needs and submitting the corresponding example submission.

Some of the other famous functions are fast reacting layouts, easy handling designs, super menus, infinite colour options, user-defined mail type, user-defined scripts and symbols, different headers style, high-performance themes customized, drag & drop and more. The Strata is a totally new WordPress style and you are thinking of a special function and this topic will give you that.

Strata is full of functions from the astonishing page creator to the super meal. The design is packaged with the Visual Composer Drag and Drop Page Builder plug-in, which includes several different tools to help you build good-looking page designs for your website. The Strata has a fully adjustable headers feature that allows you to use a different headerstyle for your different pages with a bright and dim pattern, parallel effect and some lay-out choices.

They can have a permanent headline and different menus with or without symbols, default and cell phone menus and many other choices. There comes with Premium Layer Clider plug-in, which helps you to build nice clippers for your website, and it also provides breathtaking merry-go-round clipper plug-in.

The Strata is fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in, so you can use this redesign to build your own shop and resell your brand. Overall, the overall look is very adaptable, which will help you build a great looking, uniquely designed website. The Uncode is a great looking multi-purpose contemporary website that will help you build a beautiful looking website in just a few moments.

The Uncode comes with some ready-to-use artwork that looks nice and is designed to handle various recess pages. The Uncode release includes an enhanced copy of the beloved Visual Composer Drag and Drop Web Site Builder that helps you build customized themes without having to write a line of coding.

There are also some other free of charge plugs in top level workmanship like the Revolution Slider, Later Slider, etc. with the topic. Enhanced topic raster system will help you make breathtaking contemporary design to present your contents in a stylish way. Featuring six different menustyles, portfolios and blogs, gorgeous CSS3s, breathtaking para-lax scroll and more, it's a great place to be.

The Valenti is a great looking WordPress looking newsmagazine that is fully reactive and retinalized. Knowing this topic will make your website look very good and professionally. The design provides you with an easy-to-use drag and drop page generator that will help you build good-looking pages for your website.

The Valenti themes come with a very efficient themes option pane, where you can customise your website according to your needs. There is a great-looking Feature section where you can view your most important contents, and you have different layouts styles available for the Feature Contents section. It' a topic that makes web designing unbelievably simple.

Evolve's 10 ready-to-use home page choices let you create your website in just a few clicks. Evolve's Admin Panel function lets you customise almost any section of the look. With over 300 scripts, over 2,000 symbols and limitless colours to select from, you can customise the look to suit your contents.

The Invicta is a very neat and professionally looking WordPress topic that is fully optimised for searching machines and provides you with a number of stunning functions and choices. The design gives you a high-performance option pane that lets you customise your website to suit your needs. Comes with Drag & Drop Page builder, which makes it enjoyable to build customized pages without any programming.

It is a fully reactive and retinal capable web site that provides you with infinite colour choices, typographic preferences, WooCommerce assistance to help you build a great looking web store, several different web page styles, encoded with HTML5 and CSS3 codes. There are also some really useful premier plug-ins like Slider Revolution, Go Pricing Table Plug-in and more.

A number of other high-quality Drag&Drop WordPress themes are available on the web, and we will look at each one separately and continue to do so. Drag-and-drop themes are very much in demand nowadays because they provide a really simple way to make customized themes and especially the newbies will find them interesting because they will even be able to make customized themes for their website without any programming.

When you want my opinion, Divi Topic of ElegantThemes is the one you should go for, because it is the best current offering so far from the fashionable shop and they update and add new properties to the topic quite often, also get free entry to 87 other themes for just $69; so it is a great lot.

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